Bad weather is no problem for the fisherman


All day today it was cloudy and cool weather. Until recently, we thought that by evening the clouds dispersed by the wind, but it was not there. And the rain starts, but the clouds do not become less. Decided to get out for a few hours to Miass.

Already on the way to the river I realized that fishing is not simple. The wind blew, the clouds became more and more thickened. Arriving at the place found that the water level in the river rose slightly, and the water was noticeably more turbid, but there is no way back. If they came, then catch. Besides, today I decided to look for new points of Parking fish, all this happened near my main area of fishing. If the fish is not found, it will go to a proven place. And despite the murky water, we decided to start with dark colors, started, and not lost. Literally on the fifth cast I manage to get away from zero. Perky perch coveted marsh SPRUT HIROKO. Quickly managed to find a pretty local place, where there is perch. Quickly catch three perch and dot fades.

Rise up, exploit all sorts of promising places. I reach the shallows. To be honest, I didn’t think that it will be something to stand on. But here’s the first cast, a confident bite and some fish sits on the hook. Get it, and it is elec a good size. In General, it is not surprising that he got it on, he loves places like this. But did not expect to catch him on INEZ, with a pretty big to roll ogruzka 1.2 grams. Just roll quite shallow and I don’t expect the depth exceeds 1 meter.

Trying to sh traversed with Colella, but did not get a single bite. Soon decided to return to microcosm.

At the exit of the roll found a small pit with thickets on the edges. In this place stood the Spry okoshki. When the next bite grouper took a bite of my bait, I decided to put something else. In the box I found a few micro-crustaceans SPRUT SHUMITSU, even in the same swamp colors. Bait is not my leader, but sometimes catches good, and sometimes just as perfectly as it was today.
Bass from the first cast appreciated SHUMITSU. I don’t know what he liked so much, but the performance increased significantly. The bites became more and they became more aggressive. Perhaps the lure better was floating in the water and slowly sinking to the casting of more voluminous body. Not just the bite occurred just at the drop of the lure. I don’t even have time to make a single revolution of the coil! The main thing was to throw the bait in the right place.

It soon began to rain, but the fishing I did finish wasn’t planned. How can you leave if you only picked up a bait that is responsive to bass!? Was hoping to the last that it is rain which would end soon, but not here that was… Yeah, sometimes he was silent for 3-5 minutes, but then re-intensified. But I stood to the last, so the perch were generally polival very well. Under the rain I spent a little over an hour.

Soon it’s time to stop fishing. Today I kept a count of the fish caught, the result – 26 Kuskov and 1 Dace. Overall, it is a very good result for a three-hour fishing within the city limits. Now often I will put SPRUT SHUMITSU, and that is something I forgot about the working of a cockroach.


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