Swarovski Z4i 1,25-4×24 L 4-I rifle scope optical

For a classic hunting paddock hunter need a reliable optic sight – like new Z4i 1,25-4×24. This model is particularly well suited for situations where you need quick reactions and a good review.

Swarovski Z4i 1,25-4x24 L 4-I прицел оптический


  • Very light weight compared to other scopes with a 4-fold increase
  • Durable aluminum body fully absorbs impact
  • If desired, comes complete with tyre (SR)


  • Clear reticle at the second level, provides the highest accuracy at all ranges
  • HigH gRid technology ensures a clearly distinguishable luminous point for an accurate shot
  • Rapid adjustment of the sight – in clicks


  • High light transmission — for accurate shooting, even in twilight
  • Checked optics delivers high contrast and optimal sharpness at the edges

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