Hunting in April

In April in the Central part of Russia , an active break. Return to native places, migratory birds. In many birds the Chicks appear. In some regions it is allowed to hunt woodcocks, upland game and ducks for 10 days. In April continues fishing for squirrels, water rats and hamsters. But in this period there are a number of restrictions and prohibitions on hunting.

Bear hunting in April

In April, the bears like to bask in the sun, engaged in foraging mainly in the form of roots and rootlets remaining from last years berries. But after winter hibernation to look thin, wool, crumpled and General appearance of unsightly beast. Hunting is not desirable. Hunting is allowed.

Wolf hunting in April

The wolves at this time devote much time to hunting, as appeared offspring, and lactating female wolf in need of nourishing diet. The whole process of production of food mainly lies with the male. During this period, have active molt animals. The skin of a wolf not yet acquired its gloss and appeal, and so the hunt is not conducted. Hunting is allowed.

Hunting for marten in April

In the Central regions of Russia marten’t got posterity. The process of mating and rutting. In southern areas this period marten already have cubs. During the breeding season and the rut when hunting is prohibited.

Hunting for a rabbit in April

To the hare family is growing younger offspring. At this time, the hares are heavily involved obtaining food, dealing great damage to the trees. The process of molting. All the time of moulting and rearing young rabbit hunt is banned.

Hunting for grouse in April

In spring the grouse prefer to be in a remote bushes of the forest. Food mainly consists of berries remaining from last season. By nightfall, grouse gather in the tokovisch. Stomping ground are held in inaccessible places for hunting. Therefore, hunting for grouse tricky business. Hunting is allowed only on males.

Hunting for grouse in April

In April, separates the cocks from females and females to stay separately. In the period of gathering the primary the snow cover begins during the current. Hunters trying to locate mating and hunt out of hiding specially adapted for this. Hunting is allowed.

Hunting ducks and geese in April

Starts the arrival of waterfowl. Returning ducks and geese. Females begin to lay eggs and further rearing of the offspring. Hunting, using decoys and decoy stuffed birds, which are not far from the place of landing birds. Hunting is conducted from the purpose built shelters. Hunting is allowed only on males.

Fox hunting in April

In April of the foxes which was the offspring at the end of March, the younger addition to the family. During this period, the production of food lies entirely on the male. Molting is not completely over. Hunting is forbidden.

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