Description dog breeds Papillon

As a sweet, obedient and faithful pet dog Papillon fits perfectly. This breed is suitable for keeping in small apartments, and families with children older than 8-9 years.

As a sweet, obedient and faithful pet dog Papillon fits perfectly.

The Papillon belongs to the continental toy Spaniel. The peculiarity of the appearance of the dog is its ears like butterfly wings. Because of this similarity, the breed got its name.

Dog breed Papillon is small and dainty. In dogs a small head with a thin snout. Large dark almond-shaped eyes. The eyelids are pigmented. The color is usually white with spots. Puppies breed Papillon is not suitable for families with young children.

The Papillon belongs to the continental toy Spaniel.

The history of the breed

Breed Papillon appeared in the XIV century. Papillon dogs are descendants of the continental dwarf Spaniel. Home to these cute doggies is France. They quickly gained a position among the favorites of nobles and kings. King Henry III even had been accused of embezzling the Royal Treasury for the purchase of small dogs spaniels. Dog butterfly followed the king everywhere, even on the public councils, and had access to the king’s bed.

In medieval paintings can be traced the development of the breed, because they are often portrayed by famous painters. Butterfly remains a favourite breed among high society in the Renaissance and the reformation.

Breed standards:

  1. Papillon at the shoulder has a height of 25-26 cm is allowed a maximum of 28 cm.
  2. The head is proportional to body size is average.
  3. Eyes almond shaped, large, low set. Definitely dark in color.
  4. The neck is medium, smoothly curved.
  5. The muzzle tapers to the nose, straight, there is a transition from forehead to muzzle.
  6. The ears are located high, at an angle.
  7. The inner side of the wavy fur.
  8. The tail is long and curved the tip slightly touches the back.
  9. Coat long, without undercoat.
  10. On the muzzle the hair is short.
  11. Colour white with patches of any color.

In the early XX century, breeders crossed the breed Papillon German Spitz. Because of this mixing wool French Papillon became denser and richer with a beautiful sheen. The English kennel club in 1923 recognized the breed Papillon, and the standard for the breed was adopted in 1998.

Dog breed Papillon butterfly is a playful and very active animals. Breed refers to the miniature, but they will not work completely handmade and calm “toys”. These dogs are among the ten most intelligent on the planet. It encourages exceptional intelligence of these little dogs constantly explore the world around them. Since the Papillon breed belongs to the Spaniel hunting instincts it a lot more than other dwarf dogs, such for the kids who are chasing prey, butterflies and small rodents.

It is undesirable to start with papillona small animals (rats, hamsters, etc.).

The hallmark of this small active dog is a constant optimism and ability to always lift the mood of its owner. Papillon – dog extremely loyal to its owner. They are very attached to the man, with a long separation very nostalgic and depressed. The Papillon does not tolerate bullying, they often take offense even scream. These dogs are very jealous. This is evident in relation to not only other Pets, but often to family members.

French Papillon has a great memory, that facilitates training and learning. Breed Papillon butterfly more aggressive than the other dwarf breeds. Dog is ready to defend its interests and confront other dogs regardless of their size.

To the Papillon does not become shy or aggressive pet, it must be on time and properly socialize. It is better to start socialization from an early age. If this is not done in time, the Papillon can be aggressive and negative to other Pets and even family members.

Not very active people, this breed will be quite nice. French Papillon feels comfortable even in small apartments. Them optional frequent and long trips and power load.

Good nutrition is the key to health, shiny coat, and a positive attitude beloved dog. Features feeding dog butterfly does not particularly differ from the feeding of other species. The only difference is the amount of consumed dog food. Unbalanced nutrition leads to loss of luster of hair and its falling out.

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Papillon puppy up to 5 months should be fed at a certain time, 5 times a day. Half Board meal dog transferred with 8 months. In any case, you cannot overfeed your dog, feed her sweets and bones. You cannot leave food in the bowl. It is important to strictly measure the amount of food consumed, not allowing the pet to gain weight. A water bowl should always be filled with fresh water.

Care for a pet

Breed Papillon butterfly does not require too complicated care. The coat should be brushed at least 2 times a week. This is sufficient to keep it in good condition. The breed Papillon has no undercoat. Molt occurs 2 times a year. At this time it is better to increase the frequency of combing wool. Bathe dogs as needed. The use of special shampoos and conditioners for animals less allows the wool to tangle and easier to comb, to do this, use a special brush. Special attention should be paid fur in the ears. To prevent the formation of matted clumps of hair, the ears should be brushed 2 times a day.

For small breeds it is very important care for your teeth. For this dogs teeth cleaned regularly and special preventive bone. These measures will help to prevent diseases of the oral cavity, which are typical for small breeds. The nails are cut 2-3 times per month as they regrowth. The ears on the inner side rubbed with a cotton swab soaked in a special gel. For the health of the dog needs to be regularly and on time to visit the veterinarian, to carry out vaccination, and to rid a pet of parasites by special means.

Training animal

The breed of butterfly is actively in contact with people, they are self-confident and fearless, well trained. The dog quickly understands what is required of it, and often there is no need to raise your voice. To raise the intellectual nice and easy even for an inexperienced dog owner. The main principle of education – persistence and tasty rewards. On the physical punishment of a complete ban. Changes in the intonation of the owner and his attitude for a Papillon would be a sufficient punishment.

Dog training should start immediately after the appearance of a puppy in the house. For a start it should be taught to respond to his nickname, to accustom to the place and the toilet. No need to let a baby sleep in different places and on beds. The desire to sleep on the master bed is dictated by the tendency to dominate. Taking place on the bed of the owner, the kid is sure that he becomes the master of the house.

To accustom the puppy to the toilet as often as necessary to make it on the street. If successful attempts a good idea to encourage the puppy with something tasty. So he will learn neatness and cleanliness. It is very important from the start to teach the puppy what is allowed and what is not.

At the start of training for one session is 15 minutes. Gradually, the time can increase to 40-50 minutes. Encouragement for the command to happen immediately, otherwise the dog simply will not understand what to spoil her. For undesirable actions, the response should follow immediately. Training an animal should not show excessive softness or stiffness. Too gentle treatment will not achieve any results Papillon is simply not fit to execute commands. If you show excessive rigidity, the kid is just scared and will just wait for the end of this exercise. Raising an obedient dog, you should take into account the peculiarities of the psychology of Papillons.

Dog butterfly elegant and harmonious. The proud gait and the free movement make her graceful, petite, incredibly beautiful creature. The dog is perfectly suitable as a family pet, it never gets boring. Due to the living mind, the dog is able to quickly understand the mood of the people. He will not bother, if the host is not configured for the game. Dog butterfly is particularly in need of affection and attention. Being alone, grieving and under stress. The dog shouldn’t be left alone for a long time. He needs to feel needed and loved in the family. A good memory helps the dog in difficult situations find a solution. Fluffy dogs are pretty easy to care for. Have a good health and very hardy. Easy to carry, any journey.

Despite the interesting historical past of the dog, a Papillon today is not very common in the country where there is such a wonderful breed.

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