Types of dog flea collars

Spring and summer threat to the revitalization of the parasites, so at this time you need to purchase a flea collar for dogs. Ticks and fleas bring the animal discomfort, and can cause many serious diseases. Adaptations against insects are divided into 3 types: chemical, biological, ultrasonic. They all act differently.

Collar from fleas and ticks for dogs is a flexible tape with a buckle, which is used for making plastic

Chemical collars

Collar from fleas and ticks for dogs is a flexible tape with a buckle, which is used for making plastic. This type of headbands is impregnated with special chemicals that kill ticks and fleas. The product has a unique smell.

Chemicals began to become more active, the bezel is put on the pet. On his body he begins to heat up, it releases poison that gets on the skin. After this he distributed wool and is released into the air. Stand out of the poison will be long enough to kill parasites. If the owner decided to use a chemical product, the pet must be within sight of the first clock. The fact that some animals can suffer individual intolerance, the result of which may cause allergic reactions and dermatitis.

The effect of chemical rim lasts for 5-7 months. This time is enough for the dog’s skin cleared from ticks and other insects. Act poisonous substance begins not at once, approximately 7 days will take to ensure that they soaked the skin, so at night the product to remove prohibited.

There are also some disadvantages: the presence of a sharp odor and the inability to wear pregnant and lactating bitches and puppies.

Biological adaptations

In the composition of species of the collar there are herbs and essential oils, so use them for all dogs, regardless of age and status. It is particularly important that you can wear them pregnant or sick animals. The action of these repellents are based on the deterrence of pests, and not destruction. Ticks and fleas are deterred by the sharp smell of herbs and oils. The disadvantage of these headbands is a short action of repellents. After a while they lose their repellent properties. Detailed information spelled out in the instructions.

Today popular new biochanin against ticks and other parasites “Celandine”. The product does not irritate the skin, has a high degree of safety. Biochanin does not contain pesticides, is impregnated with essential oils that repel parasites. Celandine is recommended for puppies, it can be worn on the sick, weak and pregnant animals.

Ultrasonic products

These modern and quite expensive means suitable for all dogs – regardless of breed or age. They consist of the collar and accessories on batteries which emits the ultrasound. He discourages parasites that bypass the animal side.

Products are no chemicals and odors do not cause any side effects. The principle of their action is to deter fleas, ticks and other parasites by using the radiated signals of a certain strength. The downside is that electronic components need to charge the batteries.

Ultrasonic jewelry to put on only during walking.

All collars depending on the size of Pets are divided into 3 groups for:

  • small – length reaches 38 cm;
  • medium – 55 cm;
  • large breeds – more 70 cm

The pros and cons

There are some obvious advantages of the means of combating fleas and ticks. These include:

  • ease of use;
  • moderate cost;
  • no discomfort for the pet;
  • gigienichnost;
  • quite a wide range of actions.

Biological products pose no danger to the health of dogs, and chemical harmful effects on their body does not have. All the matter in the minimal active concentration of toxic substances.

Ticks collar for dogs has a number of disadvantages.

Wearing products based on chemicals can lead to:

  • allergic dermatitis;
  • saliva – watery eyes;
  • sneezing;
  • itching;
  • swelling, etc.

This is due to individual intolerance of some components, so it is best before using to visit the vet. Basically such manifestations can be seen in the first hours of wearing the collar, so you need careful monitoring of the dog. If the owner noticed the suspicious signs, the product must be removed, and contact your veterinarian. If used improperly, even a quality flea collar can cause the animal harm.

Usage tips

Before wearing the collar, you need to carefully inspect the neck area of the animal. It should not be external damage. If there are sores, scratches, have their first cure. The use of the accessory designed for healthy skin.

The same applies to the presence of ticks, fleas and other parasites, from which you want to get rid of, then put on the collar.

During the first days of wearing should not walk the dog in the woods, as well as any unfamiliar places.

It is prohibited to simultaneously use the collar and other antibacterial drugs.

Improper application of even the most expensive and proven products will give a positive result. The new bezel should be spread and slightly pull so that the animal did not feel any inconvenience. Wearing a collar on the dog, it should be customized. Between it and the neck need to leave a distance of not less than 1.5 cm Extra end can be cut. The product comes with detailed instructions.

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