The bite of a Viper: deadly whether it is for a person or not?

The Viper is quite peaceful snake, rarely attacking man, and in case of danger. She usually tries to avoid human contact. She can often be seen in our forests. To provoke her aggression, you either have to grab her by the hands, or to step foot on it. This poisonous snake, whose bite, though not fatal, but quite painful. Very rare, but can develop complications after the bite. Let us consider in more detail what might be the consequences of the bite of a Viper.

Насколько опасен укус гадюки и что делать, если вас укусила змея?

The chances of survival

Viper inhabits a vast territory. It can be found in the thick grass, near water, in the woods, that is where there are rodents that feed the snake. Is it possible to die from a sting? It is possible, but this happens extremely rarely, because the strength of the poison they have is not designed for a person. It is adapted only under rodents.

The Viper bite is fatal to humans in the following cases:

  • in the presence of a severe allergic reaction to proteins is Viper venom;
  • if snake bitten in the neck artery, the head or neck, and the person has a hypersensitivity allergic reaction to the poison but not as strong as in the first case;
  • the provision of improper assistance by the bite.

The consequences of the bite

Укус гадюки вызывает поражение кровеносной системыThe action produced by the bite of poison is hemolytic in nature. Usually at the bite site swelling, accompanied by pain syndrome and multiple small hemorrhages. In addition, there is the risk of thrombosis and haemorrhage of internal organs.

In the damaged area appear two deep woundsleft by the teeth of a Viper. Blood they baked pretty quickly, which eliminates the likelihood of further bleeding. Surrounding the wound fabric a bluish tint, and they begin to swell. In the case where the snake has bitten in the arm, the patient after some time begins difficult to bend fingers due to swelling that can spread even to the elbow.

In addition, the effects of a Viper bite include:

  • chills;
  • the increase in body temperature;
  • nausea.

Sometimes to these symptoms is added the deterioration of the heart muscle, dizziness or vomiting. All of this is a result of a breach of the entire circulatory system. The victim can drop the pressure to develop internal bleeding, a person weakens, and sometimes loses consciousness. In more severe cases there are cramps, increased excitability. Unfortunately, such complications, the patient may die. The lethal outcome occurs within 30 minutes, although there have been cases when death has occurred a day later.

In our country you can only find the adder, whose bite is almost never fatal. Most often, the man returns to his former life after a few weeks.

First aid for the bite

What if the person bites the Viper? In this case you need to refer to the place where it happened, so how big is the probability that a kite can be somewhat. After that, the victim should be laid so that his head was located below the level of the pelvis, and the legs were lifted. It ensures normal blood circulation and reduces the likelihood of complications in the brain.

You need to carefully inspect the bitten place. If the snake bit through my clothes, then it should be removed, since the tissue may contain a large amount of venom. In that case, if the droplets of poison are near the wound, then wipe them carefully, otherwise they can get into the blood. It should be remembered that after the snake bite, you need to act very quickly, as it affects the patient’s life.

Важно действовать быстро и постараться удалить из ранки как можно больше ядаYou then firmly grasp hands the wound and put pressure on it to poison leaked out. Then you should try to uncover the wound and begin to actively suck out the venom by mouth, occasionally spitting it out. If not enough saliva in his mouth to get some water and to continue their actions. If everything is done correctly, then 15 minutes will be removed from the body of the affected half of the poison. Helping people should not fear the risk of infection, even if in its mouth there is a small abrasion or wound.

If the victim has no help, you have to try to self-suck out the poison.

If there is swelling, then the wound needs to process antiseptic solutions. Thus it is better not to use the green paint because she will not allow doctors to inspect the wound. The injured limb should be fixed. It is advisable to lay the victim on a stretcher and immobilize any movement enhances blood circulation and increased circulation of venom.

The wound impose a sterile bandage soaked in hydrogen peroxide. The victim should be allowed to drink as much water as possible, because the fluid helps to reduce the concentration of the poison. Before arrival of doctors need to monitor the state of a person by measuring his body temperature and pressure.

The help of doctors

Обязательно обратитесь к врачам, в их распоряжении имеются специальные сывороткиUsually doctors in snakebite used the drug Anticadutaspecially designed in order to neutralize the effect and withdraw all venom from the body. Improvements after the introduction of the serum come in a few hours. This time it is advisable to carry out under the supervision of a physician who will help you to find other effective means to treat the effects of the bite of a Viper.

Further treatment was carried out on the basis of available symptoms. The patient can be prescribed analgesic, antipyretic or anti-inflammatory drugs. Also, the doctor may prescribe medication, normalizing heart rhythm and blood clotting.

What not to do if bitten by a Viper?

In order not to hurt yourself and not to cause complications, you should know what not to do after a snake bite:

  • It is forbidden to cut the wound, because it is such actions can easily cause infection, damage the muscle, and cause severe bleeding. In severe cases the victim may even die, but not from the poison and loss of blood.
  • The wound should not be cauterized because it will not help to burn out the poison, but you can burn their muscles.
  • The wound is forbidden to water, various acids (sulphuric acid, caustic potash, etc.), as this can lead to dire consequences.
  • Not recommended too much to wrap the affected limb, because after the bite, it swells and a tight bandage will only worsen blood circulation.
  • Do not apply a bandage above the affected area, as it contributes to the development of gangrene and other complications, in which there is tissue death and occurs stagnation of blood.
  • It is forbidden to cut away the injured place painkillers and other drugs. In General, until the paramedics arrived, you cannot prick man no drugs.
  • You should not give the victim alcoholic beverages, because they are not the antidote, but only enhance the effect of the poison.

Prevention of the bite

Prevention of the bites of the Viper involves the following recommendations:

  • leaving on nature, you must be sure to wear high boots;
  • Одевайтесь в лес правильно и внимательно смотрите под ногиarriving at the place, you need to carefully inspect it for the presence of snakes;
  • the kids in the woods should hold hands and allow them to wander through the various thickets;
  • at the sight of a snake do not panic, but calmly get to a safe distance;
  • if a snake has taken an active position, you should slowly recede, and it is impossible to turn my back on her and put yourself ahead of the hands;
  • you should promptly destroy rodents in the buildings, as they attract snakes as food.

Thus, if human bite of the Viper, it is almost not fatal, but the victim should definitely consult a doctor. If he is negligent about this and won’t go to the clinic, you can develop severe complications such as kidney failure, and sometimes it can lead to death.

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