Hunting for grouse on a Lek in the spring

Hunting is a hobby for real men. You can use it to check their ingenuity, skill to navigate the terrain, knowledge of mining and luck. This is a real test. In addition to all the above skills from the hunter will need the patience of a Saint and in good shape.

Currently, hunting has lost its original purpose. Now to hunt out not so much happy in order to get food for his family, how much for sport. Arrange a kind of competition among men. The winner is the one who by the end of the day or hunting season will bring more loot.

In Russia want to engage in this exciting business is abound, so everyone is looking forward to when we will be opening a new hunting season.

Hunting for grouse in the spring

Hunting for grouse on a Lek in the springWith the onset of spring becomes legal hunting for grouse. To catch a bird – a matter of honor of every self-respecting hunter. This production is considered very good. Grouse meat is very nutritious, since ancient Russia to the present time, it continues to be considered a true delicacy. But to catch grouse is not so easy. You first need to get acquainted with the habits of this bird, because the process of hunting is quite specific and without preparation then you can not do.

Initially you need to determine what kind of bird is that this grouse. It is called by different. You can hear such names grouse: black grouse, mosnik and xerocomus. He refers to pheasant, lives in Heath, swamp, forest or steppe.

The size is quite large. Often you can find grouses who got into a fight.

Passion to win, they resemble domestic chickens. A distinctive feature of this bird – eyebrows, they really stand out, so the bird is always unsatisfied with something. But it looks grouse is really impressive. Especially beautiful are males in their feathers, you can find all shades of brown, black and green.

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The spring behavior of the grouse

Hunting for grouse on a Lek in the springOn capercaillie’s better to hunt in the spring. This time when they lose vigilance and fully absorbed marriage flirting. If you try, you can see the capercaillie mating dance. The male begins to dance around the females and emit specific sounds. This song is also called “courtship”.

Displaying grouse usually do not see or hear, it is absorbed only by the object of his courtship. Calls can be heard from afar.

That’s why spring is the perfect time to hunt grouse. At any other time to catch grouse is very difficult, as it is a very smart and cautious bird.

Preparation of equipment for hunting grouse

But to rely on the fact that the grouse on a Lek will not hear the approaching hunter is not worth it. Once the courtship stops, tio to the bird immediately returned, and hearing and vision, and agility. So for hunting you need to be prepared.

The first thing you should think about the gear. As in spring the forest is still quite wet and cold, the suit must necessarily be very warm. It is not known how long it will take to track down the bird.

In addition, clothing should not hinder the mobility of the hunter and should not draw attention to it. Will also need a good professional shotgun 12 gauge. Roll No. 3 for birds. You always have to hope that the hunting will be successful.

So you should think about where will be wounded prey. You can use the bag or bags.

Hunting features in the current

The first thing a hunter must track down locations tokovischa. To approach it only needs to leeward, to alert birds could not detect the hunter. Also need to know that in the spring you can shoot only in malesbut not in females and juveniles. It would be a violation of all hunting laws.

Singing birds, you can determine how grouse enchanted himself. If the song is loud, with different modulations, then everything is fine. Mining fully enchanted. This bird often do not even fly away if the hunter shot past her. But if the shot is made, you need to quickly reload and shoot a second and third time.

To kill a grouse is not so easy. Often, even a wounded grouse does not give up and can escape. The most effective are the shots in the side. Best to hunt at dawn, and look for a stomping ground generally in advance, a day or even two.

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