How to treat acne in cats at home

Skin disease exist not only in humans but also in animals. One disease called acne appears in cats of different breeds on the chin. Than is characterized?

The main reason of occurrence of inflammatory processes in the sebaceous glands, so treatment cannot be delayed. The discomfort that brings this disease influences the emotional functioning of the animal.

The main causes of disease in cats

Is difficult to say which causes inflammation of the skin of the animal. Therefore, it is essential to correctly detect the pet’s location to the acne. The place where it manifests itself, will tell you the cause of the disease. Basically animals have black spots appear in the area of lips and chin.

Veterinary officers are the following causes of disease:

  1. The low stress resistance of the animal. Then change the situation, for example, very often fails in the vital activity of the sebaceous glands.
  2. The lack of hygiene, poor cleaning of the chin of the animal.
  3. Standard change in the sebaceous glands and in hair follicles of the cat.
  4. Quite a weakened immune system of the animal. Acne tends to occur in moments when the body loses all defenses.
  5. If for food uses low quality plastic ware.

These are only a few main causes of acne in Pets, which can lead to tragic consequences. The basic requirement imposed on the owner – carefully monitor your animal.

How to identify acne in cats

Some types of cats have chronic disease of the skin. In the treatment of pathologies in animals can completely eradicate the possibility of a secondary infection, which can aggravate the condition of the animal.

There are numerous symptoms by which you can easily detect the cat has some deviations. If you discover them early, that is the time to heal a pet without consequences for his health.

You should pay attention:

  1. Overflow with blood vessels on the skin.
  2. Acne with a white or black surface of the small size.
  3. A gradual increase in size of eels and their growth on the surface of the cat.
  4. Noticeable swelling near the lips.
  5. Bright inflammation and ulcers of the nodes in the follicles.
  6. Painful itching.
  7. Partial baldness cat.

Last symptoms indicate an advanced stage of acne. Pet is trying to relieve itching, a long time combing the wound, leading to discomfort and bloody crust. Those follicles that have become damaged can’t produce dander, so a cat is starting to go bald.

What are diseases of the skin, similar to acne in cats

Before starting treatment, it is necessary to accurately determine the disease in a pet. The correct diagnosis will only say a specialist vet after a thorough checkup at the clinic. What animal appears on the face, can give not only acne but also other skin diseases. Symptoms of many diseases coincides, it is recommended not to do hasty conclusions.

The most similar in symptoms causes:

  • allergies;
  • dermatophytoses condition;
  • scabies;
  • eosinophilic granuloma of the group;
  • inflammatory response.

In order to fully exclude or confirm a fungal or parasitic group of skin lesions should be sokobone study. It is recommended not to do hasty conclusions and to diagnose based only on symptoms. For accurate diagnosis requires laboratory data.

Step-by-step treatment

Acne treatment in cats at home is pretty easy. Basic requirements – hygiene and sterilize the place with a sick skin. This will help to reduce the risk of new generations of disease. Any treatment must be confirmed with the vet, as the animal’s condition may worsen if the wrong diagnosis.

But if you are fully sure that the pet gets uncomfortable because of black dots and acne, to conduct a series of actions in order to avoid growing problems:

  1. We recommend that you regularly wash pet shampoo to the affected region carefully and carefully.
  2. Before the procedure, you should neutralize the spot with hydrogen peroxide with 3% concentration.
  3. If the animal has long hair, you must shave off the hair in the affected area.
  4. Drugs that should be applied to the parcel should dissolve the keratinized part of the skin.
  5. The use of antibiotics for the treatment of acne in cats occurs only in advanced cases, when the black dots on his chin began to grow.

Home treatment always should be done carefully and with sterile things. Furry Pets will try to escape from the hands, not succumbing to your intervention.

Whether or not to self-medicate

Many owners use the lotions and scrubs in order to relieve painful itching from a pet. The use of such medicines may lead to deterioration of health. The black dots on the chin have to cure the only proven means. Home treatment can cause allergic acne.

Treatment should lead a knowledgeable person is a veterinarian. The first signs of acne in cats manifest themselves noticeably, after their discovery, it is recommended to visit a specialist. He will competently conduct the laboratory studies, diagnose and prescribe treatment, which must be followed. Any changes must be agreed upon.

Only the size of the rash can determine the degree of complications of the disease. When acne in cats at a minimum stage is assigned to a local treatment of the animal, but if the affected skin has reached large-scale dimensions – applies a complex series of actions.

When treatment by a specialist or at home should:

  • avoid squeezing existing dark spots and acne;
  • to correct the proper nutrition your pet to the exclusion of all probable allergic sources that serve as stimuli;
  • treatment is carried out until complete recovery cat.

It is important to remember principles of treatment – not abuse “folk” means. Pet needs to undergo laboratory tests in order to be sure to know the diagnosis. Based on the diagnosis, cure cat would be easier.

Effective means of rashes in Pets

Before starting a home treatment of acne in cats is necessary to determine the list of necessary medicines. The best treatment method will be medicinal shampoos with coal-tar soap. Such solutions are able to provide maximal antiseptic and protivoavarijnye effect. Should regularly apply the mask. Calendula tincture is dipped in a gauze bandage will reduce within a few days the prosperity of the disease.

Drug for the treatment of acne in cats on the basis of Furatsilina is Percutane. A similar recipe can be purchased at any veterinary pharmacy. The main requirement is unacceptable eye contact.

When there is a secondary focus of infection occurs, with bloody crust and ulcer, antibiotics are used. For the early recovery of the skin will help the drugs with vitamins A and retinolacetate medication.

Use the products at home to treat only need the specialist appointment. You need to eliminate all fatty food, replacing them with vitamin supplements.

Folk wisdom in the treatment of acne

Traditional medicine is always popular among proponents of natural healing.

Here are some recipes:

  1. Two tablets furatsilina rubbed with three tablespoons of chamomile decoction. Solution store in a cool place. Lubricate the black spots on chin cat 6-7 times a day.
  2. To treat problem cats can have fresh juice of pumpkin, wiping several times a day affected area.
  3. A few tablespoons mixed with dry grass and boil in one liter of water. Lotions are made 4-5 times a day.

For various reasons, may manifest acne in cats chin. How to treat this disease is prompt effective means. Guideline – it is not recommended to make lotions more often than 10 times in one day. Overdry the skin of the muzzle of a pet impossible.

Acne and blackheads can occur at any age in cats despite breed, sex or weight. Among domestic animals the disease is spread.

Treatment this kind of disease is not so difficult. Basic rules – not to self-medicate, to comply with key requirements of hygiene of the cat and her nutrition must be rational.

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