The bream fishing on the float rod

Bream fish are cautious and timid, so the main principle in the process of fishing is quiet. Fishing line fishing for bream should be strong enough, but at the same time and thin, suggest to use the network. An integral part of preparation for fishing is the variety of quality hooks. Experienced fishermen say that float fishing for bream is often not very successful due to poor hooks down while playing big fish.

The bream fishing on the float rod

Generally find bream is easy, but to catch a big bream on the float rod becomes a more difficult task. A key factor is the choice of location. Often the largest individuals alone are in quiet backwaters and promising areas for feeding. It is well known that the bite of bream changes its intensity during the whole year, but to identify peaks of activity of biting becomes a difficult task because they are influenced by many natural factors such as weather conditions, temperature, pressure, wind speed, and more.

Catching big bream on the float rod

Professionals say that catching bream on the float, though it seems quite simple, is actually very exciting job. To be selected for catching place didn’t disappoint you by not biting it is recommended to feed in advance (preferably for 4-5 hours before the start of fishing). Bream likes feeds from the thickets of cane. Catching big bream on the float rod was a success, clear 2-3 in the Windows of aquatic vegetation and pre-Securite them.

Very rarely bream starting to bite on is not tame. It is not a secret and this is known to most fishermen. Others of the known qualities of the bream is the ease of its findings during feeding. The first sign of the presence of bream for fishing are the bubbles on the water surface, which are formed as a result of the fact that bream digs food on the bottom.

Anglers are advised to begin the process of catching large bream is from the casting of bait, some argue that best suited the wet mixture, sifted through a sieve, to avoid the presence of large particles in it. After sifting the mixture to form balls which are then thrown into a prospective place of fishing.

The bream fishing on the float rod

Key in the process of complementary feeding is the fact that this process is done periodically throughout the fishing. A positive aspect is the addition of bait to the bait.

Many anglers speak positively about the meat of river mussels as a bait for bream. This bait is a great option for fishing on the river where mussels constitute the main part of the diet of bream. Animals bait well show themselves all year round, whereas vegetable such as pasta, corn and barley work only with lukewarm water.

If the fishing location selected in stagnant water, as bait is an excellent choice soaked in molasses bread. If you don’t have molasses, simply soak the bread in water with sugar. You can add breadcrumbs.

The bream fishing poplavochnoj a fishing tackle with the boat on the course

The bream fishing on the float rod from the boat is divided into two types . The first can be attributed to fishing in waters with current, and the second in still water.

Feature of the catching of bream on the course on a float is that you can apply two types of rods. And the first type of rods is Bologna, the fishermen called this kind of fishing opportunities in the wiring. To catch bream Bologna rod immediately after the lifting of the ban, i.e. after spawning. While the boat is attached to two anchors in a tough position. If this is not done then it will swing with the wind and current, that will prevent the correct transaction.

The selection of the place depends on the fishing method of fishing. Choose a stretch of river length of 10 to 15 m with smooth bottom topography and without aquatic vegetation on the bottom. It is desirable that the depth on it was about three meters.

The bream fishing on the float rod

This method of catching bream will be effective both in autumn and summer, and even more specifically, in August and September. Snap-in float fishing rods for catching bream Bolognese fishing rod is not very complicated. All you need is a rod length from 4 to 6 meters, with rings. The smaller the weight of the stick, the easier it will be. It is best to choose a match reel. But if such is not present, then fit any other size from 800 to 1000.

Fishing line is better to use thicker, but without fanaticism, 0.2 mm will be sufficient. Hooks from 12 to 16. Leash, long before the meter needs to be connected to the main line using the rifle. The weight of the float is selected depending on flow rate and depth.

And of course do not forget about Cormac. Often it is a square of metal mesh. If you are too lazy to do it, that is fine tank. The main thing to put on the bottom of the load. The goods must keep Cormac on the spot, not allowing the current to wash him.

Nozzle – this is the choice of the angler, I recommend maggots. Also works well mastyrka of peas.

After preparing the tackle, leaving only to score Cormack bait to sink to the bottom and begin fishing. It is best to choose such a depth that the hook was moving almost on the bottom. By the way, set the float so that you see only its tip. When fishing in the wiring bream puts a float on the water, it only heats it. The wiring needs to produce on a selected section of the river is 10-15 meters, as stated above.

Need to lower the hook directly next to Cormac, and then play off the line, periodically holding her. Once the float reaches the extreme points do not immediately pull him out. Wait until it will lift over, very often in that moment and bite.

Fishing for bream from the boat side rod

The bream fishing on the angler requires considerable effort. Those who don’t like it don’t confused, they have a way – fishing for bream from the boat side of the fishing rod. Bait, bait, tactics and fishing techniques remain the same. Change only snap-in.

There are short rods, long little more than two meters. The rod end has a hard nod. A nod is passed through the fishing line. The coil is the same as in the above-described method, fishing line, and leash hooks too. Most importantly don’t make the leash shorter than a meter.

The bream fishing on the float rod

The sinker should be on the bottom and keep the hook close to Cormac. The cargo is attached as a sliding mounting and deaf. Very well hold the snap-in flat sinkers. But you can also use other forms, just to keep the tackle in place. Bream are biting very sharply.

The bream fishing poplavochnoj a fishing tackle from the boat in still water

The bream fishing on the lake on a float often occurs with the use of side rods. With tackle all as well as for fishing on the course. Only nod should be soft enough. The same as for winter fishing bream float rod, just a little longer. You can apply the sliding mounting of the float.

You need to install on tackle two sinkers. One weight hangs about 25 inches from the hook, his task is to heat the body of the float. The second shipment closer, 7-8 cm from the hook, it needs to heat the antenna of the float, so that it was visible for approximately 3-4 centimeters.

The bream fishing on the float rod

In this ogruzka, during a bite the float will rise up while remaining in an upright position. Very often fishermen use the clip on the spool side of the fishing rods. This allows you to set the depth and lock the line. This greatly simplifies the process of casting.

Bait a standard. A very important difference is only one – no need to add a binder, like clay. Balls you need to throw in one point. Sometimes on lakes and reservoirs bream afraid to approach the boat, even with a good bait. Here the fisherman can save the snap-in for catching on the foam.

And it is a simple rod, long about 2.5 meters. Fishing line 0,25, coil, 2500 a feeder — spring. Not very long leash with a small hook. Bite help to fix the bells.

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