10 best budget crankbaits for pike fishing spinning

Focusing in the modern variety of ticinovic of the lures for pike it is important to know not only about the widely-advertised expensive luxury models of wobblers, but on a decent budget. Therefore, in order to save time spent on surfing a network and search information about the best ticinovic baits in this price category, this article on the basis of ratings by reputable magazines and Internet publications will describe the top 10 pike lures of the budget category.

Budget Wobbler for pike

Wobbler — the most expensive of artificial lures. But if to this fact be added the increased zatsepistost equipped with 2-3 or more sharp triple hooks for all sorts of snags, bushes, and other aquatic vegetation in many cases ending in precipices, in front of many recreational anglers gets quite heavy dilemma of the use of these baits.

Solution to this problem in recent times has been the emergence of a huge number of budget crankbaits, combining high quality workmanship and affordable for the average spinning cost.

Budget pike crankbait – large class of artificial lures produced well-known manufacturers and oriented in contrast to the more expensive luxury models for a wide range of consumers. Many of these lures are very high quality imitation expensive.

As well as the expensive lures model budget crankbaits have a huge variety of colors and sizes, allowing the angler without sacrificing your wallet choose the most suitable for those or other conditions of the bait.

The price of the lures of this category ranges from 200 to 500 -700 RUB.

When choosing a lure of this class, take into account those conditions which will be fishing, the size of pike which is focused on angler:

  • For shallow water bodies with stagnant water and the maximum amount of living in it pike not more than 1.5 kg use surface and floating lures with neutral buoyancy and a working depth of 1 meter. The size of such plugs typically do not exceed 90 mm.
  • For large reservoirs with deep waters with medium to strong currents and the size of pike over 2 kg used by large wobblers of various degrees of buoyancy ranging from 100 -110 mm.

No. 1 Zuri Inquisitor 110SPStrike Pro Inquisitor 110SP

  • Form – minnow;
  • Buoyancy– neutral with depth to 1.5 m;
  • The weight of the bait is 16.7 gr.;
  • Length -110 mm.;
  • The number of colors -31;
  • Wiring uniform, the standard teachingby (jerk), stop and go;
  • Dignity is a small price responsiveness to different techniques transactions that are durable, reliable and sharp treble hooks;
  • Weaknesses – over time, the paint starts to flake off, the possibility of small defects in the mounting of the bow loops of the blade;
  • Use this Wobbler for catching of a pike in close proximity to dense reeds and other dense aquatic vegetation.

The average price 540 RUB.


  • Form – krenk;
  • Buoyancy–floating, the range of operating depths of 1.8 — 2.4 m.;
  • The bait weight is 10.4 oz.;
  • Length -50 mm.;
  • The number of colors -17;
  • Harness – medium-fast teachingby, uniform, stop and go;
  • Advantages – perfectly resists even the strongest, after penetration can quickly emerge, has a very attractive and aggressive game;
  • Disadvantages – low quality of coating is not strong enough and sharp native tees;
  • Worked well for pike on medium to high for both in casting and trolling.

The average price – 450 rubles.

No. 3 Rapala Skitter Pop SP07Rapala Skitter Pop SP07

  • Form — Popper;
  • Buoyancy — surface
  • The weight of the bait — 7,0 gr.;
  • Length – 70 mm.;
  • Number of colours – 12;
  • Wiring –teachingby;
  • Advantages – high passability and attractiveness to pike, high range and accuracy when casting
  • Disadvantages – the balsa hull is easily damaged pike teeth is applied in reservoirs with stagnant water, overgrown water surface and a small space free from grass;

The average price 630 RUB.

No. 4 O. S. p. Cord-R 110fKosadaka Cord-R 110f

  • Form two composite minnow;
  • Buoyancy– floating, with penetration up to 0.7 m.;
  • The weight of the bait is 13.8 gr.;
  • Length – 110 mm.;
  • Number of colours – 10;
  • Wiring – teachingby, stop and go;
  • Dignity – the quality of paint coating due to dvuhsistemnaya body a great game even with the slow posting;
  • Disadvantages – low range and accuracy of casting;
  • Used in shallow waters, near reeds, in a weedy shallow waters;

The average price is 430 RUB.

No. 5 Usami Asai 95 F-SR Usami Asai 95 F-SR

  • Form — minnow;
  • Buoyancy– fast pop-up with depth up to 0,3 m;
  • The weight of the bait — 12,8 gr.
  • Length – 95 mm.;
  • The number of colors – 25;
  • Wiring various options of dash wiring;
  • Advantages – high range and accuracy zabrosa, permeability in areas with lots of snags, grass;
  • Used abundantly in the shallow grassy areas, ponds with a maximum depth of not more than 0.5 m high degree of sakurazensen and litter;

The average price – 500 RUB.

No. 6 Euro-Zuri Minnow 110 JL-115SStrike Pro Euro Minnow 110 JL-115S

  • Form — minnow;
  • Buoyancy– floating with a working depth of 1.5 m;
  • The bait weight is 17 oz.;
  • Length – 110 mm.;
  • The number of colors – 19;
  • Wiring uniform, stop and go, teachingby;
  • Dignity is an attractive and active game even with slow reeling, durable and sharp treble hooks, high quality and well detailed paint,
  • Used for fishing in rivers and lakes;

The average price – 330 RUB.

No. 7 Usami Kumo 115SP-SRUsami Kumo 115SP-SR

  • Form — minnow;
  • Buoyancy– neutral, zaglubljajutsja to 1 m;
  • The bait weight is 16.6 oz.;
  • Length -115 mm.;
  • The number of colors – 24;
  • Wiring – trolling, stop and go, teachingby;
  • Advantages – durable and sharp treble hooks from the Japanese company “Daichi Seishin”;high quality paint, high casting distance;
  • Used this lure, often on large lakes, large reservoirs;

The average price – 480 RUB.

No. 8 O. S. p. Mascot XL 80FKosadaka Mascot XL 80F

  • Form — minnow;
  • The buoyancy float is able to bury up to 2 – 2.5 m.;
  • The weight of the bait is 9.0 C.;
  • Length – 80 mm.;
  • Number of colours – 12;
  • Wiring –teachingby;
  • Dignity is attractive to a predator game high casting distance;
  • Disadvantages – sometimes does not work (“sticking”) of the magnetic system, which is responsible for the casting distance of a lure; there are instances of the hooks are not of sufficient quality;
  • Use this lure for fishing deep drop offs, pits and whirlpools;

The average price – 370 RUB.

No. 9 Silver Stream Taifun-1Silver Stream Taifun-1

  • Form — krenk;
  • Buoyancy and depth – floating, 1.2 m.;
  • The weight of the bait -10 gr.;
  • Length – 65 mm.;
  • Number of colours – 12 ;
  • Wiring, uniform, teachingby, trolling, stop and go;
  • Advantages – high casting distance, lack of overlap when posting and apply;
  • Disadvantages – not very good quality hooks, POPs up too quickly, the paint under the handles of a pike is very much damaged;
  • Perfectly catches pike in zakoryazhennyh places with a small depth, on the drop offs from shallow water to a depth;

The average price – 280 RUB.

No. 10-Zuri Arc Minnow JL-092FStrike Pro Arc Minnow JL-092F

  • Form — minnow;
  • Buoyancy– floating, with the most optimal depth of 1.2 m;
  • The weight of the bait — 11,0 GRS.;
  • Length – 105 mm.;
  • The number of colors – 43;
  • Wiring – teachingby;
  • Advantages – high quality and sharp trebles from the company OWNER,stable game, a large selection of colors;
  • “Native element” of this lure — overgrown with grass and reeds lakes, ponds, river backwaters, snag;

The average price – 340 RUB.

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