Finalization of spinning reels

The use of even a brand new “Neva” for fishing boat very short in the very short time thrust a fishing catamaran (about 4 kg) undermines the axle. Spinning casting becomes impossible because there were strong beats of the drum. It’s a shame when a big Chub, already grabbing the fly, coming at fault of a sudden jamming of the spool mechanism. Of course, Tavriya more reliable, but big and therefore not very convenient in the further transition, it is a serious drawback remains imperfect brake, which can partly be dealt with by a couple of gears. And change the “Neva” with “Tavria” in the midst “ASP”, “battlefield”, when every minute counts, will cause unnecessary trouble.

Доработка спиннинговых катушекAll this can be avoided, some improvement of the inertia reel. You want to eliminate the possibility of beating the drum to change the pitch of the winding. This raises the third challenge — the disengagement of gears at the time of casting, if you do not want to mess with changing coils, going from spinners to the boat and back. Must be fitted with inertia reel “Neva” and “Tavria” gear mesh, you need to perform the locksmith, turning and Assembly work.


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