A selection of winter tents for fishing

Winter fishing will not give you enough pleasure, if not you have the most suitable equipment. This applies, first and foremost, the tent. Now, subzero temperatures and biting wind of the winter tent the very first thing necessary. Even a tent for winter fishing can be used not only in winter, and not just for fishing.

Выбор зимней палатки для рыбалкиWhat for winter fishing should be tent? The most lightweight, mobile and compact. And it is more than understandable, because it is easier to freeze the majority, rather than a pull weight of some kind, in addition, inconvenient and unwieldy.


Most reliable tent for winter fishing consists of a dense canvas, a special synthetic fabric, which will not be purged and wet. A winter tent needs to open up quickly and quickly be installed. To all those who have ever set a tent on a very cold wind, nothing not need to explain. Winter tent must not be installed more than thirty seconds. Dismantling the tent and packing it in the case – a maximum of 60 seconds.

Winter tent should be made of aluminum and composite materials. Composite materials and aluminum are very durable, resistant to corrosion, resistant to all the other negative environmental factors. In relation to the frame structure of the tent, it completed in just two types – self-supporting system and sonicscope type. Both types of frame have some advantages, but the frame, quite regardless of type, should be no problem to withstand heavy loads.

The most important thing in winter is warm, and because the design has to be provided and the possibility of heating – liquid fuel and gas heaters, portable heaters, and furnaces.

Палатка Алтай УП 2A separate item worth mentioning is universal tents Altai. For example, the tent pack 2 is equipped with a stove a long heating. Even in the dead of winter in tents, the Altai Republic will be maintained at a comfortable temperature that will not burden yourself with warm clothing.

Tent for camping in the winter time must satisfy many requirements, because it depends on her comfort, the health of your fishing. It is therefore not necessary to save, and to choose what is cheaper, because then in the end, this can be hard to regret.

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