The drug “Kotervin”: application instructions for cats

Problems related to urinary system, quite common in domestic cats. Homemade fluffy sluggard often lead a sedentary lifestyle, and their negligent owners often overfeed their wards, allowing them to eat even those foods that are not advisable.

Особенности препарат акотэвин

As a result, there are various cat diseases, including related bladder. How to help a cat? What medicine is able to save him from pain and discomfort? In such a situation comes to the aid of “Kotervin” for cats, which enjoys wide popularity for its effectiveness.
When you need a “Kotervin”

This drug is intended for treatment and prevent many feline diseases, including diseases of the bladder. This is a natural product, having in its composition only vegetable ingredients, it contains no preservatives and sparing effect on the body pet: “Kotervin” will suit even the most sensitive pussy. Drugs have three main advantages — it is easy mold release, low price and ,of course, effective action.

Instructions for use of the preparation: readings, healing properties, dosage

The main indications for use drugs “Kotervin” are problems of the excretory system, namely:

  • rocks and sand in the kidneys;
  • problematic urination;
  • inflammation of the bladder and urinary tract.

This medicine is opposed to diseases and can also act as a preventive measure.

According to the instructions contained in the product contain components such as water, root harrow, field horsetail, bird Highlander and Highlander creeping.

The therapeutic properties of the drug

Manual describes in detail all the healing properties of “Katarina”, these include the following:

  • gently removes excess salt from the body of the cat or cats;
  • perfectly dissolve formed stones (the oxalate);
  • acts as a diuretic;
  • has excellent anti-inflammatory effect on the body of a cat.

All natural works in several ways, alleviating symptoms, eliminating the disease and providing preventive treatment. “Kotervin”, produced in the form of drops, it is recommended to have in a home first aid kit to every lover of cats, especially for those whose Pets are breeds genetically predisposed to diseases of the excretory tract.

How to give “Kotervin” cat

Как правильно давать котэрвинIt is worth emphasizing that these drops should be kept in the refrigerator, as it contains no preservatives and can spoil quickly at room temperature. When the cat will be problems with the bladder, the drug should be shaken (to razbaltyvaniya sediment), put on the neck of the bottle and gently pipette to measure out one teaspoon of medication. “Kotervin” mixed with water, milk, gruel, indeed, any other meal. After that, you must ensure that the cat or the cat ate such food.

Allowed and the second method of use “cat Erwin” is the introduction of medication directly into the bladder. Immediately it is worth noting that this procedure is done basically only by experienced veterinarians. To try to do that with a cat dangerous: the animal may not be time to pull, and the owner thereby cause harm to your pet.

The dosage of the drug

The use of “Katerina” is allowed 1 time per day 2-4 ml Total course of treatment is 1 week, after which it need to be repeated 3 more times in one year. This is done to prevent: 1 time to treatment 3 times for prevention.

If the disease progressesand the symptoms the pet does not pass, then the medication is increased to 2 times a day with the same dosage. Use of “Katerina” in combination with other drugs aimed at eliminating diseases of the excretory systems.

If a cat is observed much difficulty in urination, the drug is best to introduce it into the bladder. But, as mentioned earlier, doing it yourself should not be, and it is best to get a fluffy pet to a qualified veterinary clinic.

If the owner is confident in their abilities, then we must act according to the following instructions:

  • Использование препаратаto wear special gloves;
  • to prepare a sterile syringe, fill it solution from 11 to 15 ml;
  • with a wet cotton swab to remove the remnants of the urine;
  • to put on the syringe catheter, through which to introduce medication into the bladder of the animal;
  • the application procedure should be done every 2 days until complete recovery of the pet.
Attention! During the procedure, be sure to only use a catheter! In no case should one try to enter a medication with a needle from a syringe!

Tip: open package of the drug “Kotervin” should not be stored for more than 7 days, even if it is in the refrigerator.

Contraindications and possible side effects of the drug

Противопоказания к применениюNatural product “Kotervin” no contraindications to application has. The exception is individual intolerance to pet some of the components included in the composition of the drug. In General, even the most tender and receptive humming easily withstand the action of the drug, so “Kotervin” is assigned without a fear. It is also not recorded any side effects, the main thing is to use only sterile instruments, especially when you enter the drug directly into the bladder of your pet. It is necessary to treat hands, to have a special medical gloves, a new catheter and syringe.

After the medication the cat will be more likely to go in the tray. It normally means “Kotervin” began to act, then soon a pet will feel much better.

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