TAIGA VARYAG 550 Snowmobile

TAIGA VARYAG 550, comp.14, (2 carburetor)

Differences from previous model:

Increased capacity by 10% (55 HP).

High wheel with a soft cover and the mountain sling.

Increased front wheel travel.ТАЙГА ВАРЯГ 550 Снегоход

Two-carburettor power supply system provides the optimum engine operating temperature. This reduces the risk of overheating the engine when operating equipment in difficult weather conditions, including ambient temperature — about zero.

Multi-purpose utility snowmobile WideTrack class with a good balance of price and functionality. A distinctive feature of the model is almost a perfect balance. Thanks to the low centre of gravity the overall center of mass coincides with the drive axis of the snowmobile.

The engine and other technical components in the engine compartment similar to the flagship model of the TAIGA VARYAG 550 V.

Front suspension – telescopic with a stroke 150 mm rear suspension travel of 190 mm. Hydropneumatic shock absorber with torsion spring has sufficient reserve of intensity to provide a snowmobile and a smooth ride on any surface.

TAIGA VARYAG 550 is equipped with a caterpillar Composit a width of 500 mm.

The model is equipped with two-level seat with removable backrest, equipped with handles for the passenger, heated handlebars and throttle, hydraulic brake, tow bar.

Snowmobile shows good traction characteristics.

You are looking for a middle ground between the desires to “squeeze” out of a snowmobile every last drop and buy a car cheaper than the flagship model? Look at TAIGA VARYAG 550: the power of the engine combined with rear suspension, designed to carry a heavy load, creating a good balance of price snowmobile..

Volume, cm3 / Cylinders553 / 2
Power, HP55
The cylinder diameter × piston stroke, mm76х61
Fuel system2 carburetor
Carburetor / typeMikuni / float
Exhaust systemMuffler with resonator
Type of issuen. d.
Intake systemPetal valve
Type intaken. d.
Lubrication systemJoint
Maximum speed, km/hAt least 80
TransmissionCVT, low, high, reverse, neutral
BrakeHydraulic (or mechanical on request), disc
ELECTRICAL equipment
Starting systemElectric and manual
IgnitionCDI (capacitive programmable ignition)
Electric starterThere
Heated grips steering triggerThere
HeadlightHalogen, 55/60
Speedometer / odometerThere
Oil tank capacity, l
Fuel tank, l40
Type micro-suspensiontelescopic
During the building of the suspension, mm150
The absorber of a front suspensionHydropneumatic single-tube
Front shock absorber mover
Type ass. suspensionslizova
The course ass. suspension, mm190
Rear shock moverHydropneumatic single-tube
Track skis (between the centers), mm900
Caterpillar, D×W×h, mm3937х500х22
Snowmobile dimensions, D×W×h, mm2990±30х1050±30х1380±30
The dimensions of the boxes, D×W×h, mm3080х1190х1200
Dry weight, kg280
The passenger seat backThere
The trunkThere
Guarantee, months.36

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