Fish for bass, pike and walleye on the balancer

The looming winter is not a reason to send fishing gear for the holidays. On the contrary, in the cold season too, you can get a good catch. In this article we will talk about one of the ways ice-hunting predators – fishing on the balancer.

First, some terminology: the balancer is an artificial lure in the shape of a fish. On the back of the fish hole for a scaffold, and on the belly, front and rear built hooks. An integral part of the balancer is the tail stabilizer. He allows the lure to variously play in the water. Fishing on the balancer is a kind of Troll-bait is bait in the shape of a fish fastened in the middle, due to which the lure “walks” over a greater area and increases the chances of success.

Балансир LJ Pliant 12 цвет 08

Most successful for sometimes going fishing with a balancer is the beginning of freeze-up, when the thickness of the crust varies from 5 cm, and the entire first half of winter. At this time quite successfully to get the perch, pike or walleye. And that is what the fish we pay special attention to.

Классическая "восьмерка" балансира

Perch fishing on the balancer

First try to get hold of a perch. Going on his prey, take a small rod with a length up to 40 cm (together with the whip). By the way, the word choose is tough enough to be in the game, he did not give echo of hesitation after the toss. The handle of the fishing rod is better to choose a neoprene or cork and, of course, you need a coil with a mild stroke and a push-button brake.

Окунь попался!

If you first go on such fishing or, in principle, prefer assistance in recognition of bites can be added to tackle the nod. Materials for its manufacture a lot – and then coiled or clock spring, and nipples, and Mylar film, but it is better suited to a nod of the silicone tube the size of 5-6 cm is quite accurate and shows the bite, and moments when the lure sank to the bottom, and this tube there are no additional projections or coils, which can cling to fishing line in the process jerks in the game. Plus silicone nod unlike their metal brethren are not subject to corrosion and will not rust.

When choosing fishing line for the rocker focus only on the monofilament version. Any braids, even marked “ICE” frosted over in sub-zero temperatures and create additional inconvenience. With regard to the diameter of the line, it all depends on your plans: the average fish that is found in our water will hold and not tear diameter of 0.14 – 0.16 mm, but if you are going to fight predators more than kilogram of body weight, can be wound on the spool 50 meters of fishing line with a thickness of 0.2 mm.

Полосатый стал добычей!

Well, now actually saw. Just say that universal “superprimary” does not exist. When fishing for perch you need to consider many factors: weather, lighting, depth and even the mood of the fish. The General advice is: when fishing at depths up to 3 meters suitable beams with a size of 2-3 cm and colors as close to natural. If the pond is deep you can take the bait with a length of 3-5 cm and acid colors.

Game of beams in the water column is virtually independent of the size and shape. The only fundamental difference is the wide body of the lure longer plan after jerks and they work well when fishing for inactive bass.

Окунек небольшой, но чтобы его поймать, надо постараться

Incidentally, the question of the activity of the fish not the last. If bass looking for food, you even play particularly bait is not necessary, but if the predator is already full or he is just lazy, then there will only service under nose – even a small effort to catch up with the bait, the bass will not be taken. That is why winter fishing is hard not to sit near one of the wells: it makes sense to neverlet their pieces 5-10 (not far from each other) and to periodically change the point. In this sense, it turns out that the fisherman’s legs.

Красивая рыбалка

And finally, about the technique to operate the balancer. Depending on the fishing activity, you can use the basic way to play or use variations. Our database after casting the bait allowed to sink to the bottom, then lift about 15 cm to give a little to hang the bait, and then made a breakthrough with the rise bait of 30 centimeters. In the water it will look like a leap up and away. Then the edge of the rod returns to its original position and again is undermining. Pause between jerks for perch should be about 5 seconds.

Variation of game can offer such. After reaching the bottom of the balancer several times up about a foot and dropping again to the bottom to touch. Then once the lift is done gently carpal shake. Another option: a few times to hit the bait in the bottom to raise the dregs, then lift the rocker 50 cm from the bottom, let it completely relax, and then sharply yank it on 40-50 cm without relief. After 2-3 seconds the dash can be repeated. This kind of game is more suitable for medium depths, where there is a stock of underwater distances.

Leave the balancer on a pike

This brutal winter is also reduces activity, but looks more cheerful than perch. If the first hero of our articles can get along with other dogs in packs, pike, an ardent individualists and vigilantly guarding their territory. So if on the border of their possession of a potential victim, then pike will try to attack her. In this case, to get the catch a little easier – it is not necessary to throw the bait right to the nose of the fish. At the beginning of winter, pike can be found in the shallows and on the limits of vegetation. But by mid-season the fish goes in the holes, drop offs, deep pools, shelter. In ponds it will hibernate at the bottom and in flowing or deep waters to seek happiness need a few metres of silt or even in the middle of the water column.

Щука, пойманная на балансир

Speaking about the tackle, for pike you can take a small copy of the spinning reel: the handle length is not less than the palm of your hand, plus the whip 40-50 cm required inertia baitcasting reel with a good brake that can withstand the serious load in the process of a fight. Fishing line suitable fluorocarbons (expensive) or a plain nylon, but then a thickness less than 0.26 mm. And one more important piece of gear – a leash, so the predator did not chew through your cord. It can be made from a guitar string it yourself, or buy the core item of equipment from stainless steel in a shop. The length of the leash shall be not less than 10 cm.

The bait is also different from Okuneva: for pike you need to take the rocker more. While the fish is still active and full of energy (when freezing) you can throw her opponent centimetres in size 10 serious pike bite and is unlikely to come down. Later in the season can reduce the lure almost in 2 times. Colors of baits may be the same as in the case with bass. But the hooks need to pay special attention to the pike need to put tees with numbers 4-6 on the international classification.

Щука и судак

The catching process similar to the production of perch – that is, you need to drill a few holes at a distance of about 5 meters from each other and bending them, making each a few some jetés. One of the main points in the preparation of the hole is that they need to drill larger diameter than the standard winter fishing – 10-cm window to get a pike, especially large ones, is quite difficult and it is often in front of the window they go. So do not be lazy to take a drill with a diameter of not less than 135 mm or in addition to cut the hole.

Game balancer at pike looks like this: bait is lowered to about half the depth, followed by a short but smooth stroke. After a pause the balancer is lowered just below and again made swing. When you reach the bottom you can hit a couple of times on his balancer, and then to raise 10-20 cm and re-do strokes.

A few words about fishing on the balancer walleye

Just a couple of words. Because the basic points are the same as in the above cases: tackle small, mono fishing line with a thickness of about 0.2 mm, coil, etc.

Клыкастый соблазнился балансиром

Fundamental aspects is, perhaps, where and when to catch walleye. This fish often settles in shallow water in the bushes, snags, or on the sandy exit of the pits. Therefore, to play a balancer when fishing for Zander very carefully and smoothly to avoid snags. And the fish are biting very peculiar: the perch a few times gently knock on the balancer before you decide to eat it. Therefore, it is important to observe the smoothness in the strokes of the bait: bait big size pulled with an amplitude of only 2 cm, less bait undermined by about 5 cm And if there is a suspicion that the fish is almost at the surface, can and does make a classic mormexico small shaking.

As for the time walleye fishing, it is best he takes in the days long before the impending thaw and the best appetite he in the dark: in the first 2 hours after sunset and two hours before dawn.

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