The characteristic features of the dog Pekingese

Pekingese dog for a long time was inaccessible for a wide circle of people. These creatures for centuries were allowed to contain only members of the Chinese Imperial family. Stealing dog threatened any person a death penalty.

In the historic homeland of these creatures were regarded with special reverence. According to legend, they are the result of love monkey and tiger. This, of course, is not true, but at the same time, this little dog has the Majesty of a big cat and cunning and nimble as a monkey.

Pekingese dog for a long time was inaccessible for a wide circle of people.

Despite the fact that the Pekingese have a very modest size, not all people is recommended to have such an animal. Often, if the house still lives the child, another dog or cat, you may experience a conflict situation. Pekingese do not like it when all attention is focused not on them, so jealous, can even bite an alleged rival. Typically, the communication of these dogs and children does not end well. To Pekingese behaved correctly, it is necessary to raise from puppyhood. It is the inaction of the owner and causes the dog becomes totally uncontrollable.

Pekingese do not like it when all attention is focused not on them.

The history of the breed

It is believed that the first Pekingese appeared in China 2000 years ago. Thus, this breed is one of the oldest among the living. For a long time these unique creatures were the only members of the Imperial family. Even members of the nobility, as commoners, it was not possible to acquire such a pet, This breed was formed in very confined conditions, and its representatives were not able to interbreed with other dogs.

The world learned about the Pekingese only in 1860, when the British captured the Summer Palace in Beijing. At this time 5 purebred animals were taken as trophies. This breed was formed largely under the influence of the environment in which they were located. In the historic homeland these animals are known under different names, which means “Lotus flower”, “lion dog”, “pearl”. The modern name of the creation was in honor of Beijing.

The Royal person of China were always there with their Pets were on hand, even the reigning favorites of the emperors were with them. Thus, even in the middle ages there were rumors about the unique Pets that are members of the ruling dynasty of China, but not that of the commoners, even the kings of other countries could not get such a dog.

The Pekingese was formed under the influence of the environment in which they lived. Each animal had a personal servant who was walking her pet on a leash, decorated with lots of gemstones and bells. Throughout the day Pekingese have received treatments for eyes, teeth and hair. In the historic homeland of these tiny dogs had sacred meaning. It was believed that they were the conductors of the emperors in the afterlife, so they were buried with the Royal person after their death. Modern representatives in appearance and demeanour are not too different from their ancestors, who lived in the palaces.

Standards and appearance

These animals are more than modest size. Usually, the height at the withers of such Pets does not exceed 20 cm on average, according to standard, set for the representatives of this breed, males reach only 5 kg and females about 5.4 kg. the Constitution of the animal must be tight. The overall appearance of the dog should be majestic and noble. The head of the Pekingese is quite massive. The forehead is broad and flattened in between the ears. A domed form is considered a defect. The ears are relatively small. They planted high and have a distinctive heart shape or poplar leaf.

Muzzle very broad and slightly upturned. According to the existing standard, on the nose of the Pekingese needs to be a small transverse fold. The lower jaw of a thoroughbred animal is large. The language must fit completely in the mouth. The nose is slightly flattened and is almost at eye level. This makes the overall form of the animal a little snub. Nostrils should be well open. The neck of the Pekingese is short, but quite muscular, so the transition from the head to the body is slightly flattened.

The area of the withers are expressed well. It smoothly into the muscular back. The body of the animal is very compact. The back is smooth and broad. The loin should be slightly tapered and convex. The chest extended. It has good volume. The ribs are slightly convex rounded shape. The abdomen of a healthy animal should be in good shape.

Feet small in length but quite large. They have a rounded shape. The feet should be well formed, so the animal should not rely on the pastern. On paws dog Pekingese needs to be very strong and stable. Legs slightly sloping, and the blades firmly against the sternum. The wrist in a healthy animal, must be contiguous, flattened out. The hind legs differ a well-developed backbone and angles of the joints. Legs must be placed parallel to each other.

Coat of representatives of this breed are long. In the ears it may form a distinctive brush. A bit long wool observed in the field and of the head and neck. This creates the impression of the presence of the animal’s mane. To the touch the coat of these dogs is the same soft, like cats. Currently removed and a smooth-haired Pekingese, but the traditional varieties of animals have not lost their popularity. Despite the fact that the most common black, red and liver color, it is allowed other shades. At the same time, especially prized puppies with white spots on his forehead. The base can be either black or red color.

Temperament little dog

The character of this breed has its positive qualities and certain shortcomings. These toy dogs are not too smart, but extremely stubborn. To get them to do anything is almost impossible. This creates a significant difficulty in learning even simple commands, such as classes for Pekingese completely uninteresting. Despite the fact that the representatives of this breed is not characterized by high aggressiveness, it is not recommended to have families with young children. Even a slight blow of a child can provoke a dog attack aggression.

If the house lives a cat, a Pekingese may also react inadequately. Usually to wallop the felines they fail, as they can climb the hill, which will not be available for small dogs. These dogs quickly become attached to the adult members of the family, becoming their faithful friend. However, to the children they are at best reserved, as they are potential rivals for the attention of beloved master. This dog loves to be the center of attention. If she doesn’t get enough attention, she can be naughty from harm.

The disadvantages of the temper of this breed include:

  • stubbornness;
  • willfulness;
  • excessive self-confidence;
  • disobedience;
  • complex learning teams.

At the same time, members of the family, which the dog considers her friends, she shows a striking good humor. These little creatures are fearless. They often attack larger dogs. In addition, the Pekingese are excellent guards, since they have sensitive hearing.

They proactively warn loudly about the approaching strangers. At a young age, Pekingese are very active and love to run and jump.

Toys and their place they consider sacred, so even the owner can earn a vicious growl when you try to remove them. The animal likes to play with him or just Pat his back. With age, the Pekingese be quieter, but in terms of attention they remain demanding. Pekingese rarely run away from their owners during walks. This little dog feels insecure in a strange place and tries to go closer to the master. If the animal is lost, it looks very confused.

The possibility of training

Given the nature and the mental abilities of lapdogs, to accustom them to the rules of behaviour extremely difficult. They are quite capricious, so from the first days of the emergence of a pet in the house, you must begin to accustom him to the appropriate reactions. You first need to teach the animal to a residential location and show the location of feeders and water bowls. While playing with the puppy shouldn’t let him bite his master’s hands. Any aggressive attacks against other members of the family should be immediately stopped.

Pekingese are unforgiving, so use physical punishment it is impossible in any case. To show your pet his displeasure, should be deprived of it during his attention. For Pekingese this is a good lesson. With due patience you can teach an animal to perform simple tasks, but to rely on their unquestioning execution is not necessary.

The contents of breed Pekingese

These dogs require special care. From the first day the puppy should be taught to relieve themselves on the street. On a walk the dog should be taken at least 5-7 times a day. At this time, the bladder of the baby is still underdeveloped, so the dog is difficult for a long time to endure. In the future you need to gradually reduce the amount of walking. Regardless, the Pekingese, black or red, be sure to periodically comb out his thick woolen blanket. It is advisable to carry out a similar procedure on a daily basis.

If the weather is hot, to make life easier for the animal, it can be cut. It is desirable to shorten the coat and in the areas between the fingers. Wash the Pekingese should not more often than once a month. These animals have a tendency to irritate the skin, so frequent contact with shampoo undesirable. To care for the thick coat of the Pekingese should get a special set of brushes. As the skin is quite thin, it is very important to carry out the procedure of combing very carefully so as not to damage it.

Need to pay special attention to the crease on the bridge of the animal. It should be inspected daily and wipe clean with a soft cloth or cotton swab. Especially often this procedure should be carried out in hot weather, as this area starts to hydrate excessively, which creates conditions for the pathogenic microflora and the development of dermatological diseases.

Require special attention and the eyes of animals. Pekingese are predisposed to loss of the eyeball. In addition, they are often observed inflammatory diseases of the eye and cataracts. In case of slightest deviation of the visual apparatus, you should immediately consult a doctor. Many breeders in the prevention of diseases is recommended to wipe the eye area with a cotton swab soaked in tea leaves or a special solution designed for washing the eyes of the puppies.

Ears require some attention. Periodically clean them with a cotton swab. If odors or signs of inflammation you need to go to the vet. In addition, it is necessary to monitor the overall status of the pet.

Representatives of this breed are prone to the following diseases:

  • osteochondrosis;
  • the defeat of the heart valves;
  • kidney stones;
  • cataract;
  • ulcer of the cornea;
  • ectropion;
  • cataract;
  • adenoma of the perianal glands.

At emergence of signs of development of such pathologies is necessary to consult a doctor. In addition, because of its modest size dogs prone to colds. To Pekingese stay healthy in the winter time it is necessary to wear special clothing before Hiking.

Selection of diet

To provide the animal with quality food not too difficult. You can use a special dry food or natural products. However, keep in mind that they should not be mixed in any case, as it may cause the development of diseases of the digestive tract and kidney damage and heart. If the owners are unable to devote sufficient time to prepare fresh food to the dog, it is best to immediately from a very young age to start feeding a dog dry mixes luxury apartments. If the animal owners prefer to give him natural products, you need to remember that the diet of a pet should be varied.

In nutrition, you can enter:

  • raw or boiled meat;
  • by-products;
  • herbs;
  • vegetables;
  • fruits;
  • Fig;
  • buckwheat;
  • chicken;
  • eggs;
  • dairy products.

Proper diet – the key to the long life of a Pekingese. These dogs often have problems with the digestive system. It is not necessary to overfeed the animal, because it can negatively affect his health. To give food from the table is not necessary, as the overabundance of seasoning and salt can lead to extremely dire consequences.

With proper care four-legged friend will live a long and joyful life, giving their owners love.

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