Fishing for walleye in the summer

Fishing for walleye in the summer is often done from boats away from the grassy shoreline. The reason is that perch is a known fan of deep pools and holes, and its almost impossible to find at the shore. In addition, pikeperch prefers to live in clean, running water, likes sand bottom and hunts from ambush, hiding in the driftwood.

Tackle, tips and techniques of walleye fishing in the summer

If to speak about summer time fishing for pike, I would recommend fishing in the morning or evening dawn. We must not forget that pike loves changeable weather. In this regard, the period of change from Sunny to cloudy weather is considered optimal for summer fishing for walleye.

Fishing for walleye in the summer


It should be noted that the fishing for pike on spinning is one of the commonly used methods of catching this fish. This usually does the spinning length 2-2,5 m with a test of 10-30 g, a scaffold of 0,2-0,25 mm and high-speed spinning reel.

The fishing in wiring

In the case of walleye fishing in the wiring, usually used the rod, of about 4 m length of fishing line 0.3-0.45 mm with a massive float and sinker. This snap-in you can use the double hook No. 10 or single, up to No. 14. Here it is assumed that the bait will live bait – elec or holovlit, you can take the same minnow or bleak.

Bottom fishing

As for the walleye fishing to bottom fishing, there is fishing line cross-section of 0.4 mm and single hook No. 8. The hook in turn is attached to a fishing line with a leash length 15 cm, In the form of a nozzle taken a piece of meat or live bait. I would like to draw your special attention to the method of Zander way by ground. This method of fishing involves the use of a spinning rigid structure and lines of 0.4 mm. There is some feature of the snap-in, and it lies in the fact that at the end of the fishing line is attached a sinker weighing 200 g At a distance of not more than 20 cm above the sinkers attached to two leash length of 10 cm with tees.

Fishing for walleye in the summer

Now about the bait. It should be noted that many fishermen for catching walleye in the summer I use either floating or sinking lures, such as: Deep Runner, Count Down, Smithwick Rogue and Husky. In addition to crankbaits also apply: Twister, vibrating lures, and a variety of foam fish with light weights.

Fishing from the shore

In fairness I must say that fishing for walleye in the summer from shore is also possible. We are talking about the use of deep diving crankbaits when fishing from the shore. Fishing technique is the gradual pulling the lure from the depths to the ground. And here I want to draw your attention that if the reservoir is of uniform depth then the wiring will be very successful. But most often Wobbler inevitably collides with the bottom, yet, almost, not possible to distinguish the impact of the crank on the bottom of the reservoir from bite of fish. If you do the cutting, it is very expensive Wobbler will forever remain at the bottom. In this regard, I would recommend using vibrohvost. First, most of the problems associated with the use of cranks, of a shad just do not exist, and secondly the loss of a shad is not so significant as the loss of an expensive lure. So once again I would recommended catch walleye in the summer with boats.

Fishing for walleye trolling

Often a flock of perch found while trolling high above the level of the bottom at a depth of 2-3 meters. At this point, the best option will be to heave to with the boat and make casts with spinning, oblasova discovered a place abundant with fish. It is important to keep in mind that the lure should sink to the depths where was a Wobbler at the time of the trolling. Therefore made long casts with the quick pulling of the lure at depth.

After careful trawling of discovered places, you can continue trolling until you find another perch, then everything starts from the beginning.

Fishing from a boat for walleye

To fishing for walleye in the summer with boats were more successful I would recommend using sonar. Accurate knowledge of the distance from the bottom to the place of fishing will protect you from loss of many lures. It should be noted that if Zander is close to the bottom, it is best to carry out deep trolling lure. And it is very important to observe the correct distance of movement of the crank relative to the boat. I would recommend not even to throw a Wobbler and just put it on the water during the movement of the boat and just take the desired amount of fishing line. Gradually giving up the fishing line, it is important to detect the moment of contact lure the bottom, then a little podmotat fishing line and attach it to this distance, so pike couldn’t swallow the bait on the bottom. So constantly is adjusting the position of the bait relative to the bottom level.

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