Hunting in March

With the onset of spring , almost all fur-bearing animals begins the process of molting and usually at this time hunting for them. Many game animals, the mating season begins and there is an active process of mating. Females of different species of animals prepare nests, burrows and the lair for future posterity. Because went the last week before its appearance. The whites had already appeared the little squirrels. In the South, Wake up the animals that were in hibernation in the winter.

Found your pair of grouse and partridges and increasingly heard Sazavou roll call grouse in a pine forest. Birds begin the mating process and build their nests, which are soon to be laid eggs, and will continue to live Chicks. Getting the first duck. Soon the opening of hunting.

Bear hunting in March

In the beginning of the month, many bears already have offspring. Appears offspring and those females who have had a delay in mating. By the end of the month, leaving the lair of unmarried females and males living in the Central part of Russia. Lost in weight, thinner animals are a lot in the spring sunshine, digging up roots and looking for berries vitavia. In the Northern part of Russia and Siberia winter hibernation lasts until the end of the month. In the Northern territories of Russia ways of obtaining the unchanged bear that winter.

Fox hunting in March

In the fields and prentise in early spring you can hear the sounds similar to barking. It begin its spring game foxes. Gon began in the middle lane, and at the very end of the month the production is in the South. Closer to April begins the rut in the North-Eastern parts of Siberia. Molt of foxes living in the Central and southern regions, is in March at the Northern foxes. Food — small birds and rodents. Fox hunting is already banned in March.

Hunting sable in March

The process of obtaining food is all also complicated, but because of the compaction of the snow cover, the movement becomes easier. Nearing the end of the pregnancy. The female makes the nest. In cedar oil shale, rocky deposits and boresonic the female hides the nest with future offspring. Food consists of small birds and animals.

In the southern borders of visiting sable calves appears to the end of the month. At this time there is a “false rut”. It is a characteristic activity of males in pursuit of females, but many females are pregnant, mating does not occur, and in other females the process of flowing began. Close relatives of the sable (kolinsky, mink, polecat), the pairing process happens in the spring. Moreover, the development of the fetus takes place without delay. There is no doubt that the current process of reproduction of mink and polecats, were previously inherent in the sable. Later, because of adaptation to diet in the offseason, sable appeared characteristic features in reproduction.

That is the reason for the “false rut” is the balance of the testes signs of spring libido. The sable molt begins in March. Hunting is closed and prohibited.

Wolf hunting in March

Gradually following the deer, the wolves from the Arctic closer to the summer habitat. In the Central district of mating is over, the wolves stay closer to his lair, which, as a rule, is in the last year’s dwelling place, where subsequently will be the offspring. So do the old wolf.

Young try to be closer to the place of his birth, if this is not possible, they are looking for a new lair. Part of the pack, not participating in the rut, is in the areas not occupied by pairs. Sturdy Nast wolves hunt and kill during this period many deer, elks, musk deer, ROE deer. In the southern territories mothers wolf have offspring. Wolves Central part of the molt occurs in March in the southern part of the molt before. Wolf hunting takes place throughout the year.

Hunting for Wolverine in March

In Northern Russia the snow cover reaches its maximum development that changes the situation in the production of food. At this time, the Wolverine is a big threat to deer and elk. The predator tries to fight off the newborns of these animals. Wolverine hides in the placers and windbreaks in the forest, preferring forested mountainous terrain. Feeding of the offspring appears, according to the observations, do both parents. The molt begins. Hunting of Wolverine is allowed all year round, so it is defined as harmful in the field against predators. Way of hunting a Wolverine is no different from winter hunting.

Hunting for a badger in March

Spring awakening badger depends on the area of habitation. In the South-Western regions of Russia (European part) hibernation ends by mid-March. At the end of the month Wake up badgers living in the Central part. Shortly after the end of hibernation badgers appears offspring. The litter is usually no more than 6 cubs. Hunting badger in the dark. Catches mice and looking for roots in the thawed. Day in the hole. The spring molt takes place slowly and unobtrusively. Hunting is forbidden.

Rabbit hunt in March

Start pairing the whites in the taiga Zone. In Arctic areas, the mating begins late. “Nastaviti” — the first pripady in a Central location and appear in early spring and are signs of the onset of molting. In early spring, rabbits appears salt hunger. Thawed salt (GOJIRA), in the highlands, who attends hare, contribute to the quenching of the salt famine. Similar periods of reproduction and molting hare. In the southern regions (Voronezh) leverets appear by mid-March. In the North Caucasus, Transcaucasia, and the Crimea, the offspring appears in the Feb. February is the month of greatest activity of the hare, at this time there is a big damage to woody plantings and fruit trees. When melting snow and the first greens malicious activity hare reduced. In case of return of cold weather many rabbits first litter are dying, suffering heavy losses in flocks. The March hunt is prohibited.

Boar hunting in March

In southern areas begins in March Farrow. The pig living North of the farrowing is later. The cleavers live by themselves, separated from the herd. Wild boars living in lowland areas, prefer in the spring to be in inaccessible swampy thickets. The rhizome of marsh plants is the staple food of wild boars. During this period, hunting is prohibited.

Moose hunting in March

Moose do not leave their camp. The snow at this time of the deepest, often there is a present — an ice crust. The movement of moose in such conditions is hampered, which causes cuts feet. In these circumstances, the elk difficult to get away from predators: wolves, at least lynx and Wolverine. The power is not different from the February menu, only becoming more important the bark of young trees. On the forehead of the elk appear small swellings are the future horns. Far Eastern moose in early March, begin their motion from the wintering grounds. Hunting is forbidden. Corral elk during a crust is the most cruel form of poaching!!!

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