Fishing for carp on the feeder

In this article, we’ll talk about the intricacies of carp on feeder tackle. Consider the popular carp bait and nozzles, and describe their application in various situations, as well as analyze several types of feeder installation a snap.

Preparing the area

And here, after hard working days, constant hard work, we have allocated a little time and arrived at the pond for these coveted trophies.

Карповый водоем

Carp pond

Carp — fish is very strong, and fight with her is a pleasure, it’s a really strong enemy who will leap to fight for their freedom. Since the family is the same, carp, and crucian carp, not whimsical to the place of his habitation. The main feature inherent in the carp, which distinguishes it from carp — is that he loves the freedom movement. It does not have to sit in the grass, as does the carp, and indeed the carp doesn’t like grass, he likes open spaces, the coastal area, the reeds, where many insects. The fish species inherent curiosity, but it is also easy to startle, so the next will be abandoned nozzle, the greater the chance of a good confident bite.

Any carp fishing is not complete without feeding places. In fishing stores you can now find a huge selection of bait and groundbaits for carp family. The most popular bait and the applicable components of the mixture are wheat groats, meal, pearl barley, add semolina, different types of pelets, chickpeas (groundnuts), and even chopped up boilies. Do not forget about the aromatic liquids. One of those flavors that you can find on sale, Karp prefers hemp oil is just driving him nuts, garlic, chocolate and hints of cocoa, strawberry, sunflower, sweet honey flavor, cinnamon.

Компоненты прикормки

Components of bait

For those who does not regret fishing money, there is another win — win situation- aromatic amino acids. They are expensive but are very versatile: they add a feeder to the main bait just before casting, apply to the head, if it is plant grains, and added to the dough. In addition, amino acids can be added to the main mix during feeding places.

An important aspect of feeding is the dependence of the composition of the mixture to the nozzle or the bait on the hook and the composition in the trough. It is best if the bait will be present nozzle or bait. So the fish will not be frightened of the hook, because the smell and taste correspond to what she already used and tried, managed to conclude that everything is safe and edible. If the hook is hung granular pellets, then it must be present in the main mix, if it’s corn, bloodworm or maggot — accordingly, they should be added to the bait, a small portion. The whole system is very simple and well-functioning. After we have prepared the bait, thoroughly mixed, she insisted and started easy to shape and keep in shape, you can begin to throw in the pond.

Прикормка для карпа

Bait for carp

The main rule of feeding carp small square folding bait. If the selected fishing location is quiet, without current, the casts must be done so that they all ended up in the same place. On the area it needs to go on a few square meters. If the place of casting is over, then throw balls to a few meters from the place of fishing against the current. So bait accurately will reach the appointed place, and expanded at the bottom in the location of the hook, because of the collapse of an abandoned ball at a specific time. Therefore, when kneading the mixture, it is necessary to accurately choose the consistency and density. Some time after the initial main cast, you can use the hook attachment. Periodically is to throw the bait in small portions, to hold carp in one place and attract other individuals. But pop should be in moderation, otherwise you may lose the number of bites.

Start assembling gear

Any feeder tackle is quite simple. Its components not so much: a leash hook, a feeder, a couple of stoppers. You can add a bracket, a couple of vertluzhnoj for convenient.

The first method. Take pear-shaped plastic feeder, which is attached directly to a fishing line pass through the center of the trough. Threading the main line through the feeder. After he was threaded the fishing line, on the edge of doing a loop for a leash and fasten the stopper to limit the stroke of the feeder. On the reverse side is not limited. This is done in order to open the main line, the fish could get rid of the heavy feeders that will fall from the opposite side of the leash. Prepared a loop to hang the leash length of about 15-20 cm, with a hook about one-eighth of the size, it is the most optimal and suitable for different kind of tools and fishing middle of carp. Basic scaffold use 30-35 microns. Or braided cord is slightly thinner in diameter. But a monoscaffold on long casts shows himself better, as from sinks and does not provide resistance. The cord is better to use, if the bottom is dirty and the probability of breakage of the gear. On the leash will fit a thin cord or fishing line 25 microns, the better it would be if fluorocarbon. This leash will be less visible to fish. But don’t underestimate the power of the carp, it is very strong and capable of breaking a sufficiently strong fishing line, especially if at the bottom there are stones. Parallel to the hook grip, making a short leash, about two inches from the loop on the end. Using a special needle and put the attachment on the leash and fasten the eyelet to the stopper. Feeder scored a mixture, for convenience, you can use special molds. The tackle is ready to cast.

Карповая оснастка с кормушкой

Carp combined with feeder

The second method. This method is a little simpler. We need spiral trough size of about 8 cm. to the main fishing line, fasten it with a swivel. On the other hand, the leash attached to the feeder specially provided for the ring for attachment. The leash do the same, but without the extra loops near the hook. The bait can be put directly on the hook. A feeder filled with groundbait, in which you can put the hook bait. Get a kind of “nipple” for carp that carp will fall without knowing it, accidentally swallowed the hook. Hidden in the manger is only the tip of a hook, high half, but the forearm should be parallel to the trough.

Карповая кормушка метод

Carp feeder method

The third way. There is used a feeder of the closed scoops, which is gradually poured bait. Using this design, it is necessary to dress on a hook pellets that we fill the bird feeder. Pellets will be a very good option. Extruded tablets cake is also good, at the expense of the rubbers, it is very convenient to fix on the hook. Feeder, from the main fishing line is attached via a bracket that will not twist the fishing line and entangled the whole snap-in. This type of feeders can be fastened in such popular method as paternoster. For this, on the edge of the cord are doing a large enough loop length, say 5 cm, got a kind of ring, which will move the feeder. The leash is attached to the edge of the trough in the first case, or to the place of establishment of the loops in the second. You can use a small wartlike and carbines, for convenience and quick change of parts.

Кормушка для ловли карпа

Feeder for carp fishing

For carp use special carp or feeder rod with a great casting weight and able to withstand heavy loads. If you are not going to catch the giants, and the approximate weight of the trophies will be about 1-2 kg, suitable conventional universal rods with casting weights of 80-120 g parabolic action. So the load will be evenly distributed over the entire form with strong jerks. Use spinning reel, preferably with a good security force, and tunable clutch. In carp fishing friction brake plays a significant role — it needs a bit to release the fishing line when the fish jerks. The elasticity of the rod and the stretch properties of the line with all the jerks in full fail, all of our gear must fit each other.

Join the fight with the carp

Since the tame, prepared fishing rods and landing net set stand wearing watches, you can throw bait into the pond. When fishing for carp, you need a lot of patience, cool thinking and strong nerves.

Вываживание карпа

Fish carp

In the derivation of the carp to the shore, you can’t relax for a second — saving the last spurt he can do directly from the net, besides complicated gear. Neat bite carp are not always immediately felt. He can gently try giving him the dish but not take it. If person a lure like it, should be immediate and strong bite and leaving aside, at this point, need to detect, the fight begins. The carp has specific feature — it tries to drag your gear in any place where they can break. There are quick passes from side to side, the sudden tension easing. In such moments it is important to use the functions of the clutch and elasticity of the blank. If you are doing everything right, then gradually, with effort to bring carp to the shore until you get to the landing net.

Подсачиваем рыбу

Podnachivaet fish

And only after the fish will be completely delivered to the Bank, we can assume that she caught. Carp is fighting for their freedom to the bitter end. When fishing for fish of this family, always use a landing net, because carp soft lips at any time of the exaggeration of force they can break. Your treasured trophy will go back home and unlikely to bite again. Unlike float tackle on the feeder to catch a little easier, since the bite the carp’s practically pinpoint, the angler remains only to finish the job and pull the fish to shore. But to pull out, not an easy task, it requires experience, and most importantly — the desire. Only if you will be patient and hope the result will please.

Пойманный карп

Caught carp

In this article you learned what is to use for carp fishing, what methods will be used for attraction and feeding of fish. We learned how to make a simple but effective feeder snap-in, which will give you a good result. Happy fishing and good trophies.

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