Characteristics of breeds of cats Maine Coon

One of the most massive and overall the members of the order of the cat, the cat with long fluffy fur and unique appearance – it’s all about Maine coons.

Because of the specific appearance unusual about this species is composed of many legends. Let’s see you in the history of the appearance of these animals, their physical characteristics and nature of thoroughbred beauties.

You probably have many questions:

  • How to feed a Maine Coon cat?
  • How to properly care?
  • Where can I buy this miracle and many will have to pay?

All of the questions you will find the answer in this article.

The contents

  1. The story of the Maine Coon breed.
  2. Description of the breed Maine Coon.
  3. What are the colors of the cats Maine Coon?
  4. What character from cat breeds Maine Coon?
  5. Features care.
  6. What to feed and how to feed?
  7. How much and where to buy?
The story of the breed Maine Coon

America is the historical homeland of the cats Maine Coon. Their name came from the North American state of Maine. Coon – in English means raccoon. Really, these animals have some resemblance to fur-bearing animals.

The first cat of this breed appeared in 1861 and was presented at a cat show in the city of new York.

Farmers appreciated the hunting abilities of these animals, so the breed has survived and has gained immense popularity around the world. In honor of Maine coons in the UK on the same island even was released on a nominal gold coin with their image.

On our Russian land paw of an animal of this breed stepped not so long ago – in 1992.

Legends about the appearance

  • Rumor has it that the breed originated from the sincere and tender romantic feelings between a cat and a raccoon. Therefore, the Maine Coon is a furry striped tail. But it’s just a myth, because genetically impossible to breed a female cat and fur animals.
  • And there is a legend about the mating of a cat and lynx. Such rumors went from the typical brushes that are present on the tips of the ears purebred cats, so people made such inferences.
  • A very interesting legend about the French Queen and her cats. When Marie-Antoinette of Austria has decided to flee to America, she brought a tailed comrades. The Queen had expected the massacre, but her cats reached land in North America and as a result of mating with local breeds get a Maine Coon.
  • Another popular legend assures us about the origin of fluffy beauties from the Norwegian forest cats. Supposedly the Vikings, traveling across the expanses of America, contributed to the crossing of long-haired and wild cats.

But the legends remain legends in the minds of the people, and we all know that the breed was naturally subsequently gene mutations.

Association of lovers of the cat family revered this breed, it is in the top three in their rankings. Ahead of Maine Coon Persian and Exotic breed.

This is the most massive representative of all existing types of domestic cats.

Fully developed animals reach after 4 years of age, while others become Mature at two years. The average weight of a cat varies from 4 to 6 kg, and the cat 7-9 kg. As well as in the world there are unique specimens weighing more than 20 kg.

Cats are capable of surviving even in the most adverse climatic conditions. This is facilitated by their considerable size and thick warm fur.

Characteristic of the breed:

  • Head. Slightly elongated, not wide like other cat breeds, and in length. This is one of the unique features of Maine coons.
  • Ears. Large ears are triangular in shape with the so-called lynx tassels on the ends – the card of the cat breed.
  • Eyes. Expressive eyes have a round shape with a wide fit. There should be harmony between the color of the iris and the color of the animal.
  • Mustache. Long whiskers, up to 16 cm
  • Body. Powerful weighty body of considerable dimensions with a large muscle mass.
  • Tail. These individuals elegant, long and very fluffy tail.
  • Wool. Thick wool with rich thick undercoat.

Interesting fact! For kittens of Maine coons share one genetic anomaly – they can be born with legs, on which 7 or more fingers. This birth defect is called polydactyly. It’s very touching breeders, though not recognized by the standards.

Identify this breed easily enough outstanding features: brushes on ears, thick coat, long tail, and the letter “M” on his forehead, which are bordered by dark hair. So choose the individual purebred Maine Coon easy enough.

Colors of cats Maine Coon

Colors fluffy beauties there are thousands, but the genetic colors – only two (black and red). According to the official standards are not recognized lilac and dark brown in color.

Kinds of colors:

  • The most common color is fawn-red (classic version).
  • Tabi is also considered a classic of color (speckled, striped or classic marble).
  • Solid colors (animal has a uniform solid color). There are white, peach, red, blue.
  • Color: tuxedo (black with white). Cats with this coloration are incredibly beautiful.
  • Cats with smoky wool coat. These representatives attract the views of others. Their fur shimmers in the light with all the colors of the rainbow. Is black, silver and red smoke.
  • Color type turtles (patches) finds its fans (people is called multi-colored). Kittens of this coloration are born very rarely.
  • The representatives have a very striking tri-color coat – color calico (or tortoiseshell with white).

Iris animals should be closely combined with the color. Most often they are green or bright yellow. Very rare to find a cat with sky-blue eyes, but she did welcome all breeders, because the kittens with the color of the iris is gorgeous.

The nature of cats Maine Coon

These felines are very similar to dogs they are very loyal to their owners and are not inferior in mental endowments, even the most intellectually developed dog.

You will be very easy to train your pet, since Maine coons have a good memory.

These cats are very active and playful, so if you are the owner of a small apartment, you will be hard to get along with this giant. Remain mobile throughout their life. And its duration is up to 20 years, which is unusual for cats.

Despite its huge size and massive body, the cats are very friendly and people-oriented. For them there is only one owner. Happy to play active games with children.

Cats are very affectionate and unpretentious, but at the same time, human attention crave like air. I love to contemplate the beautiful, a passion for music and cinema. If you are a writer, the Maine Coon will inspire you to create bestsellers, if the photographer is the main object your shooting will be your beauty, which you pedigree.

Representatives of this breed are very comical and unusual, so you will not be bored. You provided a good mood, and it is known, prolongs life.

Standard meow hardly be called a conversation of your pet. It’s more like the chirping of birds, her voice mellifluous.

If you decide to get such a companion, then forget about stealing the table and the other troubles that are typical of normal cats. The Maine Coon is the proud creation and will never allow myself not to steal a piece of meat, even if it is “bad”.

First of all it is the hunters, so the natural instincts inherent in them still. Very well, if you live in your house and have a smallholding that was your favorite place to roam.

Despite its daunting size, this breed is not dangerous and cannot hurt people. Cat never released just so their claws on people.

Particular care

The real pride of this animal and his owner is a gorgeous coat lustrous, soft and thick fur, so it requires appropriate care.

The Maine Coon cats love the water, it attracts them like a magnet. Animals can spend hours watching the drops dripping from the faucet, or when you wash the dishes they will sit down and will closely observe what is happening. Give joy to your pet – bathe him often.

So, the basic steps of care:

  1. Check the condition of the animal. Carefully visivite cat, especially during the moulting period.
  2. Bathe your pet regularly.
  3. Organize a varied and quality diet for your pet. Feed it only quality products. How and what to feed, we will explain later.
  4. Trim the claws a bitif the need arises. Be sure to purchase a scratching post so your furniture won’t suffer from the clutches of your beauty.
  5. Check the condition of the ears. They should be in pink color.
  6. Regularly go to the vet for preventive purposes. It is better to prevent disease than to treat it.
  7. Foster high-quality animal vaccines (preferably foreign). The most common mistake is that Pets don’t need vaccinations.

As you can see, the rules of care for these receptable beings are no different from caring for any pet. So you don’t have to learn some new skills to fully take care of fluffy beauty.

What to feed and how to feed

Nutrition Maine Coon will require considerable financial expenses. If you value the health of your cat – will have to pay. After all, the animal’s diet should be balanced and of high quality.

The diet your cat must be present:

  • Meat low-fat varieties.
  • Boiled sea fish and seafood (e.g., shrimp).
  • Dairy products (kefir, yoghurt, cottage cheese).
  • Vegetables.
  • Cereals.
  • Vitamin-mineral complexes.

Food for your cat salting and peppering absolutely not!

What should be the diet of the animal

  1. Raw fish.
  2. Raw meat.
  3. Meat fat varieties of sausage.
  4. Smoked.
  5. Canned.
  6. Sweets.

If you decide to feed the animal food, eliminate natural products. Food is not recommended to mix with natural food. You need to stick to feeding food all my life. This will ensure the good health of your pet for years to come.

Give preference to only feed for cats of super premium class and if the financial resources allow, feed grade holistic (the best cat food, the composition is identical to natural food). The latter will tell a little more detail.

Such food the breeders fed their most elite and pedigreed Pets to participate in exhibitions and exhibition show. He created what is called “professionals for professionals”. The quality is excellent and still has not invented anything better for animal feed. Perfectly balanced composition and does not cause allergies (an allergic reaction is a typical phenomenon for conventional feed). In holistica does not contain fragrances and dyes, so your kid can twist a nose and turn away from the dish. However do not be discouraged, it will certainly try food when very hungry, so we just have to wait for. Once you have a taste your cat will love it with all my heart.

Usually the feed specified dosage for your animal (about 50 grams per 3 kg of body weight). Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Praveline nutrition plays a key role, so don’t ignore our advice, because the only way to ensure the healthy and the longest life of your pet.

How much and where to buy

This question is very relevant. Just want to warn you that pedigreed kittens are not cheap, so consider this fact when buying.

The price of a Maine Coon will be much different in Russia and abroad. The cost varies from 25 to 150 thousand rubles.

First of all, the price of these receptable depends on the color. The more unique the color, the higher the cost of the kitten.

As well as the key role played by the class:

  • show (exhibition class);
  • breed (cats for breeding, tribal class);
  • pet (domestic cats).

Kittens show-class are fabulous money (like a new car), they are perfect and have no flaws. Suitable for all exhibitions and for breeding.

A little lower valued cats breed-class, i.e. which are not suitable for the exhibition, and may be used only for breeding purposes. They meet all the official breed standards and also have no disadvantages.

The cheapest are animal pet-class that is for home use. Usually they have minor defects, which do not allow them to conform to breed standards. Typically, these kittens are sterilized, i.e., they can’t produce offspring.

Buy kittens need in nurseries, from professional breeders carefully examined and studied before purchasing.

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