Clothing for the angler

Fishing clothes for summer and winter in the stores is presented in a rather wide range. In them you can find a waterproof, warm, impervious to the steam discharge, comfortable clothes, and also high-quality underwear designed for active recreation, fishing and hunting. In any weather and in any circumstances you will feel comfortable and confident, will be able to pay attention to exclusively hunt for prey and to fully enjoy your holiday.

Верхняя одежда для рыбалки

Outerwear for fishing

In the summer it may not matter much, but in the cold period of the year error in the equipment can lead to frostbite and colds. In winter, the missing one detail can completely disrupt the entire fishing trip. Such knots are among the most serious requirements. All items of clothing should serve the angler and nor in than not to feel cramped.

Times sweatshirts and jackets gone. They have served us faithfully for many years. New clothing is light weight, does not load the spine, saves power during long crossings, retains heat at the same time not creating its excess and removing the excess, thus protects the angler from sweating.

Everyone knows that sweaty fisherman Zimnik will freeze very quickly. It is fraught with the disease of the back, colds, rheumatism and sciatica. Outerwear made specifically for anglers, has lots of handy pockets, so as not to lose important fishing stuff.

Many varieties of clothes and shoes you can find on the Internet or offline, it all depends on Your desire and financial opportunities. A lot of information on the selection of clothing is given in specialized men’s magazines, as a rule, with the online version of the publication. The same online magazine for men MENSWORLD will allow you to learn about the modern types of apparel, including for hunting-fishing. Before purchasing the clothes it is desirable to see the publication in the journal MENSWORLD on this subject, in order to protect themselves from the frustration of a bad purchase.

Зимний костюм для рыболовов

Winter clothing for anglers

Winter suit for fishing is made only from proven materials that have good protection from the cold, humidity and wind. As the lower garment are encouraged to wear thermal underwear and top specialized winter suits, pants, jackets and overalls. In specialized stores you can buy hats, socks, gloves that best complement fishing gear, providing maximum comfort and protection in any weather.

Clothes for winter fishing comes and the world’s leading manufacturers and guarantees a lot of advantages when camping, including:

  • The use of high-tech materials;
  • High heat-saving capacity;
  • Full windproof and moisture proof;
  • Excellent water vapor permeability;
  • High quality tailoring.

Костюм Shimano Dryshield XT Winter

Suit for winter fishing Shimano

Shimano Dryshield XT Winter from well known Japanese manufacturer is a very warm suit that is ideal for winter fishing in harsh cold conditions. This suit securely saves heat and provides effective protection from frost and moisture, a comfort even in strong winds. In addition, the costume has a special insert to enhance the insulation of critical areas.