Toys for the kittens with their hands

Little kitten in the house is now restless wonder. If he has no toys, it will spoil the upholstery of your sofa and play with shoes. It is not necessary to spend money to buy toys at the pet store, they can easily build at home, spending only a few minutes.

For your pet no matter toy bought or made by hand, therefore it is better to save money and love to make toys for kittens myself.

Toy cardboard

Cat toys with your own hands using ordinary cardboard require minimal time and encouraging your pet more than any of the trinkets from the store. Here are a few ways:

  1. Interactive maze. To build an entertainment center out of ordinary cardboard boxes is not difficult, with this task any man can do. You only need a cardboard box and scissors. So, how to make a toy cat with their hands from a cardboard box: find a low box with a lid, suitable even for the packaging of pizza, punch holes so that snuck in just the paw of kitten, fill the box the favorite treat of your pet. The spillikin ready.
  2. House-tunnel. You will need a cardboard box of medium size. Seal the lid with tape, decorating it with bright ribbons that will attract the attention of your cat, on the sides of the holes so that the animal could crawl inside. In the box is recommended to put items which can be used, for example, durable balls for ping-pong or tube from under the wine bottles. This play station will have your pet to taste. Cats just love cardboard boxes.
  3. How to make a toy for cats: using the rolls from toilet paper, cut a thick piece of cardboard, glue the rolls of toilet paper on him in different positions, and put inside attractive to cats things that they will try to get during the game.
Soft toys
  • Mouse with Catnip inside. Any cat secretly dreams about this unusual toy. To sew a toy for your pet, it is enough to have only a little experience with needle and thread. You need: pattern; the material from which is made the mouse, filler, dried mint, interlining, thread, and about an hour of free time. Pattern: to cut the sides, tummy, ears, tail, cut strips of fabric, when the items are ready, they will only have to sew together, leaving a small opening for stuffing and tail. When the mouse is stitched, remove it on the front side and fill with cotton wool and peppermint, in order to evenly distribute the filler inside toys for cat, use a simple pencil. Then, insert tail and sew. Eyes and nose can be embroidered or simply to draw. All the toys are ready, you can give it to your pet or to leave with the bowl of food.
  • A toy from a baby sock. It often happens that one sock from a pair all the time somewhere lost, if happened this situation, do not rush to throw the second has to do with their hands is the best toy for your pet. Just fill with candy and rustling of objects inside the sock and tie a knot. Your cat will be pleased.
  • A ball of yarn. Every knitter who has a cat knows how they love to play with threads. Give your animal joy – a tangle of unnecessary threads. End is recommended to carefully hide so he doesn’t spill during the game. This game will appeal not only to the kitten but an adult cat.
  • From old t-shirts can make a great fun for your pet, cut the t-shirts of different colors into thin strips, fold them together and tie a knot.
Other toys

How to make a toy for a cat is very easy with this task to handle even a child.

Cats are very fond of all the rustling and rattling, entertain your cat – make it rattle. To create fun for kittens you will need: a jar, the rest from under the medicines, beads, and other items, creating a roar and a Scotch. Jar you need to wash and remove the label if it has, then pour the beads inside and close the jar lid tightly shaking his Scotch. This is to ensure that the cat couldn’t get the contents and swallow.

The construction of the following toys for the cat with their hands will not take much time: you will need the thread and the egg from the kinder-surprise. Do the egg in the hole and pull the thread, that’s all. Just pull the thread, the cat will play the subject.

Consider the energy level of cats and toys to make possible steady, try not to leave your pet while playing unattended. In order for your pet not to be bored, you need to not just make him toy with his own hands, but also to take part in the games.

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