Graceful and intelligent miniature poodle

A miniature poodle, a little more weight and the height at the withers than the average cat, you’ll be charming good looks, innate natural solemnity, bright temperament and the presence of a developed intellect.

The breed is hypoallergenic that can be a determining factor when choosing a dog for Allergy sufferers.

Poodle can be safely attributed to hypoallergenic breeds

The origin of the breed

It is not known how the rock was formed a miniature poodle. In the most common version, which inclined researchers in different countries, the origin of the poodle have the respect of two ancient breeds of dogs.

One progenitor – German shepherd dog with curly hair, the second is widespread in Spain “water dog”, the wool of which in appearance resembled cords. Both dogs were used for hunting waterfowl. Dog miniature poodle purchased from their ancestors a kind of fur, docile nature, extraordinary intelligence and love of water procedures.

First, the distribution of a poodle was observed in France and Belgium, and later in Germany, then the breed became popular in other countries. During the XVII-XVIII centuries the formation of the breed. To give the exterior of the sweetness was carried out mixing with the blood, and ornamental breeds. For a long time, all fine representatives of this breed called the poodles, not paying attention to their obvious differences. Once in the early twentieth century, the breeders came to the agreed streamlining of the characteristic features of the rocks, dwarf poodles has received official recognition.

The characteristic features according to the standard

The first official single was approved in 1936 in France, the breed standard. This basic document was later corrected in amendments and additions. Today, the standard, published in 2007

According to him, in breed of a poodle is:

  • large;
  • small;
  • dwarf;
  • toy poodles.

Standard requirements common to all types:

  1. Color can be brown, black, white, gray and apricot. The main requirement imposed by the standard, the color should be solid. Slight variations of the base color, although preference is given to a clean, flat color. Does not receive confirmation of breed option if your poodle is apricot in color blotches of brown, black or any other color. The same rule applies to any other colour: the white dog should be white, without any mixture of other colors, including those that are considered to be standard brown or gray.
  2. Head standard assumes a slightly elongated, graceful in form, with a distinctive protuberance on the head. Not broad forehead smoothly into the face, the length of which – about 90% of the entire length of the head.
  3. The muzzle should not be pointed. Lips tight and dry. Nose: large, well-developed. Black miniature poodle and all other, excluding apricot, have lobe exclusively black. The color of the lobes from apricot poodle can vary from dark brown to black.
  4. Eyes – on the transition from forehead to muzzle. Black, gray and white poodle have very dark eye color with black piping age. Brown poodle has dark amber eyes with brown trim age. Eyelids dark eyes apricot can have brown or black border.
  5. Paws poodle strong, oval, with thick pads high. Black claws are black and grey poodle, brown – black or brown. Claws white – horn colour, or the presence of a pigment, up to black. Apricot has claws brown or black.
  6. Tail high, he should be directed obliquely upward.

Height at withers in adult dwarf poodles is in the range of 28-38 cm Less than 28 inches has a toy poodle, next to him the usual cat often looks large. The weight of the dwarf – 12 to 14 kg, that can weigh no more than 7.5 kg.

Power poodle

The toy poodle’s diet should consist of the right foods. It is important to keep the dog healthy and active. You can feed raw diet or dry food. During natural-feeding need to take care of the desired diversity of supply and to include in the diet all the foods that saturate the dog’s body with vital vitamins and microelements. Quality dry food itself is prepared with a balanced blend of all the necessary dog food, including vitamins and minerals.

Which option to choose, every dog owner decides independently.

What to avoid feeding:

  • to feed food from the table;
  • allow to eat sweets, sausage and sausages: these foods can cause serious liver damage, besides the dog gets used to beg to wean her from it then it will not be easy;
  • give the dog a thick porridge, pasta and fresh cakes: this food is hard to digest, disrupts the gastrointestinal tract;
  • to mix feed from different manufacturers.
Particular care

Most importantly grooming of the dog. Grooming should be regular – 1 time in 1.5-2 months depending on speed of hair growth. Poodles do not moult happens, the hair that she did not get off in clumps and mats, should be cleaned daily. To avoid this procedure, owners often opt for a regular short haircut.

Dwarf poodles need regular brushing, the removal of calculus. Another item in the schedule of regular care – circumcision growing claws.

Dogs of this breed often have hypersensitive eyes, so it is important not to forget to wipe them. In the treatment also needs the hair around the eyes, especially if it has a light color.

The duration of the daily walk for a toy poodle – a minimum of half an hour, in addition, it needs a long active games.

Exhibition hairstyles

Grooming a toy poodle with whom the owner plans to participate in exhibitions, should be designed in accordance with the relevant requirements, which are described in the Appendix to the breed standard:

  1. Haircut “The Lion”. The name itself makes it clear that the dog apparently will look like this huge, predatory cat. To achieve this, cut off the wool on the hind legs to the ribs. The front legs can be cut to the chest, but allowed to leave the so-called pants. The tail cut out entire, with the exception of round or oval POM-POM on the very end.
  2. Haircut “Modern”. This option is suitable for dogs of all ages and body types. Experienced groomer, performing a haircut in this style, ensuring that the result is possible to hide minor figure flaws and emphasize dignity. The main ideas in the idea of this haircut is embedded the concept of the natural naturalness. The apparent simplicity, lightness and smooth lines, their proportionality and symmetry create the image of the elegant, cultured sophistication.
  3. Haircut “English”. Is a variation of the model “lion”, but with some differences. Paws leave revistigmine Flirty cuffs, and the head can be constructed top notes, but this element is not required, the standard permits its absence.
Behavior and character

Miniature poodle is very attached to his master. In the presence of the owner of the dog calmly accepts any surrounding conditions – as in a city apartment and a country house.

The poodle is the perfect character. With the proper education of the dog does not bark in vain, absolutely calmly to other people, without aggression takes other Pets, whether it be another dog, parrot or cat.

Smart dog is easy to train and gladly included in various active games.

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