The characteristics of the cat breed the chausie and the subtleties of their content

Cat breed the chausie is not only incredibly rarebut also one of the most expensive, because they are bred only a few people who are well familiar with all the intricacies of this case under the supervision of the breeder.

In recent years, this breed is gaining more and more popularity due to its unusual exterior component, combining the features of domestic and wild animals.

The history of the breed

The ancestors of cats the chausie is a jungle cat, the name of the second parent is unknown. Jungle cats quickly adapt to any conditions and for that reason are distributed on a fairly large territories. Image their hybrids, that is, the chausie, you will notice on a variety of ancient frescoes. Cats were used as guards and rodents, but despite their wild heritage, these cats are very attached to people, be affectionate and rewarding Pets.

Thus, it is possible to understand that the chausie cats have existed since ancient times, but attracted attention only in the near 1968. Egyptian stray cats caught one tourist who is particularly aware and sensitive to all members of the cat, and on his initiative, the breeders officially began to deal with this breed.

From Egypt, cats were brought to the American continent and began their study which revealed that a well-developed musculature, strong legs and custom sizes the chausie is received from the Swamp lynx, on their ancestors. Breeding the chausie and the study was conducted over thirty-five years. Scientists couldn’t figure out what the only possible option to mate with the chausie, after which the litter will not be sick, or barren, is of the Abyssinian breed of cats. And only in 2003, the chausie was first recognized at the official level.

Description of the breed

It is believed that the thoroughbred cat, the more she resembles his ancestor, the jungle cat. One of the parents, the chausie is certainly Abyssinian or Shorthair, but from the other parent depends on the name and markings of the breed.

The chausie is divided into the following varieties:

  • F1 – the kitten, which is a direct male descendant of the house. Like jungle cats in terms of size and character.
  • F2 – kitty from the chausie, which belongs to the group F1. The size is similar to its progenitor, however, has a more docile nature.
  • F3 – F2 from the chausie kitten. Although the size and temperament of domestic cat fits, but the outer sostavlyaya fully borrowed from the jungle cat.
  • F 4,5 – kittens, wild blood in which there is little. Have a docile nature, fully socialized, standard build.

It should be noted that such high cost has the chausie is because their breeding is very time consuming and not always successful process. One of the parents is a wild cat that’s not so easy to find. And even with all the technicalities, some of the kittens – about 30% – will not be able to reproduce, and even some number does not have the characteristic signs of the chausie.

But despite the great cost and a certain complexity in the care, the chausie any many due to their bright and amazing appearance.

Adult cats have the following characteristics:

  • Head is fairly massive with well-developed jaw. Like their wild ancestors of the chausie is due to the well-defined cheekbones.
  • The nose of the chausie is long and straight. Because of him, in profile, they are especially similar to predators.
  • Special charm of these cats lend their ears and tassels. Always standing and wide. Interesting ears and the fact that on the back side of them are the so-called false eyes. This feature is also borrowed from wild relatives. The item in the image is to scare off anyone approaching from behind.
  • Neck the chausie, like all wild cats, rather short, but quite muscular.
  • Standards eyes the breed should be slightly slanted, bright yellow, amber or bright green.
  • The chausie is a torso is much longer than normal cats. Foot they are very elegant and always look elegant. Their natural grace is achieved through well-developed limbs, and certainly strong with big paws.
  • At the withers the chausie may be up to about forty inches, which should take into account their future owners, because such dimensions cat hurt her a comfortable living in the apartment.
  • The tail of this breed deserves special attention. It is very long and is two-thirds of the entire torso. At its end there is also a brush. It is important to know that regardless of the color of the cat, brushes on ears and tail are always black.
  • Animals come in different colors: solid black, brown and beige, in which the hairs are not fully dyed, which creates an interesting effect, and finally, the black shaded tabby or silver-ticket-tabby, which is considered the most valuable because most like a jungle cat.
  • Itself the coat of the chausie is short, tight to the body, very glossy.

The relationship with wild cats makes the chausie is a pet that can’t sit still. The cat will jump around the house to play, run and climb wherever you want. Therefore it is not recommended to have the chausie F1 and F2 in apartments, where there will be enough space for their games and activities. Most often they are sold only to people who have their own house with a big yard and aviary.

You should not get these kittens if you are in a permanent move or are you a lot of hours never home. The cat will feel lonely and are usually docile pet will allow myself to post the rest of your apartment or house. In General, the chausie is very very attached to people. In this regard, they are wonderful Pets. You will not be easy to find the same true, faithful and affectionate friend among the felines. They will climb on your lap at every opportunity, but nevertheless everything will come out to show their interest in your business for a long time to observe you and not to deviate a single step.

Be careful if you crank the chausie in the presence of small Pets in the house. They will certainly be potential prey for these cats, which will seethe wild blood. But with dogs, their friendship will be virtually indestructible, because these cats are very amorous and friendly.

The chausie is not only very sociable, but smart. You will be able to train them if you wish. They are able to perform some basic stunts. Interestingly, as the chausie see and remember your behavior, habits, and habits, therefore, able to surprise the host at any time.

This breed is especially intelligent. They will not allow themselves to inappropriate behavior and be obedient. They are very clean and will not contaminate the home with their hair, because quite often lick and watching the appearance.

Maintenance and care

As mentioned earlier, cats are very well taken care of its external component. So they often lick themselves for the reason that from the wild relatives they were passed down certain instincts of self-preservation, and this coat should not have strongly pronounced smell. However, you must comb out the chausie is a special brush to improve circulation. Unlike other domestic cats the chausie is happy to jump you in the bathroom, because she loves to splash in the water. You should also cleanse the teeth and to monitor the length of the claws.

With eyes and ears problems should arise, because if the animal is healthy, moves a lot and eats well, the cleaning of these bodies it is not required. More trouble will be feeding your pet. Digestive system these cats different from other cats – she’s a little shorter. Therefore, there will not be a problem with indigestion of food. In any case do not experiment with cereal and check the formulations of dry food. For this breed it is recommended to use only forages of super-premium class for cats with sensitive digestive system.

If you keep the cat the chausie is indoors, keep in mind that walks with him on fresh air a must. Despite its wild roots, these cats are affectionate and friendly creatures, which will be a wonderful, intelligent pet and will bring lots of joy to their owners!

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