Carp: where, what, when and how to catch?

Carp recently appeared in the waters of Russia, as a more characteristic place of residence – East and South-East Asia. However, the fish quickly acclimated and has already caused great interest among fishermen.

The average weight of carp – 20-30 kg, and there are individuals and more than 50 kg, so if you manage to catch silver carp, it will always be a great catch. And to catch this fish is quite difficult because it is very picky about food, and incredibly strong (to break the rod at times better chance to get fish). But unpredictably wayward carp maybe just “buck” and literally jump out of the water, land right in your boat. Alas, such miracles happen infrequently, therefore, to ensure a successful fishing for silver carp, you need to get acquainted with the peculiarities of this fish.

The nutrition of carp: to catch that?

Silver carp are quite shy and prefers to stay away from the shore and at depth. In the cold season the food he produces from the sludge, and therefore relatively rarely feed on the surface. In the summer, when there are an abundance of “natural” feed (mud and algae, all sorts of larvae, small crustaceans), it is practically not responding to artificial bait.

Carp are extremely picky with food and is constantly changing its tastes. He can go a week ignoring, for example, green peas, and then a few days to respond only to him. To lure this fish is a must. This files most often for bait used bloodworms or maggots mixed with flour, dry milk, bran and other products which form around himself in the water a murky cloud.

A nozzle on a hook it is best is something light and quite porous: cucumber, white cabbage, melon, pear, white mushrooms. But the choice of silver carp is sometimes very original, he may react to the foam, Styrofoam, cigarette filter, and even gum.

A rig for catching carp

Carp: where, what, when and how to catch?

There are two main ways of catching carp:

  1. Fishing on the Donk (bottom) calculated for the largest individuals, which very rarely surface.
  2. Fishing on top will bring you the most young carp, but they have a decent weight (about 2 kg).

Going to the carp it is important to understand that this fish is very big and very strong, and therefore all tackles should be very strong. Select the line of 0.3 mm, and hooks it is better to take thin, №8-10. Keep in mind that the hook must be very sharp, otherwise the fish can just to suck the bait and spitting out, swim in your vault.

Given that the wild carp rarely swims close to the shore, it is better to catch from either a boat or a long rod from the shore (not less than 8 m), but the first option will be more effective.

When is the best time to catch carp

Winter carp does not fall into hibernation, but most of the time in his cabin on the bottom, so to catch him you need at the bottom. Despite the cold and lack of regular food, the fish retains its strength and will long resist, but when she gets tired, it can be positioned in the hole and fish.

On the surface the carp out early in the spring, and when the water is already warmed up. Hiding in the kelp forest closer to the surface, actively feeding. Before spawning which occurs in may-July, depending on water temperature, carp is particularly “nervous” and often jumps out of the water from the unusually loud sounds (like hitting the paddle on the water). Also before the spawn disappears intelligibility in food and especially baits.

Summer carp fed actively, and the higher the water temperature, the more active. But at the same time at this time because of the abundance of natural food the fish become almost immune to the lures, and it is very hard to be interested. Best conditions for summer fishing clear morning and clear water (carp do not like the haze). In warm weather you can fish at a depth of 2-3 m, in cloudy the fish goes deeper.

In the fall, when food becomes smaller, again increasing the chances of catching carp on the Donk. But you need to behave quietly, for the suspicious fish may be scared any sudden movement or sound, making it start “jumping” on the water, but certainly will not touch the bait. And yet autumn is the best time for catching carp, because before winter it reaches its largest size.

Fishing for carp in the fishing house “Maksimikha”

The fish and fishing for carp – the process is long and complex, but the catch always pays back the effort. If you want to have a good time and return with an impressive catch, a fishing farmstead “Maksimikha” has 2 artificial lakes for productive fishing. Just 60 km from Moscow you can go fishing on a secluded bridge or relax with family and friends in a cozy alcove.

Zarabianie lakes regularly. Payment is made for all day stay at the HOMESTEAD. Women who accompany the fisherman, and children under 14 years are free of charge. The catch is paid additionally according to the price list. There is also the possibility to rent fishing tackle and buy bait, bait and bait right in the “Maksimikha”.

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