How to wean cat shit in the wrong place easily and quickly

When the family cat begins to defecate in the apartment anywhere – it becomes a real problem. Cosecha the smell of urine is very stable and trudnosmyvaemye. There are individuals who do this not only on the floor, but on carpet, upholstered furniture, beds, turning life into a nightmare. Not everything is ready in this case to get rid of the animal, but the problem should be solved somehow. Close there is a question: how to wean cat shit in the wrong place?

Как приучить котов гадить в туалете

Why they do it

Shit in the wrong place can animals of any sex and age. Experts say that most unpleasant situation arises not because of poor parenting or character of a cat, but because of health problems or as a way to implement instincts and natural needs.

Pets do not go to the place because:

  • They are not satisfied with the location of the tray in the apartment. Need a secluded place away from prying eyes. If during a visit to the toilet the cat something always distracts and bothers, he may choose another area or master’s couch.
  • Tray too small or has a strong odor of detergents. The cat uncomfortable in this toilet and not wanting to experience discomfort, she is looking for another place.
  • It is possible that the animal didn’t like the look of the filler. The range of facilities now wide, try changing the litter to something else, it may solve the problem.
  • Not cleaned in time tray. Cats – big chistyuli and if their toilet filled with excrement, may refuse to visit it. If you do not happen at home, it is better to put another tray to the degree of contamination of the litter was not excessive.
  • Cat changed the place of residence or have experienced stress. In the first case, the animal can just not get used to the new place, and the second expresses your feelings.
  • Infection by worms, illness, intestinal, and genitourinary areas can cause cats pain when defecating. In this case, the tray will be associated with pet pain and it will avoid going to the toilet. In this case, will only a visit to the vet and further therapy.
  • In the end, cats can just mark their territory. Tray they will visit, but also leave odorous marks and puddles all over the apartment. The problem is castration or free range, during which the pet will find a sexual partner.

Kitten is a special case

Как отучать котов гадить в неположенном местеWhen in the wrong place shit kitty, that’s a somewhat different situation. Usually kids to the tray and all kinds of things teaches the mother. But it is not always the cat is Radivoje mother. Young inexperienced little kitties can teach their kittens, sometimes even refusing to feed them mother’s milk.

If this is not done, the cat can teach a kitten to the tray needs a breeder. Kids catch on fast and if they are regularly put in the tray after eating and sleeping, kittens quickly learn this science and not shitting anywhere. But sometimes a kitten taken to another house is quite small or you are in an apartment with too many rooms, in which it is easy to get lost.


Bringing the baby to her, stay with him at home the first few days. Access to most areas it is best to limit and put the kitten in the toilet as soon as it was beeping, to show concern and right after he ate and took a NAP. Two or three days will be enough for the cat has learned where he needs to urinate.

Only failure to comply with these rules may be that the kid will shit anywhere. After all, if you’re not persistently to show himwhere the toilet is, he will choose this place myself, and maybe not one.

How to wean cat shit in the apartment myself

Use the following simple tipsto rectify the situation when the cat shits:

  • Experienced owners, who trained one cat, saying that she will never defecate where food takes. If you find a place where the cat or kitten regularly shits, put a bowl of food, or scatter on the next sheet of paper feed.
  • Some suggest to scare the animal. Once you’ve caught the cat’s bad business, splash water on him from the hand or from the dispenser. Experienced fear discourage his desire to shit on this place. You can also loud knock close to a rolled newspaper.
  • Give the animal more attention. Maybe the cat just misses you or feels stress from the appearance of a small child, another animal.Your task is to create a feeling of comfort and security, then the cat will not pee on your carpet and your belongings.

It is useless to poke the animal with his nose in piles or puddles, it will not help to wean your cat from bad habits. Cats do not tolerate violence and instead of the desired effect, you may get the opposite result. Pet may never trust you again and become angry, but his guilt, he is unlikely to understand.

Auxiliary means

Sometimes you should use for the problem of deliverance from unauthorized puddles additional funds.

  • Stressed animal can give soothing drops based on natural ingredients purchased from the vet.
  • If the animal is overly unrealized initiated the sexual instinct, and castration, you can’t use for some reason, get special contraceptives for cats, for example, “clean a toilet”. Just keep in mind that long-term use of such means is not desirable – it can cause malfunctions in the hormonal system. Over time, it is better to castrate pet.
  • In the market can meet special repellent agents in the form of a spray (“Gimpet”, “Himala Antigadin”). They treated those places where made no mess cat and according to manufacturers, this will discourage her to shit there again.
  • Help a simple and cheap remedy is vinegar. Must clean to wash the floor in the spot where the cat pooped, and then wipe it with a cloth soaked in vinegar, or spray tool of the spray. The sharp smell so the cat will avoid.
  • Some used to repel odor white or ammonia, but be careful, they can handle all surfaces. So, a dark linoleum flooring can be easily ruined by bleach, which eats away the paint. For upholstered furniture for the same reason it is better to use specially designed purchase sprays that will not cause her harm.

If the cat shits in the flower pot

Как отучить котов гадитьFor example, in your house furry pet and suddenly one or more colors started to turn yellow or die for no reason. Most likely, this cat used to pee in the flower pot. Instinctively, cats bury their feces in the ground. Perhaps this happened in your case.

If the suspicions are confirmed, I will have to try to wean a favorite from this session. If possible, it is better to remove the vending cat pots, inaccessible place: on a shelf or balcony, a special stand for flowers. In the absence of such places, you can leave the flowers on the windowsill, but lay close to the foil or double-sided tape.

You can organize the defense directly in the pot, spread on the soil surface sliced lemon or garlic. Alternatively, you can purchase a mineral filler for the tray, this will allow the animal plenty to swarm there and implement your instincts.

As you can see, quite a lot of ways. Try those that you deem most appropriate. Something will help to wean cat shit anywhere.

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