Fosprenil for cats and dogs application instructions

The immune system is the body’s ability to counteract viruses. However, the body can fight infection on their own. To support the immune system, human or animal, you must take additional medications. One of these drugs for Pets applies Fosprenil. It is produced and manufactured in Russia.

Препарат фоспренил

Characteristics of the drug

Fosprenil is immunomodulatory, it supports the immune system and protects the body from secondary infection. The medication is used to prevent viral diseases.

Part Fosprenil salt includes disodium phosphate polyprenol. It is the raw material of natural origin. Additional features Fosprenil include glycerol, injectable water, ethanol and Polysorbate-80. Thus, the drug is absolutely safe for your family pet.

The drug is produced in plastic vials or bottles, sealed with rubber stoppers and aluminium caps. Dosage form is solution for injection. The drug is a colorless or yellowish clear solution. Available packaged in 2-100 ml vials and 450-2000 ml in the bottle.

On the box Fosprenil there was a decree for the animals. The date of production and storage rules. Keep it in a dry place, away from foodstuffs, at a temperature of 5-25 degrees Celsius. Storage life — not more than two years. At expiration it is not recommended to use the drug.

Medicinal properties

Fosprenil for cats and dogs recommended for use in the following cases:

  • Food poisoning;
  • Peritonitis, colitis, enteritis;
  • Respiratory tract infections;
  • Viral infection;
  • Disease of the gastrointestinal tract.

Advantages from the use of the following medications:

  • It increases the immune reaction;
  • Improves metabolism;
  • Makes the body resistant to various viral infections.

Fosprenil can be taken simultaneously with antibiotics and antihistamines. Do not chop with anti-inflammatory drugs. The drug is used for wiping the eyes and flushing of the nasal passages of cats and dogs.

The drug can be used in order to prevent in the case when was seen the pet contact with infected animals. In case of serious diseases, medication may be used in combination. To appoint complex treatment can only be a veterinarian.

Fosprenil for cats: instructions for use

Как использовать фоспренилThe drug can be used for prevention or treatment of infectious diseases cat. To treat cats the dose is 0.2-0.3 ml per 1 kg of the animal. The same dosage can be used for washing the nasal passages of cats. Increase the dosage can only be a veterinarian. Independently increase the dose can not be, because it can cause an allergic reaction.

Medicine are permitted to use and oral. The dosage in this case, increase in two times. During administration of the drug is necessary to carefully observe the pet and any changes for the worse you must tell your veterinarian.

Stabbing cat Fosprenil recommended ten minutes before eating. Medication is given intramuscularly or subcutaneously. Eyes, or respiratory tract the drug is instilled with a pipette. He is well into the mucosa. No side effects, as a rule, is not observed. The drug is used 5-7 days, depending on the severity of the disease.

Be aware that Fosprenil can’t cure chlamydia, distemper and rhinotracheitis.

Fosprenil for dogs

Применение фоспренилUse fosprenil intramuscularly, orally, subcutaneously, intravenously, rectally.

For intramuscular injection is used in dose of 0.2 ml per 1 kg of body weight of the dog. The oral treatment a dosage increase twice. Intravenous — twice reduce.

In severe disease for intramuscular injection the dose is increased several times. Before you increase the dose you must consult a specialist. Welcome Fosprenil should begin as soon as they spotted the first signs of the disease. Stop on the third day of full recovery. The veterinarian may repeat the course. Independently repeat the course of treatment is prohibited.

Fosprenil will help to get rid of the dog and papillomas. In such a case the dose of injection is 2 ml per 1 kg of body weight of the dog. The drug is injected subcutaneously under the shoulder blade, for five days. After a month of papillomas will disappear completely in the dog.

Thus, the drug will spare the dog from surgery. This is a quality medicine which is not inferior to analogues of foreign manufacturers.

The advantages of this tool include its efficacy, safety and accessibility.

The price of the product is 650 rubles for 5 vials of 10 ml. To peers will take the drug Gamavit and Maksidin. Reviews of specialists and users on Fosprenil can be found on the Internet.

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