Bait for carp

Granular bait for grass carp for some strange reason works worse than free-flowing. I’m sure everyone has faced a situation when the bait is missing for hours, and as soon as you threw the bait to the fishing spot, as if by magic, the fish activity increases. Most likely he is attracted by the sound and dust particles of bait in the water. Regular complementary feeding is essential if you expect to catch some fish.

Don’t forget that carp quickly swooped on the bait spot, eats every speck of dust and float away. The task of the angler is to keep it near the bait. From this we can conclude that the bait does not happen much. And so it is, to overfeed this fish is almost impossible. It is best to incorporate a mixture of a contrast agent, it should be nutritious enough and it should be a lot of large particles.

We recommend adding various flavoring and aromatic additives. It is desirable that after the bait has created something in the likeness of a pillar of small particles, however if on the pond a lot of small fish then this will not work. Dusty bait for carp will work a hundred percent.

Прикормка для белого амура

Work very well mixture of purchase, which when dropped in the water throw large nutritious cereal. If the pond where you fish has a layer of silt on the bottom, it is legitimate to believe that Cupid will feed into a floor water. Under such conditions it is necessary to add different components that will contribute to the rapid collapse of the ball of bait. Very well if you add in bait dye, it will create turbidity in the water and will attract Cupid. Well, to use clay soil as the binder material is unnecessary.

Bait for catching grass carp

Undoubtedly bait for grass carp must contain the nozzle. But what? The choice of nozzles is based on the conditions of fishing. In different cases it is necessary to catch a Cupid on a variety of bait, sometimes it’s the usual bloodworms, and sometimes not quite the usual cubes of cucumber or leaves of aloe.

Наживка для ловли белого амура

To summarize: the bait must be bait, but it must be such which other fish to eat do not want to. But, if you want to catch another fish, and not just the Cupid, and the worm will fit perfectly. From personal experience I can say that Cupid would react to corn treated with activator bite. So if you have the opportunity to buy the activator biting fishhungry, then do it.

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