Soup of burbot in the home

Welded on the shore of the ear — not only and not just a means to satisfy hunger. To eat long and brought from home canned meat. Cooking soup is a real ritual, is a necessary component of check out the river or lake. Without uhi, Poselkovaya in a sooty pot, and fishing is not about fishing.

Soup of burbot in the home

Soup of burbot in the home is delicious to be cooked in Hiking conditions at the stake. Understand how to make a ear burbot are delicious and easy.

Уха из налима

Soup of burbot simple — single

Single ear of burbot rarely cook, unless I managed to catch some small fish, perch-brushes for the first mortgage.

The process of cooking burbot soup:

  1. Gutted, washed and cut into pieces Nalimov stack in the pot, pour cold water, put there burbot head (without gills), milt and liver. And hung over the fire.
  2. When the boil — remove the foam, raise the pot above the fire and add the remaining ingredients: raw onion, salt, spices.
  3. Some experts add at the same time the potato coarsely, into halves or quarters cut. But most experts agree on the fact that the potato is a sham, and ear into a fish soup. They are partly right, and if we add the potatoes in the most meager quantities — one potato, or two small ones. But pour cereal in your ear — you won’t believe, but there are proponents of such barbarism, it’s a culinary perversion.
  4. Then, very carefully stirring (usually not with a spoon, and a stick — to avoid collapse of fish) soup is cooked about 20 minutes, occasionally removing the foam.
  5. Making sure fish is well roasted (the meat was white, elastic, slightly increased in volume), the pot is removed from the heat.
  6. But — attention! — do not rush to grab for the spoon, the dish is not ready yet. The ear must “Dospat” at least a quarter of an hour to get your real taste and aroma. This pot with a lid, and if it happens in a cold season, wrap in something insulating, old coat, for example. Some aesthetes by putting your ear to dostavat, add two more components: a half slices of lemon and a small ember from a fire, it’s burned black burned. And if I have a special lemon improve the taste, didn’t notice that ember really makes the broth clearer and adds to his flavor.
  7. On the consumption of products not going to say, because the amount of the main component depends on the bite. But the more fish put in the pot — the taste and richness of the ear.

Soup of burbot double

But if you along with burbot managed to catch at least one pound fish-little things — take your time and work, cook the soup in two bet — the result will worth the cost.

Уха из налима двойнаяThe first bet is good is not every little thing. Ideally, of course, ruff. Almost as small perch, minnows, loaches (the ones that are related to the morning glories, not salmon). With small carp have to be careful: plotnicki, alchiki, bleak, minnows, etc in the summer for soup are not suitable herbal diet adds them to the meat bitter. In cold weather you can use them, but be sure to clean and behead (the perch and the pipe cleaners, scales and the head leave, just remove the guts and gills). With carp, gosterimi and molts, it is better not to communicate at any time of the year.

Some cooks suggest fish first pledge to cook the bag of cheesecloth. Well, if someone likes the taste of boiled cotton, you can try… but the rest do not advise. Enough to closely how to cook a trifle, and not to let it digest. Usually this is enough for ten to fifteen minutes after boiling. After this first bet caught with a slotted spoon and put the second actually Nalimov prepared in advance. If the fish is large, pieces of it should be rubbed with salt when cooked, they may not be proselytise.

For the second mortgage, you can use a large perch, bream, pike-perch, and you get a tasty dish — but still with burbot fish soup he doesn’t like it. Swiss investment Bank Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS) published a report that assessed the potential of Bitcoin to replace Fiat.

If you have time and appetite allows, you can the broth to cool and then put a second bet down in cold water, fish better gives the broth its taste.

If it so happened that after the first bet lost, a trifle overcooked, crumbled and ear became turbid, the pot should be removed from the heat, drain the broth (that’s when the gauze is quite useful), and again bring to boil. No Marley is also not a problem, it is enough to give the broth to settle and carefully poured out, leaving the dregs at the bottom.

Well, then everything is done in a single recipe of the soup. Boiled the detail of a first mortgage is usually to eat not eat, give it to the cat or throw it away. But boiled ruffs were delicious, and if you pour them in the evening the remnants of the broth in the morning will make a fabulous jelly.

Triple soup with burbot

Triple ear with burbot is of two types:

  1. In the first case, the burbot is the main character in this culinary performance, and it is he who comes in the third and final bet.
  2. In the second put bream (big, fat, skimmers Navara enough), perch, large perch… From the carp fish is very good for second mortgage Sirte, but pike have to be careful — caught in the other grassy ponds, it can spoil your ear with its sharp odor and taste. About inadmissibility of carp, tench and white bream I have already said, it is better not to use, and catfish, especially the tail part, too rich in fat with a specific smell.

Приготовление ухи из налима и ершейThe second option is if you managed to catch noble fish: sterlet, salmon, trout… Then burbot, with all due respect to him, goes to the second mortgage, and is served with the soup as the second dish.

If a certain amount of potatoes in a single ear can prevent, especially when fish is not enough, then triple — no grains and no vegetables (except onion)! Even with the spices it is necessary to observe the greatest caution: the peppers — with a low simultaneously with the third mortgage, Bay leaf — one or two leaves shortly before readiness. But you can do even without spices, triple is so rich in all sorts of flavors that lick your fingers.

In principle, triple fish soup of burbot enough fish (but a lot different), salt and water. Water, by the way, from the river it is better not to draw — to look for spring, and even to bring from home a bottle of pure artesian.

Cook soup as well as dual — but once again repeated the procedure for changing mortgages. All anglers have their little secrets and tricks to a triple ear was “most-most”: someone, by putting your ear to dostavat, puts a slice of pickle or a clove of garlic, Siberian fishermen often dipped into the pot a few stalks of wild garlic. There are fans to put in the pot a carrot, cut into rounds (in my opinion, it is not necessary and spoiling the dish).

Тройная уха из налимаBut one thing all experts agree — if you catch no ruffs, triple ear is better not to start, time will be spent more, and the taste does not differ almost from a double. That’s how sometimes valued small prickly brush! The only adequate replacement — a close relative of biryuchek, ruff-nosar, but the habitat of this fish is much narrower.

Theoretically, triple fish soup can be considered a so-called “bishops” — it is ruffs the first mortgage is brewed not fish, but chicken. The dish turns out delicious, but only the ear? Or chicken soup, seasoned with fish? The question is moot.

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