Flir Scout PS32 (matrix 320*240)8 imager

This device allows you to watch absolutely any time of day and in any weather conditions, and the image is crisp and clear. This thermal imager is ideal for hunters, gamekeepers, sportsmen, gardeners and lovers to observe wildlife.

With the FLIR Scout PS32 expense of light weight and convenient case you can view large areas over an extended period of time, while your hand did not get tired.

Flir Scout PS32 (матрица 320*240)8 тепловизор

Like all Flir thermal imaging cameras the thermal imaging camera creates an image based on the difference of temperatures. For it is not a barrier even such factors ka fog, heavy dust trail of smoke.


Quick startless than 5 seconds
Sensor typeThe matrix microbolometer based on the vanadium oxide (VOx)
Resolution320 × 240 pixels
Video displayThe results of NTSC/PAL
The battery lifeAbout 5 hours at a temperature of 25°C, (120 hours standby)
Operating temperature-20°C to 50°C
ReliabilityDegree of protection IP 67
Curb weight340 g (with battery)
Dimensions (Length × Width × Height)172 × 59 × 62 mm
The angle24° × 18°
Detect man (1.8 m × 0.5 m)320 m


Compact, fits just in hand
Light weight(340 grams)
Anti-slip surface, ergonomic design
Simple and convenient operation
Rechargeable Li-ion battery

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