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With this article I want to address the culture of the fishermen, the culture of the person and personality. It is no secret that you can often see gathered a company of hunters or fishermen went into the countryside, go fishing, ate, and left behind a dumpster that mother nature will have decades to work this stuff. But what is most sad, the most modern materials in the decomposition of toxic substances that negatively affect the environment. It turns out that some of the lovers of nature and destroy the nature.

Made shout out loud that businesses pollute the environment, violated the technology of cleaning agents, but somehow we do sometimes forget that each of us depends very much. Need to learn to respect yourself, to respect nature, to respect the purity of lakes and rivers. And then it will be fish in the river, but the beast in the woods.

Рыбалка, соблюдайте чистотуРыбалка, соблюдайте чистоту

Just recently I moved to the forest lake, where he successfully fished in the summer by Rotana. The goal is just to walk around and look at the lake, to assess the strength of the ice (as some days are light frosts), and just positive energy. I note that the lake is located next to suburban areas and in summer in the lake splashing kids and adults. By the way, on this lake I was caught rotan weighing 400 grams. there are instances in small lakes, there are. And what I saw on the lake?

Ice, of course, already appeared, but in the immediate vicinity of the lake formed a huge dump. Sad. Sad for life, for feelings, for indifference of others. Certainly, those who dumped the garbage, here. their children and grandchildren are taught differently, taught politeness and culture. But, it’s in the city. And in the forest where no one sees it “you can show your true colors”.

I looked at this “beauty” and it was so sad for the country, for the Motherland, for the man… And I thought, even from abandoned in the woods or on the river disturbed the ecology of wrapper that if there is 1000 people and throw the cigarette butt? It is globally.

First of all, we ourselves destroy “your house” nature. Think before you throw a bull before throwing it in the bushes a beer can or used to stash the trash. To live us, but that we will be surrounded by… — it depends only on us. All the best to You.

Рыбалка, соблюдайте чистотуРыбалка, соблюдайте чистоту

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