The types of repellents dogs and their characteristics

As you know, animals are different, and sometimes, to preserve their health and the lives of children, we have to use the dog repeller. It is a humane method that allows you to quickly get rid of the animal and prevent it from attacking. In recent years, many localities you can see the whole pack of stray dogs.

They run around the playgrounds and backyards of residential areas. Stray animals are totally unaware of the rules of conduct are often fearful of and angry at people. So they can attack. The danger of such a situation is impossible to assess, as some street animals are carriers of diseases, and numerous bites can be lethal to humans.

Nowadays scarer enjoyed considerable popularity.

Nowadays, almost in all cities you can find stray animals. It is not only those dogs who were born on the street, but Pets and former Pets. Irresponsible breeders just thrown to the street dogs when they are bored. Former pet dogs very quickly turn into a real beast that can pounce on anyone, and most often affects young children.

The problem lies in the fact that parents often panic and not know how to be in this situation. The best solution is to scare away the animal. If the bag is a special device to cope with the difficult situation get fast.

Nowadays scarer enjoyed considerable popularity. So they are offered by many manufacturers. They develop new devices. However, while leading the 3 main types of devices for protection against dogs.

In recent years, many localities you can see the whole pack of stray dogs.

What is repeller

Means of scaring away of dogs can be done in several ways. Any device to scare away dogs called dasera. The range of the repeller depends on the type of device. The most effective work at a distance of about 13 m. this result can be achieved with the use of an ultrasonic repeller. Such options are nowadays considered the best.

The devices that allow you to drive off the animal at a certain distance, to prevent the attack on the person cost expensive. So the handyman learned to make their own. It goes significantly cheaper, but for such work needs special knowledge. If not, then it is better to buy a camera.

The ultrasonic device is not only the most effective frightening device, but also safe. A man can use such a device without the risk of poisoning or injury. Repeller just emits a high signal power, which comes at a frequency not audible to humans, but dogs are very sensitive to such ultrasonic wave. They immediately turn around and run back.

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The feature of such devices is that they are able to ward off not one individual, and immediately the whole flock. The number of animals the effectiveness of the repeller is not changed. The device operates even at the farthest allowable distance, but the closer, the stronger dog will feel unpleasant for her signal.

Features of ultrasonic devices

Such devices are most popular with people who often have to deal with stray dogs and other street animals. But the price seems pretty high to some because they prefer homemade repeller. To craft it you will need a number of components, and most importantly – the ability to create a really effective device. If the skills of such work no, you should not attempt to collect ultrasonic dog repeller with his hands. Wrong actions can lead to the fact that the device simply will not perform its function or will have a negative impact on the human body. Both situations very dangerous.

It should be noted that the influence of ultrasound on animals have been widely used not only for solving problems with street dogs. Devices of this type are used in order to drive out rodents and to protect themselves from mosquitoes. In addition, certain ultrasonic frequencies can have a negative impact on the birds that will save the crop from the invasion of feathered pests.

The device does not contain anything complex. It consists of four main elements: povestirile ultrasonic type, generator, battery and case. But it is necessary to correctly assemble, and most importantly – find components, which produce a wave. Then everything is going according to the diagram so that clicking the button was the results of ultrasonic waves at a special frequency. Often when developing a device to scare away dogs craftsmen use components that were previously involved in various household appliances: radio, speakers, old cell phones, etc.

As for the dog repeller, the scheme in the Assembly should be taken into account exactly. Then everything is collected in the prescribed manner, and after you need to check the dehumidifier. Here comes one of the most dangerous moments. If at the first meeting with stray dogs will prove that the device works correctly, the problems can not be avoided. To prevent such situations, you should purchase certified facility. So it will be safer and safer.

Types of articles

Such devices differ in the degree of impact on the body of the animal. Of all the options that are offered nowadays in specialized stores ultrasonic are considered the most effective and safe. They do not cause harm to humans, but does not have a significant impact on the dog. Just when the animal hears unpleasant signal, it tries to get away. Based on this principle of operation of ultrasound machines.

There are 2 types of devices that can be used to scare away animals. This is an electric Shocker and a gas repeller. Stun guns are quite effective, as it gives the option to use 2 option. In the first case, the dog is simply frightened of the crackling and noise which makes the device, and for her unpleasant smell of ozone. However some stray dogs it sets even more aggressive way. As a result, must use the second option – to apply the device in close proximity to the dog, and then her paralyzed.

This device has several drawbacks impressive. It is worth noting that the use of the second variant of work of a Shocker only in the case when the animal is very close. There will need maximum dexterity to avoid becoming the victim of the bite. Moreover, sometimes the electronic dog repeller in fact is too powerful. It may simply kill the animal.

Another option repeller, which can be used to protect from stray animals, is a chemical device. This is a gas canister, which contains red pepper or synthetic substance IPC (morpholide pelargonic acid). The tool is very powerful, so just one spray to ward off even the biggest dog or detractors in a dark alley. To use the spray very carefully. Otherwise, it is possible to inhale poisonous gas.

Selection rules

When choosing a pepper spray you need to pay attention to its composition. It is advisable to take a remedy that will not be too toxic. Enough to buy regular pepper spray to protect yourself from stray dogs and many other dangers.

Buying a Taser, it is necessary to specify its capacity. If it is too large, it is necessary to abandon such a purchase. Overly powerful electric pest repeller will not only kill the dog, but can cause huge health problems in humans, if by chance it will test the Taser on himself. You need to carefully look at all the protection such devices. Time and again there were times when being in the pocket of the device worked, which led to big problems and even tragedies.

Most safe for people considered to be a device to scare away dogs ultrasonic type. It is recommended by specialists. When selecting such a device you need to pay attention to the frequency, as the dogs will only respond to a specific range of decibels. It is advisable to purchase a device that produces ultrasonic waves of 80 to 135 dB.

In addition, experts recommend to pay attention to such parameter as the signal strength. Depends on the distance at which animals will stay away from humans. It should be noted that in the data sheet to the instrument will indicate only the maximum number of meters. But it does not mean that all dogs will react this way. Therefore, it is necessary to divide that figure in half. If in the instructions to the repeller States that it works on 20 meters, the average animal will run off for 10. This is enough to protect themselves from attack.

When choosing a repeller of any kind is necessary to pay attention to its design. It is worth considering that the apparatus should be so comfortable that they can freely use even in a stressful situation. Convenient location of buttons will allow you to immediately use the device. If it is necessary to adjust in the hand, it can cost valuable seconds.

Popular models

On the market of such products offers a huge assortment of repellents that help protect you from dogs. However, not all of them are worthy of attention: one is too dangerous, others ineffective or simply uncomfortable. However, there are several models that have received from users a lot of good reviews.

In the first place is Thunder 250. This is a very convenient repeller ultrasonic type, which is additionally equipped with a flashlight, so it can be used at any time of the day. This product is a Chinese company.

Very good device – American Dazer. Users appreciated it not only for efficiency, but for small sizes, and also possibility of fastening on clothes or on the bag.

Russian machines best repeller is a Cobra. It not only works by ultrasound, but produces bright flashes of light that are very frightening animals.

If any appliance does not fit, it is possible in extreme cases to make their own pepper spray. For this you will need a spray bottle, water, black pepper, vinegar and mustard powder. Valid means well, but to use it inconveniently.

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