Hunting in the Czech Republic

The basic rules of hunting in the Czech Republic is the fact that collective hunting is carried out always in the presence of the regional Commissioner, and of individual hunting, accompanied by the Forester or the huntsman of the economy. Hunting is permitted only in those lands that are rented according to the hunting team, or in hoshisato at the appropriate resolution. Guests are welcome to attend but the invitation.

Охота в ЧехииHunting in the Czech Republic

Night hunting is prohibited, except hunting on the currents I on boar. Allowed to hunt an hour before sunrise, and not later than one hour after sunset, so in the hunting magazines every month will be given to the time of sunset and sunrise.

Rules of the hunt, or rather the ethics of hunting, you can’t beat sitting or lying hare, pheasant on the ground, the bird may be kicked only in flight. In most cases you can’t shoot females, and failure to do so is considered a great violation. When collective hunting dogs must be on a leash, they are allowed only a wounded animal or to search for dead game. Dog hunting is mandatory, in order not to lose a wounded or dead game. Violations of the rules of hunting include shooting earlier or later signal the beginning and end of the hunt. Not allowed to shoot close along the line of the arrow, and also in a circle after the signal that shooting is only allowed from the circle.

Each hunting team has a disciplinary Commission which has the right to exclude hunters from the members of the society for a year or even at all, which is tantamount to deprivation of the hunting rights, as in this case, the hunter will not receive the hunting ticket. For minor violations made comments on the hunting, and the hunters meetings.

Poaching in the Czech Republic — a rare phenomenon. Each shot at the wrong time .triggers an alarm and immediately checked. The criminal code contains an article providing for the punishment for poaching by imprisonment from 3 days to 3 years.

Shooting basic game types is allowed in accordance with the plan drawn up for each year. Those farms who are given the task of catching game, hunting in the same year to catch a game is prohibited. The plan of trapping sets Department hunting of the Ministry of agriculture and food in coordination with export organizations. Shot game belongs to the team of hunters, on the farm which was carried out shooting, but part of the game he must pass the state procurement organizations (approximately 50 %), which is also envisaged in the plan. The hunter involved in the shooting, the right to buy the game at the procurement price from the amount which remains after delivery. In the hands of the staff remain and are distributed at the discretion of the following types of hunting fauna: ducks, geese, rabbits, pigeons, grouse, grouse, woodcocks and other non-planned game.

For shooting ducks team must have a grain Fund for feeding them in the winter on ice-free reservoirs. For each duck in the Fund must be paid on 150 g of grain. When shooting big game (deer, fallow deer, ROE deer, wild boar, etc.) the hunter takes a trophy head or horns, and fangs. Hunters involved in the shooting, including guests spend their ammunition.

Small game (hare, pheasant, partridge) in the Czech Republic are allowed to hunt only collectively. The big hunt is carried out mostly individually — with of towers from approach or entrance to the places of grazing animals, with the approach during the roar. Boar hunting is allowed, and from the tower and from the approach, and corral. For quail hunting in broods of the coniferous forest with pointer dog. The ducks in the early season to hunt a paddock, and then on flights. Hunting geese is carried out on flights.

Big game hunting is possible only for a special fee (card ejection). The cost of the card is determined by the quality of the trophies.

In accordance with the biological characteristics of each species of hunting fauna and economic feasibility in the Czech Republic established hunting period.

Hunting period approved by the law of 1962 They slightly changed compared to the former. For some types of hunting fauna terms lengthened and others shortened. So, hunting deer females reduced to 0.5 month, to the hare for 1 month and hunting for deer, pheasant and partridge extended for 1.5 months. The extension of hunting is not a concern decline in stocks of wild game, since shooting the main species of fauna are based on the annual census of the fauna of the possible offspring and the established norms of the shooting. Within the established hunting season each team on the leased lands or state hunting enterprise can set their hunting period depending on the plan of shooting or trapping. Very often, hunting is only permitted on Sunday or 2-3 days a week. Sometimes hunting for certain types of hunting fauna is closed pending the achievement of the planned densities of these species.

The timing of hunting of male ungulates are installed with the expectation of getting the best trophies — horns. Boar hunting is allowed for six months in connection with the damage they cause to crops. Such a long time hunting for wild boar gives full opportunity to bring its numbers to plan.

Hunting for pheasants is allowed only when the young are fully usmattress and almost reaches the size of adult birds. Hunting for capercaillie and black grouse is permitted only in the spring on the currents. This is because the reserves of these birds is very low. In addition, hunting on currents is one of the most beautiful hunts.

In fact hunting in the Czech Republic is allowed for the whole year. In January – February it is possible to shoot wild boar and fur-bearing animals in March, April and may -the black grouse and the capercaillie, and in June-July, you can already hunt on males of the deer. From August begins the hunt for quail, ducks, geese and all birds. October, November and December are the months with the most intense hunting when you can shoot almost all types of game. At this time, the young game birds almost reaches the adult state, and hoofed animals are of the greatest interest both from the point of view of trophies, and in respect of the use of meat.

Hunting and trapping of wild game in the Czech Republic

The total number of game shoot in the Czech Republic is quite varies greatly by years, rather by periods, as after a sharp decline in its reserves necessary for several years to stop the hunt to bring the number of game to its normal state. This can be clearly seen from a comparison of shooting over the years.

The amount of meat produced annually in the shooting, is equal to 5-5,5 thousand grams and is estimated at 55-60 million euros. The number of the extracted meat and, accordingly, income in the first place is the hare (31,7 %), followed by ROE deer (21,8 %), the third len (19.9 %) and the fourth — pheasant (18.7 per cent). These four types of hunting fauna give 92.1% of products.

In fifteen years, the development plan of hunting the task is to get from 1 ha of land in Czech Republic is 1 kg of meat. For this purpose, for example, in vatanikhah in the area of 100 thousand hectares of the planned 300 thousand sows with output of 800 thousand young.

From putting skins and leather hunting organizations receive income of about 9 million kroons and exports of live poultry 989 thousand dollars. Per hunter an average of almost one head shot big game and 15 heads of small game.

Catching game for its settlement, and mainly to export hunters of the Czech Republic and engaged in a long time. In 1952, the right of catching of poultry transferred to the Union of hunters.

Mostly catch partridges, pheasants and hares. Czech Republic exports of live poultry is one of the first places among European States. Before 1960 was exported annually 65-75 thousand live partridges, 30 pheasants, and a thousand 20-30 thousand birds. In 1964 exports of partridges fell to 10 thousand

The country has six points, or bases, for the capture and export of wild game: three points about Prague, and then in Moravia and Getalldevices district. Live poultry are mainly exported to France, Italy, Germany and Luxembourg.

The capture and export of live game a profitable business not only for the societies of hunters, but also for the state.

By itself, the capture is not particularly difficult, much more difficult to overdo the poultry, pick her in the party and transport. The experts involved in the catching, well studied and improved these processes. In the end, waste game became insignificant. In recent years, at the time of capture in the networks are killed only 5-6% of partridges, and when over-exposed and quarantined more than 1.5-2 %.

Hunting in the Czech Republic with dogs

The basic rule of hunting in Czech Republic — be sure to find dead or wounded game. To reduce the number of wounded game shoot is only offered to slaughter a distance corresponding weapon and cartridge. To avoid loss of killed or wounded game, both individual and collective hunting use hunting dogs.

The main responsibility of a dog on the hunt — not to find a game, not to scare or chase her, and find and submit a wounded or killed animal. Is the purpose of the dog is caused by features of hunting in the Czech Republic. Due to the large number of game to find and it is easy to frighten her, so help the dogs not needed for this. Further, hunting is usually carried out on one type of game (rarely more), though of a certain age and gender. The dog, as if she was well trained, will raise and scare indiscriminately the entire game. Hunting with hounds in the Czech Republic is prohibited, first, because the dog because of the abundance of game, constantly losing the trail and the present gon still would not work, and secondly, a hound dog often stole the game in the neighbouring hunting ground, where the mining rights it owned to another hunting team. In addition, according to the Czech hunters have a ton of the beast is changing the composition of blood and the taste of the meat worse. Usually after a hunter will be convinced that the beast is wounded, he the nature of blood determines the degree of injury and the feasibility of prosecution. Lung injury to chase the beast useless, but in severe primary responsibility of hunter is to catch up and finish it. During the collective hunting behavior of the animal after the shot is watching not only the hunter but also the other participants of the hunt. On the individual hunting guide usually has binoculars and quite accurately determines the degree of wounding of the beast.

Depending on the extent of wound of the beast, the ways of its pursuit and production are different. As a rule, the dog allowed on the trail on leash, and sometimes without it. In this case, the dog needs to be trained to find dead or wounded animal, to let them know about it by voice or other means. For example, if the dog is returned to the owner, holding the leash in his teeth, it means that the animal was found and the hunter can follow it, if no leash in his mouth — the beast had gone away to chase it impractical.

Czech hunters love hunting dogs and train them well. Requirements for the dog are very high: it must be obedient, agile and physically well developed, as she has not only feeding birds, but also to pursue the larger game. The dog must be so evil to stop a wounded deer or boar. At the same time, excessive nastiness is considered a Vice. So, some dogs while trying to stop the deer knocked her down and strangled.

In the Czech Republic the most common pointing dogs, of which Kurzhaar account for 45 % of the total number of dogs fight-Haar 15 %, pointers, English, Irish and Scottish setters 8 %, spaniels 7 %. But the dogs of these breeds, hunting is also used Fox Terriers and dachshunds (20 %)- Other breeds of hunting dogs: munsterlander, Hungarian cops, Bavarian and Slovenian cats, and other account for only 5 %. According to the plan of hunting dogs, ready to hunt, should be 25 million, and by 1971, there were 30 thousand This suggests that dog hunting is required. A characteristic feature of hunting with dogs in the Czech Republic is that all pointers, including pointers and setters, are used to find not only game birds, but also animals (wild boar, ROE deer, deer, foxes and hares).

Breeding and training dogs in the Czech Republic

Breeding and training dogs in the Czech Republic pay great attention to. Country 15 nurseries that supply hunters of purebred dogs. In the societies of hunters organized clubs breeders. Clubs blood AKC follow the selection of the stud dog and give advice on dog breeding, organize exhibitions and demonstration trials dogs.

National Union of hunters has its own nurseries. They contain manufacturers for use in the mating with dogs that belong to hunters and also get the youngsters and distribute it among hunters. Near Brno is the nursery, which contain predominantly drahthaar.

Dogs kept in kennels with multiple offices for one or two dogs. Enclosures and partitions between the compartments made of thick iron bars. The enclosure is immediately adjacent to the building in which the kitchen, laboratory and utility rooms. The custody and use of dogs in the Czech Republic a positive effect on the condition of hunting economy, especially with the abundance of game that is located there.

Hunting tradition in Czech Republic

Hunting traditions were created over the centuries, they show us the distant past.

Traditions and customs if they are based on common sense and serve the cause for which they were created, useful and should be supported.

Although hunting earlier, and was the privilege of the ruling class, the traditions of hunting in the West have elaborated the direct participants and organizers of the hunting — huntsmen, datacine, hunting — originally from the people. Therefore, in all the European socialist countries, when land, forests and water with the whole hunting wildlife became state property, the hunters took from the past those customs and traditions that contribute to the protection of nature as a whole, create friendly relations between hunters and provide appropriate ethics and culture of hunting. It should be noted that the culture of hunting first and foremost, is caring for the hunting fauna, and proper use of it. The pursuit of this permeated all consultations the Belarusian delegation activities and carrying out of hunting in the Czech Republic. Look at some of the hunting traditions.

At the meeting on the Czech hunting hunters greet each other with the words “Fishing star!” — what do you mean “long live the hunt!” or “Success in the hunt!”.

From the hunter need to make a sure shot, i.e. to put the animal on the spot, and the bird to shoot down tightly, not allowing wounded game, and thus the frequent loss of game. Collective hunting disciplinarum hunter, better ensures full compliance with the rules and terms of hunting, and most importantly, it is inherent in sports content. Only on a collective hunting the hunters competing in shooting and discipline. Here you can see the behavior of each of the hunter, and he seeks to maintain his authority.

Hunting period for certain types of set different at different times shoot males or females, adults or young specimens. After each race, head hunting declares how many instances killed every hunter and how much he made shots. Muff it looks unsightly.

At the end of hunting small game determine the successful hunter, who is declared king of the hunt. All shot wild game after the hunt put in a certain order.

If hunting were shot several types of hunting fauna, such as hares, partridges and pheasants, each kind placed in a separate row. If the middle of the day shoot scheduled amount of game, the hunting stops. Hunters, the beaters, the organizers of hunting and trumpeters lining up around the posted game, each team of one of the parties. Head announces the results of hunting, playing the trumpet.

It should be noted that none of the large-scale collective hunts are not conducted without the trumpets, that the French horn played by different signals (start and end of the pen, etc.). This makes the hunt special solemnity. Trumpeters are a special school or enrolled in circles.

Last paddock

In the Czech Republic there is one good tradition to hold the so-called last corral. All participants of the hunt are invited to an evening in a village nearby, where a restaurant or Gasthaus. The invitation also receive a family members of hunters. Wife hunters usually prepare dinner venison killed in the first corral; invite also local citizens. After dinner there’s dancing and Amateur performances. At the table a place of honor, decorated with flowers, given to the king of the hunt. Participants discuss the results of the hunt, talking about current Affairs the economy and, of course, is not without critics violators of hunting regulations. These evenings bring together a very of hunters and each of them becomes a more active participant in the organization of hunting.

When hunting a large animal has its own traditions. Everyone who has shot the beast, head hunting presents a twig, covered in the blood of the dead animal. This branch of the hunter is on the hat. If you killed the male branch attached to the right side when the female is on the left. In the mouth the dead animal stuck also the branch last ate. The beast gutted with a knife, so as not to stain the blood sleeves that roll up are not supposed to. To be able to gut the beast should each hunter.

A large animal needs to be shot in front of the body, better mind, as getting into the belly or behind the carcass spoils and it does not pass the first grade. A wounded animal, gone to a neighboring farm, it is impossible to prosecute without the permission of the head of the economy on whose territory it went. The shortage of a wounded animal is considered unacceptable. In every case of injury investigating the circumstances of the shooting (range, speed, which side, etc.), on signs determine the seriousness of the injuries. Only not earlier than in half an hour after the shot begin to pursue a wounded animal.

From the point of view of hunting ethics about who owns the trophy, is solved as follows: trophy ungulates belongs to the person who first mortally wounded animal. This determines the hunting Manager after examination of the carcass. Trophy game birds belongs to the one who knocked the bird to the ground. This rule is because if a hoofed animal is mortally injured, you can always find him on the trail and whoever it wanted, essentially saved time on the search. Also mortally wounded bird are often able yet to go far, it is difficult to find and therefore it is prey, who knocked her to the ground last.

Not considered ethical to shoot an animal or a bird that is closer to the adjacent room or going for it. Among the longstanding traditions include collecting hunting trophies — horns, heads, teeth. Collection of transmitted but the legacy, every trophy is well decorated with the date and place of its production. In the Czech Republic in each region annually host an exhibition of trophies won during the year. Estimate trophies on the Madrid scoring system and the best instances to get gold, silver and bronze medals. From hunting trophies made various Souvenirs — ashtrays, knives, chandeliers, and even furniture, which is appreciated.

Being a hunter is a privilege, and not everyone can achieve, as there are more demands and serious responsibilities. When hunting duties and traditions, every hunt is a holiday sort of sporting event and useful.

Hunting in hunting farm Radunka

I was lucky enough to take part in the hunt, organized by the provincial forestry Department in state hunting farm Radunka.

About 9 a.m. we came to the edge of the village, where already lined up about 60 beaters, 18 foresters, among them, four were with hunting horns, and three dogs. The arrows were supposed to be guests. The beaters stood in four rows. Perpendicular to them in a row were Rangers, dressed in the uniform. On the right was the hunting Manager — Director of forestry, then his assistants, then the trumpets and finally, the district foresters.

When all were assembled, the trumpeters played a welcome touch. Then the head of the hunt gave a report to the chief of the regional forest management that today will be hunting pheasants-roosters, hares and rabbits that the day of the hunt on the plan to kill 40 rabbits, pheasants and 46 4 rabbit, and to shoot ungulates and grouse are not permitted. He also reminded hunters that pheasants you can shoot only the flying, rabbits running. If a pheasant runs or sits, and the hare lies, then shoot them banned. We were told that after the first signal the beginning of a hunt the hunter can load the gun, after the second you can shoot, after the third you can only shoot back out of the corral, and after the end of the arrow needs to discharge the gun.

To the guest the arrow was attached to the Ranger whose responsibility was to escort an arrow while hunting, to supply it with ammunition, to indicate the place of his number and keep a record of the killed game. After the draw, each shooter got a room that was kept for him during the entire hunt.

The first enclosure was a sloping meadow, marshy. It seemed that on this site may not be much of a game. Hunting in the first corral were organized so-called boiler. Head hunting went left, it went four beater intervals of 80-100 m, with beaters-shooter after the first died, then again, three or four beater, followed the shooter with number two, etc. Right went the assistant head hunting for him three or four beater, then the shooter with the last number, then again three or four beater, then the shooter with the second to last room, etc.

When the head of the hunt and his assistant closed the circle with a diameter of about 1 to 1.5 km, the trumpeters gave the signal to charge the guns, after 1-2 min was filed by the second signal. After that, the participants of the hunt, the beaters and shooters moved to the center of the circle. Was allowed to shoot inside the circle or back. Shooting along the line of shooters and beaters, 20-25 m closer to them, was forbidden.

Just a few steps to the cries of the beaters began to rise rabbits, they rushed into the center of the circle. Frequent shots, noise, and overall upgrade of participants with each minute grew. Dead birds were picked up by the beaters. In several cases, the hare was in bed, then the beater repeatedly hit with a stick on the ground and disturbed a hare.

When the diameter of the circle was reduced to 250-300 m, was Yes signal arrows stop, and the beaters continued to go to the center. Since then, the shooting was allowed only ago. It is interesting to note that after the rise of the rabbits ran to the center of the circle, where they were going 8-12. They darted back and forth, and suddenly went right at people, in spite of the gunfire, the yelling and noise. If the rabbits go on the hunter, in the best case manage to kill two or three birds with one stone, and the rest break as it is impossible to quickly reload the gun. Most of the broken pheasants and hares were sent into the adjacent woods, where he was scheduled the second paddock.

After the beaters reached the center, the signal was given about the end of the hunting paddock. The arrows were obliged to discharge the gun and go to the head of the hunt, which, together with the beaters stopped in the center of the circle. Game, dead in the pen, folded the ranks. It is usually put on the right side, with heads in one direction, while every tenth instance moves out of the range, to make it easier to count. Head hunting after the hunt in the first corral announced how much poultry killed each shooter. This procedure was repeated after the end of hunting in each paddock.

The second corral was organized in a small area of the forest. Arrows were placed to numbers on the edge of the forest. The first was delivered to shooter number two, and the shooter at number one on the last number. This relocation of the shooters was done in each new paddock. There were 10 pens, 2, 3,5, 6 and 10 pens was a small forest plots, each no more than 20-30 hectares of paddocks 4, 8 & 9 – areas of reed and sedge thickets near lake Graham, 1 and 7-meadow and field land on two sites. In forest paddocks hunted with the alignment arrow on the rooms on the meadow and the reed areas — way run (shooters and beaters were chained).

The order of the entire hunting and the location of the pens were such that the survivor game from the previous paddock was heading mainly in the following, i.e., second to third, from third to fourth, etc. Due to the fact that shooting each pen actually does not exceed 10-15% of the total number of expelled game, in each paddock, the number of poultry significantly increased.

The last, tenth, the paddock was next to the first paddock. Killed all of the pens game again laid down in the tenth corral.

About the trophies lined up all the participants in hunting and in the same order as before starting hunting. Head hunting announced the results: how was the hunting, what were the violations, and to thank the shooters and beaters for participation in hunting and provided the best hands, which usually proclaim the king of the hunt. Then played the carcasses, and then all the hunters were invited to dinner.

Such organization of hunting, as a rule, observed in all the official and large hunts with the participation of guests. When hunting the members of the grass-roots groups, everything is much easier.

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