The oldest cat in the world – record Guinness

To date, the oldest cat in the world is the cat Lucy, who was born in 1972. This cat was no different from their household counterparts.

When it turned out that Lucy is actually a “venerable old lady”, they showed the home pet veterinarian. Experts were impressed by the age of the animal and its condition.

Home favorite Lucy kept fit and mobility, fine eating and even played. According to estimates, in terms of human age Lucy has made 172 years. Up to these years do not always survive even the famous Caucasian old-timers.

If you consider that the average life expectancy of this animal is 15 years, Lucy has lived for three cat’s life. And today she continues to hunt for mice in the master’s garden.

Easy Lucy

The oldest cat in the world Lucy entered the Guinness book of records as the most long-lived home pet in the world.

  1. One day the owner of the animal bill visited his aunt, who claimed to remember little Lucy and it was 40 years ago. This family owned fish shop then, where the young Lucy then ran and frolicked and felt great.
  2. This news astounded the owners of the cats. Of course, they knew that their home favorite is in old age, but never imagined that so.
  3. History the oldest cat Lucy became interested in the local municipality. The animal was examined by veterinarians made all the necessary laboratory and clinical tests. Cat lost his hearing because of his venerable age, it is not necessary to maintain the vigor and cheerfulness. She’s great at hunting mice.
  4. The hosts managed to find evidence that Lucy broke the previous record of longevity, which belonged to the cat Fuzzy. The former champion spent 38 years. It was found that Lucy was born in 1972 in the town of Llanelli. Managed to find witnesses to the fact that she was walking the adorable kitten in a fish shop in the early 70-ies of the last century.
  5. Local residents actively participated in recognition of Lucy’s new record holder. In their opinion, such a choice deserves respect.

The record holder in Guinness book

After the champion of longevity was named the cat Fluffy, for a long time no one claimed the title. Therefore, the information about the oldest cat Lucy has become a true sensation. The news has surprised even the representatives of the press service of the Guinness Book of records.

Lucy is a proud and tireless care of his master. The story of Lucy symbolizes the opportunity for ordinary domestic cat to become a real star, which is respected and which is admired all over the world.

This kitty lived a long life and during that time the owners have brought enormous benefits. And now her name emblazoned on the pages of one of the most famous publications in the world.

According to experts, if you manage to uncover the secret of longevity of these cats, long-lived, it can bring many benefits to all mankind.

Cat breeds centenarians

Some breeds have a tendency toward longevity.

  1. The Thai cat is very often live up to 20 years, although the average age for this breed is 10 to 14 years. Among the specimens are many centenarians. These cats are incredibly curious and intelligent, and often poke my nose into everything that happens in the house. Thai cats are well trained and you can learn how to open doors. This breed is a perfect pet for families with children.
  2. Siamese cat – the world-famous breed. Its popularity has long broken all records in every way. Siamese cat is very attached to its owner and may even be jealous of other Pets. These cats are very happy, if they paid attention very subtly feel the mood of his master. Among these cats twenty years of age – not such a rarity.
  3. The Japanese Bobtail. This breed is incredibly ancient Image of its representatives discovered in the old Imperial engravings and ancient temples. These cats practically do not shed. By nature they are very unpretentious and intelligent, have a great devotion to their owners. These animals unlike most other breeds love to swim and even enjoy fishing. Unfortunately, this breed is quite rare. Japanese bobtails can live up to 18 years.
  4. Tiffany or Asian long haired cat is very quickly becoming a favorite of the whole family. They may also pursue their masters, to go everywhere at their heels and even to annoy their level of affection. Tiffany are characterized by high volubility. They love the warmth and comfort of home, but never refuse to explore the garden or the infield. For representatives of this breed to the age of 18 years is not the limit.
  5. Asian Shorthair gets along without any problems with almost all Pets. Because the wool of animals of this breed are very short, it does not cause any difficulties care. These Asians have a high degree of sociability, but at the same time completely unobtrusive. The life expectancy of these Pets is very often up to 20 years.

In addition to the new record holder Lucy, the Guinness Book of records there were still a few cats-centenarians. Second and third places of honor in life expectancy is a cream puff and kitty. Their life expectancy was, respectively, 38 and 30 years. The top ten male centenarians are included and a few cats from Russia.

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