Hunting in may

With the advent of may started the awakening of nature. The first warm days, and a set of output contributes to walk through the woods and hunt. But in these days of spring hunting is allowed for most types of game. Consider the number of animals, their behaviour during this period and the main question who is allowed to hunt in may?

Bear hunting in may

Although with waking up after a long time, but the bear has not yet acquired its luster. During hibernation, the bear loses a third of his weight. All accumulated over the summer, the fat, which is not less than 100 kg, he has spent a period of hibernation. By may, the bear is only beginning to recover its usual appearance. Therefore, the skin of a bear — the main trophy of the hunt looks unsightly. Hunting is allowed, but values at this time, as a hunting trophy bear is not.

May wolf hunting

In a wolf family in this time of growing offspring. The wolves, mostly male, is actively engaged in the hunt that would feed the small cubs. Wolf’s lair is located in the marshy and difficult to access. In may, after gathering water to get in and find the den a little bit easier. Hunt wolves near the den, or taking the cubs into the bag, leave them a trail. On this track the wolves looking for the missing cubs and are in a pre-set ambush. Wolves cause great damage to livestock, therefore hunting is allowed.

Fox hunting in may

In may, the process of molting, foxes have not been completed. Born at the end of March the cubs are actively growing, but still require much attention. Within three months from the birth of offspring of parents actively watch over their puppies. Mainly foxes for their residence choose mixed woodland with good grass and litter. Fox cautious and sensitive animal. Sensing danger, immediately change direction, well using the terrain. Fox hunt challenging and fun. In may, during the period of extension of the offspring hunting is prohibited.

The hunting of the hare in may

In early may, the process of molting in rabbits continues and ends at the end of the month. The family hare a hare which predominates in the Central part of Russia, grow up little baby rabbits. It should be noted that the rabbits lambing occurs three times a year in early may, late June and early August. Permanent habitats tend to, rabbits no. Places are changing. The choice depends on the weather at this time. Approaching the camp, a hare confuses his mark, than knocks the hunters and dogs. In may, hunting is prohibited.

Hunting in may for grouse

In early may gradually subside, and at the end of the month end of the capercaillie tokovischa. Females produce the eggs and the hatching of the eggs. The males leave the females and fly through the woods. Place choose in the dense inaccessible forest. The forest mainly selected coniferous, rarely deciduous. Basically leads a sedentary lifestyle. Capercaillie careful and has good hearing. This allows from a distance to notice the hunters. So the best time for hunting the current when the caution grouse is minimal. Hunting is allowed only on males.

Hunting in may for a duck

In may the duck more hiding from Drake and sits on the nest, hatch the eggs. Therefore, it is the most successful hunting with a decoy duck.

Hunting in may for grouse

Hunting for grouse in may prohibited. Because females are already starting to hatch the eggs. Even sometimes you can find early broods.

Summarizing it can be noted that restrictions may hunt the same with April, so not over the period of feeding and raising offspring.

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