NV Exelon 3×50 night vision Device

Yukon Exelon 3×50 due to the large gain of the light 1,200 times perfectly suited for surveillance at night. Modern image intensifier TUBE CF-Super 1st generation allows you to define objects at a distance of 250 metres. Built-in IR-illuminator allows to increase the image quality for short distance and use night vision monocular even in the complete absence of natural light. High resolution 42 gr./mm in the centre and 32 gr./mm at the edges allows to obtain a contrast image. A wide lens with a diameter of 50 mm made according to scheme R-Contact provides clear equally as clear at the edges and in the center of the images.

Yukon Exelon 3×50 by applying to the case n special coating pleasant to the touch and lies in reliably even in wet hands. Also the coating has a cushioning effect, softening a small drop. Compact size and light weight allow you to bring the device into any journey. Wide operating temperature range from -30°C to + 40°C, making the device suitable for use in any weather conditions.

NV Exelon 3x50 Прибор ночного видения


  • CF-Super TUBE features the 1st generation.
  • High gain light.
  • Maximum detection range of 250 metres.
  • High resolution.
  • A wide lens with a diameter of 50 mm.
  • Technology R-Contact.
  • The shock-absorbing hull coating.
  • Wide operating temperature range.


  • Night vision device EXELON 3×50
  • Case
  • The manual
  • Napkin for cleaning of lenses
  • Warranty card
Model IITCF-Super
The gain of the light times≥ 1200
Visual magnification, x3
Lens diameter, mm50
The field of view, degrees13
The minimum focusing distance, m2.5
Detection range, m180
Limit refocus the eyepiece, diopter± 5
The average resolution in the center, strokes / mm40
Higher resolution on the edge, strokes / mm32
The voltage, V3V (CR123A)
Tripod mount, inch1/4 (2 sockets)
Class moisture protectionIPX4
Dimensions, mm198x87x60
Weight, kg≈ 0.5

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