Fishing for bream at the Seversky Donets

We try to tell them about how fishing for bream at the Seversky Donets. The basic principles are not much different from fishing other bodies of water, but there are nuances. Fishing occurred in June. For fishing we used 3 bottom gear.

Seversky Donets is the 7th biggest river in Ukraine, flows on the territory of 3 regions: Kharkiv, Donetsk and Luhansk. On the Bottom there are more than 40 species of fish. The most common perch, roach and Rudd. But we can also find large specimens of bream, perch, catfish and jacks. At the moment there is a tendency of pollution of the river, which sharply decreased the number of fish.

To catch we are 10 km from the city shchurovo. In this place the Seversky Donets river in width is 40-50 m and a depth of 6 meters. The Seversky Donets river has a fairly strong current, so fishing we will use the following equipment: 3 rods Flagman c gruselle rather massive weighing 36 grams, the landing net and fish tank for caught fish. The rod was prepared for feeder fishing with feeders 100 grams.

Рыбалка на Северском Донце

Fishing on the Seversky Donets

Bream fish are very careful, so preparing for a fishing trip should be thoroughly planned so as not to frighten away desirable fish. Without bait to catch bream or white bream is almost impossible. So we bought the “dust” bait for catching bream and skimmers. As we drove to the Seversky Donets in June, we didn’t take the lure in the form of cereals, due to the fact that, in quite warm water, they begin to wander, not only does not attract but rather repel the fish from you at a great distance.

Getting up in the morning came to fishing. Seversky Donets in the morning is very beautiful. I feel like one of the paintings Shishkin.

After selecting a suitable place for fishing, we started to organize gear. Mixed in the water the bait, a little scattered in places where we catch and the remaining will fill up the feeders.

Catching on maggots and worm, but as practice shows, bream and white bream react more intensively and pecking at the maggots. Maggots placed 4-5 pieces on the hook.
The result shows good bait “sandwich” — maggot and worm on the same hook.

After everything was ready we started fishing. Bream and white bream rarely bite first because of his caution. Therefore, we have, in the beginning went Rudd and bream, which on the Bottom in great abundance.

Then the bite subsided and there was a strange lull. We did not initially understand why, but then all became clear — all the fish dispersed a gaggle of large perch. One of us managed to catch some nice perch.

After the capture of perch we decided to have Breakfast and start fishing. But before we open the thermos, as one of the rods showed the bite. Our luck did not disappoint us, biggest bream of 600 grams was waiting for us on the other side of the line.

The bream bite is usually very strong and confident, but not as much as, for example, carp or carp. The tip of the fishing rod first bite badly bent, then it will be a couple of the amplitude of the jerks, which in time will need to reel in our fish. To strike need not much and gently. The very fish bream is a complex process that can take a lot of time and effort. When you bite and sweeps you immediately realize how special you are. Fairly large specimens are usually very strong to resist. So take the time to pull them to shore. The most important thing is not to give the fish to gulp air and try to wear you out. It is necessary to strike only the rod a little podmetina line. With a strong jerk to get the fish to rewind a little to your fishing line. Unrolling the scaffold must still be in tension. After abatement of jerks a little assemble line, but be prepared, bream always leaves power for the last spurt, he can tear you a leash or gear.

Without a landing net of bream from the water not to pull out. Therefore, it is desirable to fish with a partner who will be able to hedge and pull out a fish.

Of skimmers-small size display is quite simple, you only need to try to put it on one of its sides. And then it is small.

Подлещики Северского Донца

Skimmers-The Seversky Donets

Later 2 bites on two rods at the same time. It is clear that large flock of skimmers came to the bait.
An experienced angler can immediately determine the approach of the bream by the fact that the surface of the water bubbles appear. This means that the skimmers have started to eat from the bottom of the bait.

Fishing began to bring enormous pleasure. Before dinner, we dragged a large number of roach and skimmers.

In summer the behavior of the fish has one of the properties, the bream are biting intensely at the top, then it goes to the bottom, where the water temperature a few degrees lower and narrower from the bottom collects the remains of the bait, ignoring the maggots. Some of the ponds appears instead of skimmers carp, but on the Bottom it did not happen.

By lunchtime, the bite stopped. We had time to relax for lunch. For dinner in the cage we had more than 30 Krasnoperov 3-4 bream and a couple perch.

Лещи р. Северский Донец

Breams of the river Severskiy Donets

After the heat has subsided we decided to return to fishing, but a little change of place. On the new site first pecked very poorly, but after the bait was sprayed pretty good, but the biting resumed, but not as much as in the first half of the day. The evening usually the intensity of the biting subsides.

Fishing for bream on the river in the first half of the summer brings great pleasure. For successful catching it is only necessary to observe some rules that will help you continue to catch good specimens of skimmers:

  • Place to lure
  • Bait must be “pulverized”
  • Hooking and print neatly
  • Mandatory landing net

Nice fishing!

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