How to remove a tick from a cat not to harm the pet?

With the beginning of spring there is often a tendency of increase of activity of ticks. Even if your pet lives in the apartment, still remains the possibility that he may be attacked by such a parasite, like a tick.

It can bring on the clothes or shoes, not even knowing it. There is no doubt that animals, who are fond of on the street to climb in the bushes or tall grass, have a much greater risk of catching a tick. In this regard, is brewing a very important question: how to remove a tick from a cat?

To begin to understand who this mite. It is a small animal similar to a small spider, which bites the skin and feeds on blood. By the way, stick not only to animals but to man. The bite of this parasite can be transmitted not one infectious disease. Cats and dogs are the easiest prey for them. After walking with a pet on the street, it is useful to check if there are uninvited “freeloaders”. If it happened that the animal still brought myself to the parasite, do not despair, you can always try to remove at home. Below we will try to answer the question: how to remove a tick from a cat?

Removal rules:

Do not forget that the tick is a carrier of infectious diseases and may cause harm not only the animal, but man.

Therefore, to the removal of the parasite was most safe for you and the cat, you must observe a few simple rules:

  • First, forcing a small parasite, in any case can not squeeze the body. Otherwise it will be to annoy him, and he will have more to inject its fluid with a large number of bacteria in the pet’s body that could seriously aggravate the situation. Encephalitis is one of the most dangerous infections you can get from a cat the tick.
  • Secondly, it is necessary to remember about your safety, therefore, to deal with the removal, you need rubber gloves, because bacteria can get into the human body, even through intact skin.
  • Thirdly, removing the tick from cat to try not to tear the torso of the parasite from the head. Otherwise the head remaining under the skin will continue to continue to spread the infection, starting the inflammatory process.
Instruction on how to properly remove a tick from a cat:

To safely removing a tick from a cat, as mentioned above, unforgettable to wear rubber gloves before you begin such a laborious operation. Next, you need to arm themselves with the most suitable tool. Usually this task handles pretty good with a lasso (with a loop at the end) or something similar. If there is no such tool – not a reason to despair, you can use regular tweezers, thin fishing line or thread.

It is not necessary to listen to the stories that you can just lubricate the tick with oil or alcohol, cutting him thereby oxygen, and it will come out itself after 20 minutes. These substances, on the contrary, act on the parasite, as the stimuli that serves only to exacerbate the situation, as mentioned above.

Picking up fishing line or other tool that you are going to remove a tick from a cat. Carefully wrap it around the neck of the parasite, while not touching the windings of his torso. You should try not to detach the trunk from the head, and not crush it with your fingers because the contents of the most dangerous. If accidentally crushed, it is necessary carefully to clean up and wipe with alcohol. Then a slow motion rocking him until, until you feel the resistance weakening. Then you can try to pull the tick a bit while rotating it in the clockwise direction and against it. These steps optionally can be performed by tweezers.

Removing the intruder from the body of the cat. The wound has to be treated with alcohol or other suitable means.

Extracted parasite should not be allowed to travel across the expanses of the sewers, as it 100% will survive and again someone will stick, it is best to burn.

First, after removing the pest, it is necessary to observe the cat for two to three weeks. Until the incubation period disseminated infections. If the behavior of the pet will change in any way or cause any unwarranted suspicions, it is useful to visit the veterinary clinic and show an animal specialist.

Sometimes it happens that after a bite on the body of the cat are small bald patches or scars. It is as a consequence derived from pathogenic saliva of the parasite. To protect your Pets from unwanted cuts during the season of activity of parasites by bathing the animal to use special shampoos with protection from ticks. In addition, in pet stores in a wide range sold drops that you simply put on the withers of the cat.

How to remove a tick from a kitten?

Mites in kittens are removed in the same way as in an adult animal. However, this situation will need the assistance of another person. Because the kitten is not an adult animal, and really understands what you want from it. He will not sit quietly and wait until you get the offender.

  • After walking outside with a pet, examine it for the presence of intruders
  • Removing the pest, use rubber gloves to protect yourself from dangerous infections
  • Be careful not to make hasty movements, so as not to harm the animal
  • In season the activity of parasites, use protective drops and shampoos

Now, perhaps, you know the basic rules and methods how to remove a tick from cat safe both for her and for yourself.

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