Do fish fall on the side of the nod scoring

One of the most reckless and active methods of fish production is fishing in the fall on the side of the nod. In many reservoirs nibble on the usual float tackle fades, so experienced anglers switch to summer tackle. Even in November, can fish roach or carp before the ice will cover the surface of the water. With a side nod was able to successfully fish in standing water or on low for.

Going to the pond, you should take Zapadny jumpsuit, through which the search for active fish will be simplified. Why on the side of nod fall continues good bite?

Как сделать ловлю рыбы осенью на боковой кивок результативной?

Causes of ulovistost summer autumn jig

The behavior of underwater inhabitants of freshwater bodies varies depending on the time of year. If in the early fall continues good bite on the float and bottom fishing rods with the use of vegetable and animal lures, starting from the second half of October, and for many fishermen the season. And only a few of them go fishing.

Before freezing the fish continues to eat, accumulating nutrients before winter. But at this time the representatives of ichthyofauna switch to animal feed. Most often it is worms, bloodworms and other insect larvae. Float and bottom fishing rods differ in passivity, the lure sinks to the bottom and the angler have long to wait for the approach of fish. Not helping at this time and bait, as the water becomes cold, the flavor is not spread over a large area.

  • Side nod allows you to explore the entire horizon, starting from the bottom and finishing the surface layer. Depending on weather conditions, the flock may move vertically during the day.
  • Another reason for ulovistost summer jig becomes a constant game of bait. The fish are attracted by the glitter of the lure, she pays attention and notices the moth or worm.
  • In the autumn the fish straying into the pack and holds at depth, in a thicket of grass or snags. Due to the long rod and zapadnym boots could just apply the bait in a small window of clean water.
  • Fishing on the side a nod to the late autumn is quite mobile. In a short time able to examine a lot of promising parts of the water and find a feeding flock. In the process of fishing it’s easy enough to determine the direction of movement of the jamb and slowly follow him.

Сельский пруд осенью.

Photo 1. Rural pond in autumn.

Who are caught in the fall on the side of the nod?

Widely represented species composition of freshwater species can be caught on the hook. Depending on the type of habitat in the catch there are the following representatives of ichthyofauna.

  • The most common white fish in the autumn becomes a roach. Can be caught in the Windows of water lilies on the small lakes, river oxbows, creeks, etc. Mining is carried out roaches using these natural baits like bloodworm, worm, caddis worm.
Recommendation! Having mastered the technique of vertical wiring, you can try fly fishing on bezmetallny jig. It’s oralce, devils, nymphs, etc. they bite larger fish.
  • Hiding under the water lilies and such close relatives of the roach as roach. They prefer bloodworms and worms.
  • On the drop offs in depth often occur bite scoring bream. Although most pick up small skimmers and bream. This fish should be found in reservoirs and rivers.
  • The omnipresent bass excellent bite not only on natural bait (worms, bloodworms), but also on a variety of hornblende. With a side nod becomes a successful fishing besttelki, vertical spinners and noodle.
  • In the ponds before the onset of winter feed on fish such as rotan, crucian carp and carp. On the paysite fishing is conducted near the shore, where he regularly enough, and the fish are not afraid of people.

Осенний ротан клюнул на легкое.

Photo 2. Autumn rotan fell for easy.

Device gear

So that the rod does not tire the angler, it must be correctly collected. All items are carefully matched with the reservoir size and expected production.

The rod

The most expensive part of the tackle is the rod. This item is not worth saving.

  • You first need to determine the length. In the presence of saradnika or boat size is limited to 6 m. the fishing rod When fishing from shore it is better to purchase flight “sticks” with a length of 7-8 m.
  • Since fishing on the side of the nod requires a constant game fishing rod, the weight of the rod is chosen minimal. It should not be crossing the rings and reel seat. Alternative carbon form at the moment.
  • When choosing a rod you need to pay attention to the type of tip. Fishing for small fish is better suited hollow tip. It provides the necessary rigidity, which is required when cutting. But one-piece tip has a higher strength, this rod is preferable in the extraction of bream or carp.

Легкое карбоновое удилище.

Photo 3. A light carbon rod.


To give the lure a realistic game, the rod is equipped with a side nod. The second objective of this element of the gear – time to show the fishermen the moment it bites. Proven themselves Mylar hut with a length of 10-20 cm They are clearly visible, make them easy with your own hands, setting up any jig takes a minimum of time.

Tip! Fishing you need to take a few nods of different widths and lengths. Then it will be easier to set the gear under a certain jig, the strength of the wind and the depth of fishing.

Fishermen use different methods of attachment of the nod to the tip of the fishing rod. One of them is atomobile foam with an axial hole the apex. The nod connects with the tip of the rod with the mounting tube. With this design you can quickly change the depth of fishing.

Гибкий боковой кивок.

Photo 4. Flexible side nod.


Best stock fishing line and a snap to store on a small foam motoviltse. This option allows you to quickly re-equip the rod under certain conditions.

  • Since fall, the water is transparent, the thickness manolescu minimum. For roach, white bream, Rotana sufficient diameter 0.10-0.12 mm, perch or carp it is possible to produce a wire of 0.12-0.14 mm, and for bream and carp have to put the monofil 0.16-0.20 mm.
  • By the end of the fishing line tied to the jig or hook. Sometimes efficient to do tandems. One of the options – doormice consistently linked at a distance of 10-20 cm Alternative may be a snap with the drain lead. It is mounted above the jig (10-20 cm), the length of the line 3-5 cm At a discharge leash attached light jig or hook.
  • The choice of jig is determined by the type of fish, its appetite, the local preferences. When fishing for perch work better droplet models weighing up to 3 g. hook useful hook miniature Twister green, yellow or red. Roach and bream prefers the spherical jig, the greater the depth, the harder it should be a snap.

Вверху крючок с червем, внизу блесенка с мясом.

Photo 5. At the top of the hook with a worm at the bottom of blazenka with meat.

Technique and tactics of fishing

Before fishing it is important to devise a plan of action. To pay attention to species of fish, which will go in the pond. Here you can select a few typical cases.

Features of fishing for carp

When the bite dies down at the feeder or the float in Karasevich waters, the only reliable way of fish production becomes a summer jig. Sensitive tackle allows you to instantly respond to the slightest bite, and the movement of the lure in the water activates the dormant crucian carp. It is believed that in cold weather the fish responds better to the vertical wiring than the lure horizontally.

The angler can choose 3 tactics of fishing.

  1. Boat helps you to find carp in lakes with muddy bottoms where to get in zbrodniach not possible. Helps a flotation device in the case of heavily overgrown coastal zone. The length of the rods is selected in the range 5-6 m.
  2. From the shore you can fish the small ponds. Here, the depth is about the same, and the coastline clean. But in this case you need a long pole 7-8 m.
  3. Preferred to hunt for carp in zapadnom jumpsuit. This outfit allows you to get close to the promising place, to use rods up to 6-7 m.
It is important! Whichever option is adopted, it is necessary to behave quietly and gently. Big fish senses the presence of humans and will stay away from him.

Patience becomes the main weapon of the angler. Going into the water should still be 5-10 minutes. At this time experienced caracatite suggest to lower the rod on the stand and smoke a cigarette. After 5 minutes made the first tentative posting. For coins suitable rapid oscillations with high amplitude. Technique genially respectable carp is radically different. This files most often triggered a slow rise of the bait from the bottom surface to a height of 5 cm In the upper part of the climb is a stop for 2-3 seconds, then continues moving up. Lowering the jig to the bottom, it is useful to move it, raising a cloud of turbidity. If you take careful notice, you should replace lead jigs tungsten.

Fishing for roach

In autumn, flocks of roach shifted to the deep waters. Accordingly, preferable is fishing from a boat or szabadka. Favorite jig of a roach – pellet, droplet, uralka, osinka, ant. Optimal color autumn – black and grey. The fish are not too scared of the angler, so to start fly fishing immediately after a stop at interesting place. There are several effective methods of fishing on mormyshka in the fall.

  • The simplest technique is getting slow even rise to the snap from the bottom to a height of 3-5 cm Stop lasts for 1-3 s, then the jig sinks to the bottom. After you touch the ground you should move the bait and a little lift.
  • It is easy to perform this transaction. First performed a slow rise a few inches. Reaching the required height, the bait must be moved alternately in one direction and in another.
  • Horizontal motions are made at the bottom. When the jig reaches the extreme point in one direction, made a long pause to 10 seconds.

When fishing for roach you can use bait. She selected dark colors with a low content of the feed. The mixture must be sifted, to omit portions of prepared bait easier with the help of small cups.

How to catch Rotana?

One of the most picky fish rotan is considered. This little predator has a large mouth, which, combined with the greed allows the angler not the ceremony. Even fishing line with a thickness of 0.20 mm are not afraid of this voracious fish. To seduce Rotana easiest animal bait such as a worm, a bunch of bloodworms or fry verkhovka. You can catch from the shore, boat or szabadka.

As for the wiring, here will have to experiment. Active the fish are biting on fast motion with large amplitude. Brings balance to the passive fish small jitter in a certain layer of water. Successful is a slow rise of the jig from the bottom.

Recommendation! Even in a small pond rotan is certain areas. Therefore, the fish, now you need to find, and then to engage in purposeful activities.

In pursuit of perch

A wide scope for imagination and experimentation gives the angler perch. This fish is found in small ponds, oxbows of rivers, lakes and reservoirs. Depending on the size of the reservoir and topography of the selected one of the suitable tactics. In most cases, be able to fish from the shore or szabadka. While fishing, you can use different jigs, spinners, tandems with silicone, etc. there are several promising transactions.

  • When using the attachment jigs used smooth technique with slow lifting and lowering. On the bottom is useful wiggling the bait.
  • In tihovolya river bays striped robbers hunt in half-waters, picking up falling into the water with leaves live organisms. The wiring looks like a dipping jig to level half depth. Hook-hooked larva burdock moth, eggs of ants, bloodworms.
  • In areas with clean bottom success brings imitation of the behavior of the nymphs. For this jig with the bait sinks to the bottom and moves slowly on the ground in one direction and then the other.

Side a nod provides the angler a real opportunity to relax on the pond in the fall. You only need to correctly equip a fishing rod and pick up the appropriate wiring.

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