Fishing at lake Seliger

Rare fisherman does not feel satisfaction from the fact that his neighbor caught less and feels a lot of adrenaline thrown if the neighbor catch more. What bitter words do not have to hear the fisherman if he had caught nothing, but at home a lot of work. And how many snide comments have to endure if the catch goes for dinner only cat.

Рыбалка на озере СелигерFishing tempers the nerves and the body with the help of family and nature. Fishing brings together people who in everyday life do not even would look at each other, even if they speak different languages. To make sure this will help the fishing on lake Seliger.

Seliger fishing all year round. The most popular fishing on the float rod from the shore or pontoon.

In summer, most are caught on spinning, mugs, imitation fish and floats. Despite this seemingly simple gear, the catch is always rich and interesting. Here are practically useless donkey.

At Seliger there are about 40 species of fish, but mostly roach, Rudd, perch, bream.

The lake is located in a picturesque place, thanks to which it is home to eels, pike, tench.

Before fishing a fish you can feed yourself personally, or ask your employee base.

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