How to treat pyometra in cats and what are the symptoms of occurrence

The cat is loved by the whole family, and there are situations when it is necessary not only grooming, but also to treat various diseases. One of the most common diseases in home pet is a pyometra.

Pyometra is a very dangerous suppurative disease in cats that develops in the shortest time and at the slightest delay it may die. If earlier it was believed that the disease appears only in nulliparous cats or old, not so long ago, it turned out, this may occur in any cats that were not sterilized.

Causes of pyometra

Of course, simply because the disease can not appear, then, were the reasons that caused the disease.

Here are the most common:

  1. Hormonal disturbance. And this provokes the host, thus increasing the chances of the occurrence of pyometra, by entering into the womb of germs:
  • The use of hormonal remedies, such as antisex etc.
  • A bunch of cats who have the disease.
  1. Violation of the rules of hygiene during estrus and birth, with the use of cesarean section.
  2. Diseases affecting the uterus.
  3. Diseases, including the various invasions that directly affect the uterus of a cat.

As well, doctors have identified the main cause of inflammation of the uterus in cats is a violation of proper nutrition and a very weakened immune system, and little physical activity or its complete absence. And also, one of the factors in the development of inflammation is the unlimited usage of medical preparations for sterilization, which promotes the great development of the secret, which subsequently accumulates in the uterus, it gradually leads to fermentation and the uterus increases in size. But about all under the order.

Pyometra in cats symptoms

Usually owners notice the signs of pyometra, when the cat is already several months in heat. Then in the uterus formed a rather large number of microbes which multiply in a supportive environment leads to the release of pus. The disease can be divided into several types. The first is when the pus is abundant, the leaves, and the cat licked very often, and after she rested on the resting place, you notice wet spots.

Another form of the disease is when the pus can’t come out of the uterus and accumulates there, while the condition of the home pet is very quickly deteriorating and very the signs:

  1. Very much enlarged belly while tight and sore.
  2. Allocation, sometimes even their absence.
  3. fever, sometimes vomiting;
  4. Cat wants to drink, and no appetite, causing you to quickly lose weight.
  5. Often goes to the toilet, it is very hard walking is almost not moving.
  6. Does not respond to the host.

To diagnose the disease is possible only by conducting ultrasound of the uterus. If the animal is really sick, the pictures in the region of the uterus will be visible to the nodes, and the uterine cavity filled with fluid, and inflammation of the uterus in cats.

Treatment of pyometra

Treatment in cats will depend on what type of disease to an open or closed form. If the form is open, everything is purulent accumulations come out of the uterus, and when closed, medical intervention is required.

Many holders did not even want to hear about the medication, but in most cases this option only is the only salvation as home pet.

When the doctor does the surgery, he completely removes the uterus, which is the source of the disease, the pus and both ovaries. Usually, if the condition of the cat was stable, the operation is successful.

Medical intervention is the removal of pus from the uterus by the introduction of hormonal medications, and antibiotics. Usually recover about 20% of Pets, but 8 of them will be unable to continue to bear offspring, and therefore the experts recommend to do a full sterilization that this disease is not bothered darling.

The most popular drug is the Prostaglandin. It helps the uterus to open up to all the purulent masses which it contains, came out. But they can be used only under medical supervision, since the reaction can be very unexpected.

If the cat was prescribed hormonal drug for the treatment, then it is necessary to go to the vet, who will check it and rule out the suspected disease as hormonal increases the likelihood of disease.

Treatment of folk remedies

It should be noted immediately that to cure the cat will not work, as it is just one of the measures support the body’s darling after medical or surgical intervention.

Herbal teas can help relieve pain and inflammation and also help to repair damaged tissue. Usually use calendula and chamomile, and nettle.

How to prevent occurrence of pyometra in cats?

For starters, you should know that if the cat has no value, it is necessary to conduct sterilization. And you must also attend an ultrasound at least once a year. You can’t use the hormones without much need. If kitty is very popular, when visiting the exhibitions she should not be in heat. Before cat knit need to know how clean cat, and be confident that it will not infect your favourite. With a slight manifestation of oestrus is not scheduled, you need to take kitty to the vet.


In order to prevent pyometra need to sterilize the cats. The same option is offered and those who have broken the functionality of the ovaries or has a chronic disease and pregnancy quite undesirable.

In order to cure pyometra surgical intervention is necessary, and therefore it is not necessary to wait for the moment when the cat will not be saved.

Doctors have this disease is considered as a very complex process that is very difficult the full treatment.

Sometimes the cat can die, while not showing obvious signs of disease, as is often purulent accumulation appear very quickly within a few days and dilate the uterine wall and is under strong pressure they break and all the pus flows into the abdomen and causes death of the pet.

You must carefully observe the status of the beloved cat and at the first signs of the disease, no matter what, you should immediately go to the vet, it will help to save the pet on time.

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