The bream fishing in March on the feeder

After gluhozime March happy fishermen early trophy of the season. Let the ice is strong, and the frosts subside, but the sun is calling to throw the tackle into the river. And no wonder – passes the bream fishing in March on the feeder as the fish woke up, took a gulp of fresh air, and wanders in search of food. Changes in the nature of the beginning of spring affect not only temperature, but also within bodies of water is its life. And the experienced angler knows all the nuances of fish behavior, already picking up the time and place of catching large specimens of bream.

The bream fishing in March on the feeder

Ловля леща в марте на фидер

The first rays of the sun, life-giving oxygen, fell through the ice of the layers of water, awakens dormant in the depths of bream. The fish starts to leave their homes, moving into shallow water in search of food.

Moving inconnu flocks, choosing the coastal zone, where they can find food. When the temperature of the air and as the snow melts metabolic processes in fish faster, and it pushes the fish to move closer to the surface of the pond.

Fishing depends on the behavior of fish and its habits in a specific reservoir. Effect on the catch, weather conditions, water condition:

  1. Heating of water leads to the appearance of bream in the shallows near the shore.
  2. When the temperature reaches ten degrees plus, it is easier to catch fish in the pits with a depth of four to five metres.
  3. Given the caution bream and transparency of the March of water, fishing tackle choose less noticeable.
  4. Although fish and hungry, but eating it does not suffer, and overfeed it is not necessary. In some cases no bait caught large specimens. It is important to throw the tackle in the place where migrating flock of bream.
  5. To bait the fish in advance, in the holes throw the feed gradually for a week.
  6. The most efficient tackle in March for big bream is considered to be the feeder.

In the process of catching bream in March, it is important to throw a tackle. And when you bite to be able to keep his cool and bring the bream on the surface, giving him a swallow of fresh air. Then he will surrender without resistance.

Where to catch bream on the feeder in March

Choose a place for fishing the March of bream on the feeder, which comprises:

  • channel edge near the shore;
  • the bays with fresh water;
  • bottom tables with a depth of two to four meters;
  • the curves of the bottom of the channel;
  • the pool in the tributaries of the river.

In such areas, the inconnu is waiting for food and a lot of oxygen. Go catch is in the morning, once the rise of the sun. Sometimes after lunch you come across large specimens, but not for long.

Где ловить леща на фидер в мартеThe evening bite is better to go when there will be twilight. Lure is marked in advance at a depth of four to six meters. Good luck waiting for patient hunters, but after two nights hardly wait for the fish to bite.

Determine the presence of bream in the pond to catch fishermen sitting on the beach. Do not think that bream is afraid of swarms of anglers. If at least one guess the way fish and caught a few specimens of bream, and neighbors are lucky. Because caught instances indicate where the fish are concentrated.

It is interesting that, although the depth of the duct, they catch will be greater than large reservoirs.

Snap-in feeder for bream in March

Choose a feeder fishing for bream because they fishing is successful and the reservoir, and the river.

The feeder close to the bottom of the gear, but has as an element the feeder. Feeder tackle is divided conventionally into three parts – main, feeder and leash.

Патерностер для ловли леща на фидер в мартеThe line for the main zone select the braided, size 0.15, or 0.25 millimeters, leaving most of the coil. Reel select spinning with low rpm.

Асимметричная петля для ловли леща на фидер в марте

Carefully prepared area of the leash, as it depends on successful fishing. It is better to choose the thread of fluorocarbon with a diameter of 0.12 – 0.25 mm. Although use monolescu, but it will have to be replaced. Make the leash short, fifteen to twenty – five centimeters. But like any fishing it all checks out right on the spot. When not biting the leash should extend to 50 cm, then to 80-100 cm

The hook on the feeder needs to be sharp and able to withstand big fish. The size of the hook fishing for bream on the feeder is to take the size from No. 12, short shank but wide bend.

What biting bream in March

Bloodworm is best for spring fishing. It is necessary to choose larger types of bait. Put on the hook for two or three larvae, prising them behind your head or in the middle. Put bloodworms on the hook and ring.

Other tips choose:

  • small red worm;
  • maggots;
  • the white larvae of the wormwood.

On the hook – one or two individuals. To define the culinary tastes of bream in the water, the bait can be changed. After all, one fish tastes better Joker, and the other essential fatty nutritious worm.

Bait for bream March

The main objective of feeding is not to harm the fish and yourself. A lot of food will lead to lethargy bream and nursing it in depth. And feeder, with the noise lowered to the bottom may scare fish pack. For successful fishing is important and the composition of the bait mixture.

Прикормка леща в марте Feeder feeder tackle put such components, which will attract the smell of bream. In March, the feed is added components of anise and vanilla flavor. Bream is able to feel the smell of food being away for a considerable distance. Not last role is played by the color of the bait. Preferred yellow, green and red tone. Better when the bait slightly stands out from the color of the soil.

On a strong current of the river quickly eroded the feed, but as shown it is located relatively close to the trough. Thus it should be possible to accurately deliver bait from the feeder at a specific place over and over again. It is based on a bait that will apply to fishing. It can be chopped earthworm or bloodworm. Of herbal supplements suitable corn, peas. Useful and barley. But bran, sunflower seeds should not be added.

Mixed forage mixture with a small amount of clay or river soil. Properly selected components of the mixture will lead to successful catching a big fish.

Useful tips

Properly organized and prepared for fishing for bream in March, without a catch will be a beginner. Of course the activity of large bream in March, weaker than in the warmer months of spring, but catching big skimmers to calculate costs precisely.

To throw the feeder closer to the direction of flow, then the water stream is not so will put pressure on the tackle. Bait should not be spread out at the bottom, she had to remain in the selected area. Therefore, the mixture is prepared with heavy large and medium-sized feed particles.

When fishing for bream in March at the feeder the best option of the trough is flat in fast flowing rivers, rolling or oval in stagnant water. Weight feeders are chosen depending on the current.

The difficulty is catching bream. To withstand the jerks of the fish, hold the line between your index and middle finger. While amortize a sharp jerking whitefish, gradually moving the hands in elbows and shoulders. Patiently bring a fish got to the hole the hole, trying to push to the surface. A breath of air will cause the fish to stupor, and she would not resist.

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