For roach in June with a fishing rod

Fishing for roach in June, on a float with the proper and correct approach to business — very interesting and profitable occupation. This requires choosing the best location and time of fishing, to collect sensitive and reliable tackle, to choose from a variety of tools and baits the ones that the fish “taste” in the first month of summer.

Fishing for roach in June.

For roach in June with a fishing rod

Unlike the other two summer months in June, the fish is behaving differently than in July—August. Effect a gradual increase in water temperature, the active development of aquatic vegetation, the emergence of a large number of aquatic insects. All this greatly improves the forage base of small fry, making it very legible and whimsical. Also a gradual transition from warm spring weather to summer heat imposes influence on the behavior and habits of fish.

So unlike spring active roach in June of this fish is gradually moving towards a settled way of life in close proximity to the rich food places. Medium and small species prefer to stay in medium and large flocks, larger specimens prefer a cluster of no more than 5-10 fish. Motor activity of the roach in this time compared to the spring small fish makes long movements in the reservoir, avoid places with strong current

The most active biting roach in the context of day early morning (at sunrise and up to 7-8 hours) and late evening (from 5-6 p.m. to sunset). In the days with cloudy weather and quickly passing warm (“mushroom”) rain the bite may become active by day, especially before a storm and after it.

Where to look for roach in June

The choice of the fishing of the roach in June depends on the type of pond in which it lives -in the flowing lake, a large reservoir, river, small stream.

For roach in June with a fishing rodIn flow-through lakes and reservoirs roach to be found in the following places:

  • Small bays and backwaters with vegetation, sandy hard bottom;
  • Areas of the lake lentic part with a flat bottom and an average depth of not more than 2.5-3 m;
  • The window between the water lilies;
  • The boundary of coastal reeds and pure water;
  • Places with sufficient depth under water overhanging trees or bushes.

In the rivers this fish in June, prefers such places as:

  • Areas with weak (often the reverse) over hard sand bottom and abundant aquatic vegetation;
  • Backwaters, meanders and their exits;
  • Stanabolic rivers and streams;
  • The sandy shallows with slow current and an abundance of limestone;
  • Places with slow current and thickets of aquatic vegetation;
  • The space for hanging over the water with branches of trees and bushes;
  • In hot weather, flocks of roaches also prefer to hide postuplenie snags, stumps, and other ground stuff.

In the creeks of the roach prefers to stay in places with little flow, rich aquatic vegetation and a depth of not less than 2.0 metres.

Tackle for catching roach in June

Float fishing rod universal tackle for catching most species of fish in the season of open water. Is no exception and the June roach. Using float tackle to fish for roach in early summer in ponds with stagnant water, and on the course. This differs not only equipment, but also the applied method of fishing:

  • In stagnant water float tackle used for fishing on a static (fixed) bait. With this method the bait is simply thrown in a pre-zakormlen point and the angler waits for the fish to bite. In case of absence, takes a long time to tackle the pen is thrown into a new place.
  • When angling in reservoirs with weak and average over the possible two use float tackle on the stanchion and the wiring. The first current when fishing in areas with weak barely noticeable. The second involves the casting gear on for provodkoy cutting in biting or cutting a test at the end of the transaction. This option is more dynamic, but more salepeople – snap moving in the water column often clings to the grass, trash and driftwood lying on the bottom.
  • When fishing in areas with an average over the float rod preobrazyatsya to polegonku. To do this, the float is lifted to a distance of 30-40 cm to the apex of form, on the line adds another 1-1. 5 grams shipping. When fishing on a float tackle is not in the water, and the SAG of the line, barely touching the tip of the antenna the surface of the water. When you bite fishing line is stretched and the movement of the float angler can make a decision on the timeliness of cuttings.

Rigging up a fishing rod for catching roach

Snap-in float fishing rod depends on fishing circumstances – the presence of currents, depth, distance casting:


For fishing in running water to depths of over 2 meters and the far casts the snap-in float fishing rods consists of the following parts:

  • The rod – Bologna 5-7 meters of durable carbon fiber;
  • Coil – instantaneous or simple bobbin;
  • Fishing line – monofilament, of a thickness of 0,14-0,16 mm.;
  • The float – spindle-shaped with long antenna, painted in bright colors.Ogruzka alarm for fishing in conditions of flow must be at least 3 to 4 grams;
  • Sinkers – sliding olives or large pellets that are uniformly distributed along the line
  • A lead with a hook length of 15-20 cm from monolescu cross-section of 0.12 mm, hook №№ 12-14

Standing water

When standing water depth is not more than 2.0 metres and a small distance casting tackle used consists of the following parts:

  • Rod – carbon-Bologna flight or a length up to 6 meters;
  • Coil – a small spinning or bobbin;
  • Fishing line–monofilament сечением0,12-0,14 mm.;
  • The float – needle-shaped, barrel-shaped with a small brightly colored antenna and ogruzka 1.5-2.0 grams;
  • Sinkers–small pellets spread out into 2-3 parts (main part and shepherd boy);
  • A lead with a hook – 20-25 cm from monolescu 0,12-0,14 mm, hook №№12-14;

Also for catching roach used match fishing tackle, consisting of rod quick male standing with a length of 3.9 to 4.2 meters, the coil 3000 wound with a wire cross-section 0,14-0,16 mm. Caught roach with such gear, using a remote installation of the large float “, wagler” General ogruzka to 20 grams.

Ogruzka rods on roaches

When fishing for roach ogruzka float should not be concentrated at one point – 2/3 shipping should be placed at a distance of 20-30 cm from the float and the rest is distributed on a line in equal distance. The most recent, in place of fastening the leash to the main line shall be the shepherd – 1-2 small pieces, ensuring the final ogruzka float and its high sensitivity.

This is necessary to ensure that after casting tooling was immersed smoothly enough, covering thereby all horizons of water, which can stand at the moment, fish. Moreover, when concentrated at one point the ogruzka the risk of tangling and tie-ins snap-in for the float at too sharp casting.

To catch a roach in June

Caught roach in June of the following nozzles of plant origin and bait.

Bits of vegetable origin more active fish takes such as:

Of baits in June roach prefers:

  • Maggots;
  • Motyl;
  • Caddis;
  • Grasshopper;
  • A small worm;
  • Meat shells of Dreissena.

Bait for roach in early summer

For roach in June with a fishing rodWhen fishing for roach in June, used as a bait store and made by yourself. The main components prepared with his own hands, the bait mixture are as follows:

  • (Basis 3/4 of the whole bait of the mixture by weight) — breadcrumbs, ground to a fine powder sunflower cake;
  • Supplements (1/4 of the mass of the mixture) — steamed grains, barley, pea porridge, feed bloodworms, maggot;
  • Flavors – honey, anise, molasses, caramel;

The resulting groundbait mixed with turf soil and clay to a consistency that when casting and dip bait decayed too quickly, thus attracting to her small fish – bleak,bleak. Throw prikormku fishing roach pit and the Bologna float tackle hand, when using a match rod and a long range throw – with a special slingshot.

Useful tips and interesting points

When fishing for roach in early summer in addition to the basic knowledge and skills can be successfully applied to increase the catch the following techniques:

  • When fishing the bait ensure that she remained alive and active, if necessary, replacing it with a new one;
  • The depth of the fishing set so that the hook attachment was not lying on the bottom, and was at a distance of about 5-7 cm.
  • Increases the catching efficiency of the gear put on the hook together with a nozzle a small ball of foam;
  • When fishing in muddy after heavy rains or waves the water is used a larger nozzle – beam bloodworms, large worm;
  • When fishing for roach on the river make the bait more dense and cast upstream from where you plan to catch. This is to ensure that after the blur bait drifted it on the site where it will be fishing in the wiring.

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