What to do on a beautiful Sunny Sunday morning

What to do on a beautiful Sunny Sunday morning? To open the season!!! Go and check out the old point and outlined the campsites perch and gossip. For the sake of experiment by passing a standard silicone in a backpack throw cans forelevoe rubber San-San.

Based on the experience of the last fishing where the bass was totally passive and there was only a couple of bites, it was very interesting to see how stripe will appreciate the “malodorous” from a human point of view, the silicone.

A couple of hours on rested in the tested rubber from Fanatik-a: the parasite and Mickey mouse is earned only 3 normal bites.

Then I went to the San San a cheese – perch are not appreciated in silence and waiting for the thug went for about an hour. But the taste of the crab striped was a very good choice.

Bite followed one after another, even where before it was silent all rubber perelivy silicone fish lure and provoke the attack.

A exploration was taken by an old battle-hardened 1902 nd The One from the Black Hole in tandem with Daiwa 09 Caldia 2500 and cord Jenzi Fever 0,08 mm 4lb. Spinning copes with its task and does not give chances to the gathering of striped robbers.

Earned a good amount of perch bites and serene went home.

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