The kitten watery eyes: causes and what to do

Many cat lovers often face such a problem as watery eyes in adult cats and very young kittens. Some owners believe that such problems occur due to weak immunity or are a characteristic feature of the breed. But is it and what is the reason for watery eyes in kittens?

Watery eyes eyes – it’s a natural phenomenon, if the pet just woke up or he got hit in the eye foreign body. Also tearing can be triggered by a sharply focused light source.

However, in some cases, such a reaction can appear under the influence of the other factors that pet owners do not always notice immediately. Early detection and timely assistance rendered significantly reduce the risk of getting a kitten all sorts of complications, as well as contribute to the speedy return of his good health. So why the kitten watery eyes?

Why the kitten watery eyes?

Causes of increased tearing may be a lot. But special attention should be given to an unhealthy abundant secretions (for example, with purulent admixtures) after which formed scabs. This may indicate the beginning of serious diseases.

Eyes perfectly healthy animal (except certain breeds) is absolutely clean, without discharge or excessive tearing.

Reason tearfulness of the eyes of a kitten

The most common causes of excessive slezotechenii are:

  1. Infectious diseases. Sometimes excessive tearing is a consequence of any infection developing in the animal. Especially carefully in this case to treat young kittens since they have still not developed immune system and any infection they can become extremely dangerous. The most common disease in cats is conjunctivitis, the main symptoms of which are swelling, redness and exposed blood vessels. Itself conjunctivitis is not dangerous, however, if the disease is run, the infection can affect other vital organs. Treatment shall appoint a veterinarian, who prescribes a special ointment or drops.
  2. Allergic reaction. Sometimes kittens can suffer from allergies, one manifestation of which is the tearfulness of the eyes. The reason for such a reaction can serve as pollen, flowers, dust or hair. To ascertain the allergen will help a specialist who will then prescribe the appropriate anti-allergic agent. Is that Allergy appears in the background once adopted, any product (for example, antihelminthic tablets or remedy for fleas.). To this reaction your pet is not repeated, be sure to remember the names of the drugs you gave him.
  3. Mechanical damage to eyes. If your pet is injured as a result of fighting with other dogs or other animals, damage to the eye another object (e.g. a branch) can also appear excessive tearing. In this case also need to consult a specialist. If this is not possible, you can wash the animal’s eyes (only outdoors) and treat it tetracycline ointment (1%).
  4. If you noticethat after the eye injury kitten increased or it there is swelling, do not allow drying of the visual organ. In such cases it is necessary every 5 minutes to drip on the eye warm clean water. If the animal’s eyes completely closed, you should not even try to open it yourself because you can cause even more serious consequences.
  5. Insufficient care. Some kittens, especially at an early age, may experience excessive tearing and this is normal. If they are too early taken away from his mother, who them carefully tended, the eyes of the kids begin to tear due to the lack of proper care. In such cases, you should buy in the drugstore special drops for animals based on natural raw materials. If no effect you should consult a doctor because the problem may be caused by a weak immune system.
  6. Bowel disease. Watery eyes of a little kitten can be caused by incorrectly chosen diet, worms or trapped and accumulated in the colon hair.
  7. The breed characteristics. Some cats watery eyes is a characteristic feature of the breed. For example, such a feature is available to Persians and exotics. This is explained by the peculiar structure of their nasolacrimal canal, which is deformed due to priloznosti nose. A similar pattern is commonly seen in such breeds as the British, Sphynx, Rex.
  8. Dirt. Trapped in the eyes of the kitten dirt can also cause tearfulness. In such a situation should be carried out daily hygienic procedures, which consist in washing of the visual organs and their subsequent treatment with special drops.

The exact reason why the kitten watery eyes will be able to install only an expert with carried out diagnostic measures, in particular, the laboratory studies. Depending on the reasons which provoked the watery eyes, your doctor prescribes antibiotics, Allergy remedies, or simple pipetting and washing. If the prescribed treatment did not bring the desired results, you need surgery.

The kitten watery eyes: what to do?

A good effectiveness in the treatment of slezotechenii in kittens revealed the following medications:

  • Dexametason;
  • ciprovit;
  • travmatin.

Try for one week to use these drugs, however, in the absence of effects (or it was insignificant), you should immediately consult a specialist to determine the exact cause of tearfulness. After diagnosis, you should immediately start treatment.

So, if watery eyes were caused by peptic ulcer blepharitis, the affected areas on the eyelids first prizhivayutsya, and then treated with a special ointment, which includes the antibiotic. For the treatment of conjunctivitis used kanamycin or levomicetinom drops. When inversion of eyelids required surgery, after which the treatment is performed eyelids with an antiseptic to prevent further festering.

Prevention tearfulness of the eyes of a kitten

In order to avoid such problems as tearfulness of the eyes in cats requires preventive measures and hygienic procedures.

Wash the baby’s eyes with the decoction of Hypericum, sage, calendula, chamomile or just boiled water. Also , veterinarians recommend for your daily use special drops (e.g., bars, etc.) that can be purchased at the pet store or the drugstore.

So now you know the reason for the tearfulness of the eyes of a kitten, and acquired the doctor prescribed medicines, now you definitely need to learn how to correctly perform therapeutic procedures.

How to conduct medical procedures?

You will need the following items:

  • Syringe without needle or eyedropper;
  • cotton pads and bandages;
  • a small piece of tissue;
  • a favorite treat of your pet.

The procedure shall be as follows:

  • The baby struggled and it was not scratched, it must be wrapped in a towel. If you are treating your cat for the first time, it is better to use someone else. The fact that in such situations animals appears hidden power, which previously you were unaware. The towel will help you cope with your pet.
  • Now begins the treatment immediately. Dampen a cotton pad or bandage in the treatment solution, soak them dried crust and carefully remove them.
  • Take a new piece of bandage or cloth and again soak in the solution. Fingers widely open the eye of the kitten and flush it towards the outer corner to the inner. No need to be sorry therapeutic drug – moisten their eyes profusely. When you learn to carry out the procedure specified way, in the future, for washing, you can use a syringe, injecting them with a solution under the eyelids of the animal.
  • Using a clean, dry cloth to remove residues of the drug.
  • Now calm your pet, treat him with something tasty.

So, the kitten may suffer excessive tearfulness for many reasons. However, if you monitor your pet, to care for him and carry out regular hygiene procedures, making them the norm, this problem cannot overshadow the existence neither you nor your pet.

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