Perch fishing from a boat in any time of the year

The perch is perfectly caught in any season, whether summer, spring or autumn. Winter boating is possible only in some areas, so this variant we will not consider in the present material. May and September are good that the fish begins to feed actively, as after the winter the hunger strike, and during the September Jora.

Как ловить окуня с лодки

The boat is especially useful in cases of fishing on big water, or on medium-sized rivers. But this does not preclude its use on a small river where mobility is important. Often the banks of the rivulets are overgrown with trees and shrubs, the use of a spinning from the shore, in this case, is very difficult: fraught with plenty of hooks for the branches. In order to circumvent long-term place will require no little time, as quickly do not succeed, will have to literally hack their path to the water.

In such circumstances, it is useful to use inflatable PVC boat, help the fishermen in his case. On a small river in no special secrets for perch fishing is not and can not be, everything is simple and clear. To move in this case in two ways: for and against the current. The difference is that when moving against the current will require either the motor or use your own paddle power.

In this case, it is convenient electric motor of low power, it is ideal for such conditions. Small size and weight, low noise when working will free your hands and enable you to focus on fishing. If you move against the flow, to throw a spinning and to pull the oars, then you will be very uncomfortable, it is better to be in the boat together, taking turns alternately to each other. While one fisherman rowing, the second catches the fish, and Vice versa.

Our advice is to move during catching, without using any oars or motor. Thus you have the opportunity to visit fishing alone, enjoying a favorite pastime and is not distracted by rowing or motor control, there will be only from time to time pulled up paddle or anchor for fishing perspective. But in order to climb back up the river the motor will be very helpful.

Отводной поводок

Perhaps the most famous installation is the bypass leash. It is perfect underwater obstacles, quite inconspicuous and easy to equip. Advantages of this equipment are few and one of them, the main one, is that the bait (Twister or vibrohvost) make the game of bait alive and active, not concentrating on fish on the leash.

Many when fishing for perch use a leash from fluorocarbon, durable and transparent material, it gives an advantage to the angler, as the bite of a striped predator increases sometimes significantly. When installing a leash of metal gear becomes “bulky” and not as attractive, perhaps, perch guards gloss or play metal strings.

Suggest to try fishing with the use of a leash from the fluorocarbon, especially if fishing little pike. Toothy predator can easily eat flur thickness less than 0.4 mm, so the advice is: if in the place of fishing exits the pike is the minimum thickness of the leash from Flyura should be 0.4 mm. If pike is not a lot, feel free to use the leavers the material is thinner, and most likely you will notice a tangible difference in the bites and catch.

The same if the value of your lures is not great, for example, it is a good budget tires, or spinners MISP, try to catch a perch with fluorocarbon leash, for comparison. If pike or Zander attack the bait, and you still lose it, it will not hurt, than half a day to sit without a bite.When flaccid, passive Kleve you can try to increase the length of the leash to 1-1.5 m, thus making the gear more attractive.

You can start with the leash in 50-60 cm the Load, in this case, is used depending on the test rods. The thickness of 0.10 mm cord, bait rubber often up to 65 mm, spinners or spoons turntables are also small in size (petals up to 5 cm). For use in a boat you will be uncomfortable long spinning, usually 1.8-2.0 meters, it is a good working length of the rod, allowing you to catch both from a boat and from the shore.

If on a small river it’s very simple: you need to look for snags, water lilies and other favorite places of predatory fish, on big water’s here, you must first find a promising place in order not to make blank casts.

Места крепления эхолота к лодке

In this case, a great helper will be the sounder. The sensor is attached via a bracket to the transom of the boat, and lowered to the desired depth. The screen is conveniently located on the hard benches of the boat, the nose, or use a special mount to mount to Littrow (this is the strip running along the cylinder on which are attached the seat). It remains only to turn on the device and to find the most suitable point of fishing.

But to call in the boiler should not need to drop anchor before the supposed fishing spot. In this way the perch will not be frightened away, and bite will be more confident. Keep in mind that to throw the bait in Sunny weather against the sun, by observing the number of bites of the fish increases. If the sounder shows a lot of fish, but no poking, is to swim across and throw the bait in the same place but from a different angle, often it is the panacea, and the predator starts livelier and more willing to respond.

The main goal is the search for so-called slides, which stands as a lone humpback, and flocks of small perch. Eye to find such places is extremely difficult, therefore, two outputs: using the sounder or sh in a spinning area in search of such. Hill is a hill under water, below it the slope is a pit, and above the water layer of 2-3 meters, such a space we need. The Humpbacks often swim alone, while small and medium perch kept flocks.

So catching one continue to produce casts to the same point. A common tactic when fishing will be casting like a fan, thus you need to check the entire area where you think you fish and don’t miss anything. Keep in mind that schooling striped predator fills the space under the slide is uneven, stumbling and accumulating the point, so it is important to better explore the place, making casts from different angles, producing the wiring in different directions.

Perch fishing in a plumb from a boat during fall Jora

Ловля окуня в отвес с лодки

In autumn when water temperature begins to decline, perch, following, for other aquatic animals quietly moved closer to wintering holes. Later he finally stays there, and now there is a strong zhor, who do not see the fishermen. It is currently one of the most efficient methods of fishing is getting the fly fishing in a plumb from a boat.

If desired, this method can be used in the summer, but at this time, the choice of catchability baits are already high. The essence of fishing in a plumb simple: the bass moves after its prey, fish and other peaceful fish closer to the pits. Angler, finding such places is equipping its winter rod “the devil” or as it is called “Baldy” and start to sh in the pit.

Приманки для ловли окуня с лодки

Used not only the listed equipment and vertical spinners, jigs and balances. The devil is good that perfectly attracts the striped robber, not only with his play, but the noise and dust raised from the bottom. The dregs up from the bottom, immediately attracted a flock of perch of the small size, but it, in turn, pay attention to massive humpback whales.

So do not rush to leave the place, if caught, just a trifle, try to wait a little longer. The choice of rod will depend on the fishing conditions, in particular depth. If it is big enough, feel free to take a winter rod and equip it with fishing line to 0.20 of the diameter. If found the pit is not deep, and swam into the boat you risk to scare away all the fish, then take a float of 4-5 meters, preferably with a spinning reel.

Next, swim to the hole at a safe distance and anchor. The distance should allow you to put the bait exactly in the point of fishing. On winter fishing rod is better to replace quivertip (the rod tip) on the softer, then the tooling will become more sensitive. In sluggish perch the bites can be upgraded to the Jack, using additional stimulus in the form of a hook with a plastic tube.

It is possible to plant a small Twister. In consequence of the fact that the Twister slides on the main fishing line, it creates an eye-catching game. 30 cm from the bulldozer, on the main line, fit the node that stops the movement of the lure. During the dive gear into the water tail silicone attracts the predator of his game. Catch fish in this way is not difficult, the main thing is to have a boat and a simple tackle.

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