To catch pike in the spring

One of the most common types of predator in our latitudes – it was a pike. However, its “normal” for our sites does not make it less desirable trophy for the angler. It is well known that before the onset of cold weather the fish are most active, thedas for winter. Fall anglers have a blast. The benefit of the pike during this period is illegible to baits. However, the spring fishing for pike – the process is equally exciting and efficient. We just need to remember that a significant effect on the intensity and frequency of fish will have spawning.

На что ловить щуку веснойSpawning pike stages. To begin the process of procreation from predator, maybe even in February. And on some ponds the last pike to spawn in April. Most likely it has to do with how warmed up a particular reservoir. During spawning pike does not eat at all. But to spawn it was not all in one day, so can be caught throughout the spring.


The first to spawn out the smaller fish. And when rubbing in the reed will go “big nurse”, “Krasnye” copies will begin to bite. The bait in this period, you should use small size. The stomach of many fish still full of eggs, and large fish they eat does not become. This applies to the already-spawned individuals. They probably don’t want to spend a lot of energy on digestion.


The thickness of the twine or cord when fishing a spinner or Wobbler, is not too important. Although many experts suggest to thin here. For example, the line to 0.2 mm. Spawning pike spends a lot of energy, so in the spring she resists when playing much weaker. So you can use longer rods, because other things being equal they are better than “knit” fish.

The maximum transaction is slow with long pauses. Fish after spawning will not spend a lot of energy chasing fast running crank or galloping briskly along the bottom of twisters. Only after making sure that the object of the hunt wounded and sedentary, she will deign to follow him.

Advise specific baits will not. Every angler has proven lures that he trusts. They will work. The only advice is discard iron. Spoons and turntables let it sit until the fall. In the spring they lose in ulovistost crankbaits and jig lures.

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