How to choose a rod

To run especially long-range casts, for example for catching fish, must be sufficiently long, flexible and durable rod. All these qualities have telescopic housing made from fibreglass brand of MOUTH 53, 15 dark brown, which is relatively easy to upgrade in a two-handed rod under spinning reels.

Как выбрать спиннинговое удилищеBuying a rod, make sure its straight, pulling all the knee and looking along it, slowly fingering, make a full revolution around the longitudinal axis. Irregularities and curvature will be detected immediately.

Be sure to check the system. Taking the rod for a butt and several times short shaking it in the sam plane.

A good fishing rod, the point of convergence of the upper and lower curve of the bend is in the upper quarter of the penultimate knee.

Check the strength of the joint of all five knees and pay attention to the quality of the landing limit o-rings.

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