Cat snow Shu: the breed characteristics, care and maintenance

Cat breed snow Shu is very beautiful. In English the word “Snowshoe” means “snow Shoe”, the fact that the color of the feet they are always white.

But the breed is not always possible to predict what will be kittens. So it is sometimes difficult to meet the strict standards of the breed.

The history of the origin of the breed

Breed snow Shu appeared in the 1960-ies in the city of Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, USA). Dorothy Hinds-Doherty was involved in the breeding of Siamese cats, and was born the kittens snow Shu with white socks. The breeder paid attention to the interesting detail and began to experiment and cross Siamese cat different breeds. And the resulting pairing with the American shorthaired cat was a new breed. Dorothy named the breed snow Shu because all the kittens had white paws.

When the breeder brought the cats to the exhibition, there is a breed not recognized. At that time the breed became interested in other cats breeder Vikki Olander. She created the standards of the breed and in 1974, won her recognition in felinological organizations CFF and ACA . And in 1983 the breed snow Shu received championship status.

Cat breed snow Shu average weight, males weigh slightly more than females. The average weight of cats around 4 kg, but sometimes can reach and 6 kg.

According to the organization’s standards TICA breed snow Shu has the following characteristics:

  • The eyes are blue, but any shade of blue, oval-elongated shape, angles directed laterally ears;
  • Nose with a small hump and a smooth curve in the bridge of the nose;
  • Ears proportional size, the tips are slightly rounded;
  • The head is shaped like a triangle or wedge, with a delicate shape and high cheekbones;
  • The body mobile and strong, proportionate form;
  • Sports long legs, relative to body size proportional;
  • Normal length tail, the tip is more narrow;
  • The smooth coat is short or medium length.

Color they like the typical Siamese cats (sailpoint, bluepoint, tortoiseshell) with the main feature of the breed – white paws. On the head, shoulders and hips have dark pigmentation, that’s why they are called Panda-cats. But kittens are born white, and color is formed to 2 years. Paw pads and nose they can be pink, spotted or matching to the base color.

When breeding snow Shu, you need to understand that not all kittens are in accordance with the standards of the breed. Two to three kittens, usually do not meet the specified parameters.

Cats are very attached to their owner, and really miss when he’s not home. Upon return of the owner, pet happily greeted and meows plaintively. Cannot stand alone, and are always drawn closer to the master, but clingy, not exactly. So the cat doesn’t get bored, you can have another pet, these cats are friendly and would be happy to play along.

Not vindictive and do not hoard resentment, have a balanced character. Relate well to adults and children. You can call them sociable and playful, and gentle and unobtrusive. I love to bring a toy to the owner that he played with your pet, threw him a toy. These cats will create a home atmosphere of coziness, warmth and good mood.

Snow Shu big fans to climb higher and top watch. They will check everything in the house high places can get.

If the cat will hear the sound of water, be sure to come to the source. Most members of this breed love water treatments. And if you organize it a bath with his toys, the cat will be there for her.

Have high cat intelligence, they are curious and smart. For example, you can hide things that the owners then it is not easy to find them. That cat is not fond of theft, better to buy his own toys. And their intelligence allows them to easily cope with any locks that the master installs in the restricted area for cats. But curiosity drives them.

Features maintenance and care for these cats for a bit. You need to comb their hair at least one to two times a week. This procedure will bring great pleasure to pet, as well as clear coat. Feeling the love and care of the owner, the cat snow Shu will thank in response to their sincere affection and caress.

It is recommended to take care of the health of the teeth, since these cats have a predisposition to periodontitis. You can go to the vet for a dental cleaning that is needed once a month. Or brush his teeth. And choose a balanced diet, which will all the necessary vitamins and minerals.

Snow Shoe holders good health and good immunity. The life expectancy of this breed is approximately 12 years, the figures range from 9 to 19 years.

Food cats the same as for others. In the diet they must have meat, fish. An exception may be only the meat of pigs, it is bad for any cats however, some cats refuse to eat it. And also not to lean on ready to feed. If this still is a need, food need to buy a special. For example, for castrated or sterilized, pregnant, elderly or very young kittens. There is also a need to diversify dry and wet food, so as not to spoil the digestion. In any case, it is impossible to completely transfer the animal some food.

When feeding cats only natural products, the diet must contain the following ingredients:

  • Fermented milk products such as kefir, yogurt, fermented baked milk. But eliminating the sour cream and cream.
  • Vegetables and fruits in raw or cooked;
  • In main course it is recommended to add cereal raw;
  • Egg yolk can be mixed with milk;
  • It is recommended to have germinated oats or wheat. Buy ready-made weed in the pet store and sow on their own. Cats chew grass when they need to clean the stomach from wool.
  • Fresh meat and fish only boiled;
  • Vitamins for cats (be sure to observe the dose)
  • Fresh water. You need to ensure that the water in the bowl was clean and fresh, frequently change it. Drinking is one of the important elements of a food of cats.

Feeding kittens has its own characteristics. Until kittens snow Shu eat small portions,but food should be often given. Gradually increase the portions and frequency of feedings decrease. Closer to the year feed your kitten once a day, but the portion should correspond to a daily consumption.

Balanced and proper nutrition – the guarantee of health, vitality and longevity of a pet. Responsible for feeding and caring for the animal is on its owner.

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