Food for cats and kittens Farmina N&D

Farmina company was founded in 1965, but then it was called differently, namely “Russo Feed”. “Russo Feed” engaged in the production of forage for domestic livestock and poultry.

The son of the company founder, Angelo Russo, in a root changed the vector of development of the enterprise. He began working with Farmina Pet Foods. This company was engaged in the study of the needs of Pets in food and creating recipes feed. “Russo Feed” has teamed up with Farmina Pet Foods and engaged in the production of food for Pets. And so was born Farmina food for cats.

Today Farmina Pet Foods is engaged in the production and development of pet food. In the company’s activities involved the Italian Association of veterinarians and Veterinary University Federico. With them Farmina scientists engaged in research in nutrition of Pets and recipes. Their results are published in renowned scientific journals.

Thanks to modern technology, Farmina has been producing quality food for cats. With its motto “a Happy pet. Lucky you.” Farmina appeared on the Russian market in 2012 and for a short time and was able to win the favor of Pets and their owners.

Farmina products for cats

Farmina company produces a huge range of different cat food. The products of the Farmina offers both commercial and professional diets for animals.

Professional diets could arouse the interest of veterinarians. The feed is designed for cats suffering from various diseases or problems with internal organs. Professional range diet nutrition animal Vet Life offers consumers a twelve kinds of special food for their Pets. Feed this series helps cats to better endure sickness and diseases, improve functioning of organs, with which the animal have problems.

For each affected organ has its own specially designed feed:

  • Cardiac – problems with heart, heart failure;
  • Hepatic – liver;
  • Struvite – kidney stones;
  • Renak – the kidneys;
  • Hairball specifically for neutered and sterilised cats helps to eliminate swallowed hair.

These feeds should be purchased only at the recommendation of veterinary doctor.

Line Team Breeder

Company Farmina also took care of the owners of large nurseries. They were shown the lineup of Team Breeder. Feed Team Breeder are available in large packs of ten pounds in fourteen different taste variations. Breeders that use these rations for feeding their charges, very happy with the quality of the products. On the Internet you can find a large number of accolades from this category of consumers.

Diets Natural & Delicious (N&D)

For regular customers there is a four line feed Farmina. These rations differ in price and composition. They are buyers of different classes with different incomes.

Natural & Delicious (N&D) – is the ration with low content of cereals. Leaf yellow indicates that the composition of the diet of a very small percentage of grain. If the packaging shows a green leaf in front of you food does not contain grains at all.

Company Farmina says in the lines betternow diets instead of cereals used the potatoes and the contents of meat products is not less than 70%.

Offers this food for kittens and adult cats in four taste variations:

  • chicken with pomegranate;
  • fish with orange;
  • wild boar meat with apples;
  • lamb with blueberries.

You can buy this food in veterinary pharmacies and stores mass-market in packs of three hundred grams, half a kilogram or five or ten kilos.

In Natural & Delicious (N&D) with a low content of cereals no corn, but added spelt and oats. These supplements are considered to be acceptable in the diet of cats. Spelt is wild wheat, compared with its cultivated relative, she has a number of advantages and is more useful for animals.

N&D offers three taste solutions for your Pets:

  • chicken and pomegranate;
  • cod and orange;
  • lamb with blueberries.

Also in the line of N&D has a feed specifically created for spayed and neutered cats. It exists only with the taste of the chicken with pomegranate. Buy a lunch in packs of three ounces and a half, five and ten pounds.

Rations CIMiAO Delicious

The CIMiAO line diets offers the feed of super premium class for cats of all ages. CIMiAO translates to “delicious.” The manufacturer claims that this product is perfect for feeding Mature cats and cats with sensitive or troubled digestive system.

Feed this line in their composition contain various vitamins and minerals, chicken, rice and corn. When creating CIMiAO Delicious used dehydrated fish and eggs, but not so much compared to the previous five ingredients.

CIMiAO Delicious in the feed also contains vegetable oil and flax seeds. They are considered a good source of omega 3.

To facilitate the digestion of cats in the diet added sugar beet pulp and pea fiber. Fiber contained in these supplements, and prebiotics in the composition of the feed, in fact, beneficial for the digestive system and the body of a cat in General.

Feed CIMiAO Delicious offer buyers a range of ten different diets, which are divided into diet for cats depending on age and individual nutritional needs.

Feed this line put up in packages of 400 grams, 2 and 15 pounds. Available in veterinary and conventional stores.

The range of diets Matisse

All the previous rulers of the rations are presented only in the form of dry cat food from Farmina. Matisse offers buyers not only five types of dry rations, but also an extensive list of wet cat food.

Dry feed Matisse focused on the feeding of kittens and adult cats.

Their range is quite extensive, Matisse offers diets for animals in various taste solutions:

  • tuna and salmon;
  • chicken and Turkey;
  • the chicken and rice.

Also in the range of Matisse there are special feeds to supply the sterilized and castrated cats.

Wet food Matisse have the consistency of a mousse and are Packed in a small iron 85g jars. Buyers are offered a large choice of taste solutions:

  • veal;
  • cod;
  • sardines;
  • lamb;
  • salmon;
  • chicken;
  • rabbit;
  • beef.

If the mousse won’t have your dog, wet food Matisse can be purchased in the form of pate or chunks in gravy and cans of 400 grams.

Pate presented only in four flavors:

  • salmon;
  • rabbit;
  • veal;
  • Turkey.

Chunks in gravy is also offered only four taste solutions for your pet:

  • beef;
  • chicken;
  • chicken plus beef;
  • Turkey with vegetables and beef.
Feed line Farmina Fun Cat

The range of diets Farmina Fun Cat is a dry food for cats, is represented only in two flavour variations: meat and fish. Farmina Fun Cat food with the lowest price of all the product lines offered by the company Farmina, it refers to the food economy. Sold in packs of two kilograms and four hundred grams in large packs of twenty pounds.

Analysis food for cats Farmina

For analysis of the company’s products Farmina as a subject of research for cat food Farmina Natural & Delicious (N&D) with chicken flavor and pomegranate – bessonovoj. This product is the most popular of all the product lines offered by the manufacturer.

According to information provided by the company Farmina, rations N&D is designed for feeding adult cats based on the needs of the organism, a small home of a predator.

On the official website Farmina contains information about the composition of these products.

Based on information provided by the manufacturer of the product, you can see the contents of important elements in feed N&D:

  • proteins 44%, this figure is above average, but is included within the allowable;
  • fats and oils – 20%, a fairly high figure, but the composition of such a fat and oil optimal;
  • fiber, unfortunately, is low – just 1.8%;
  • the ash content of 8.5%, a good indicator;
  • carbs – 19%, an excellent result.

After reviewing the composition, you notice that the content of essential elements is well thought out, but I would like to see more fiber. But still, not to mention what the nutrient content is perfect for active Pets who love to play and rarely sit still.

Farmina also claims that the feed line Natural & Delicious contains only 30% fruit and vegetables. And the remaining 70% of products of animal origin, namely meat, poultry and fish.

The products Farmina Natural & Delicious consists of 28 items. Nine of them are various herbs and supplements.

The basis of the product are the first five ingredients on the list, they define the basic composition and quality of feed:

  • fresh chicken meat without bones – 30%;
  • digidratirovannogo chicken – 28%;
  • potatoes;
  • chicken fat;
  • dehydrated whole eggs.
The advantages and disadvantages of feed Farmina


  • large meat content;
  • high quality products;
  • useful vitamin and mineral supplements;
  • complete absence or low content of cereals (depending on range selected).


  • Low fiber.

Despite the fact that in the Russian market of food for animals Farmina appeared relatively recently and for many consumers it is still a novelty, have data feeds already have fans. Namely, the grateful cat owners, who for a long time could not find a suitable diet for their Pets.

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